Sunday, January 30, 2011

Musical Monday

Can you believe that I am actually on time with the Musical Monday? (maybe a bit early?) I guess our time is really getting close to being done and I am just so excited with each Monday that passes us now. Thank you Jesus that it is February this week!

When thinking about my hubby returning home and Valentine's Day coming up, I am smitten by thinking about the Love that I have. A Love that I have been blessed with, a Love I get to give, and a Love that grows. Each and every deployment and time apart teaches us different things. I have to be honest that this one has probably taught us the most about marriage and loving each other. I know that it will be hard to take Mike for granted ever again (something I never wanted to do anyways), that every touch and kiss will be savored, and all the moments together will be cherished.

This song, Brandon Heath's "Love Never Fails", I love because it speaks of a Love that a marriage bond should have, a love that has been shown to us through Jesus Christ. I sit and hear the lyrics and think about my loving husband. I also hear the name of God in place of the word Love. Remember this blog post. I know that the relationship between us and God is how a marriage should be. Be encouraged and uplifted with this song. I know I will be as my weeks turn into days and then days into hours and hours into minutes:-)



Mike said...

I love you Elissa. Almost there.

Casey Martinez said...

I love that song and wow, what an incredibly awesome macro shot!!

Emily said...

I love Brandon Heath & this song! What a precious love God gives us!

Sarah Halstead said...

Wonderful song and photo. You are almost there.