Friday, December 25, 2009

"Oh my goodness!!!"

Trying to get logan saying his cute things on video is harder than you think! Here is his enjoying one of his many gifts...

Christmas DAY 09'

Christmas Day was spent with the Morris's and was a very needed relaxing day! The boys enjoyed yet another day of opening presents and of course was spoiled some more! We opened presents in the morning, took naps in the afternoon, had a great dinner, and spend time with the family tonight. I feel very blessed to have both of the boys' Grandparents live so close to each other! The fact that we get to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with either family is such a blessing! Logan tried to sing Happy Birthday Jesus today and it came out "Baby Jesus...we love you..." he rarely sings and it was too precious how he did it. The boys have matching handmade pj's from my mom's friend which put the bow on my day today. Mike is sleeping next to me and that has to be one of the greatest gifts too. As we look ahead on this next year I dread yet look forward to all the new adventures that will come. To have Mike home and so safe and sound is such an answered prayer as I know many' wives are doing this holiday season alone this year. I pray you guys had a great day and made incredible memories!!!

Logan loving on Austin
trying to get a picture of them together...
My sweet man...
Logan playing with Austin when opening gifts
Logan in his hat during presents time
getting those gifts!
He is in car heaven!
YEAH!!! a decent picture!!! least the expressions are funny!

Christmas EVE 09'!!!

Yes we made it back to snowy MN for Christmas! Totally a white Christmas this year! Christmas Eve was spent with the Markin's and was very eventful and busy. First presents in the morning, church in the afternoon and more presents with extended family in the evening. Logan started off slow with the unwrapping of presents, but caught on quick. His sayings this year was "OHhhhhh MYYyyyyy GoodNESS!!!!" and "Look what I found!!!" he was hilarious in it all and was very good about not opening up other's presents. We came to MN with one backpack full of toys and now have several boxes of goodies to pack home. It was truly great to be here with Mike home and with family. The boys love seeing their extended families as do we. Even though there is all the hype with presents, Christmas lights, family and food...we were able to focus on the real meaning of Christmas as Logan would remind us that it is Jesus' Birthday and try and sing for us. One of my all time favorite quotes about this time of year which can be seen as sad to some, but so encouraging and full of love is "He was born to die" . For me it means that in all His glory and splendor He was born in this awful world to be put to death for me and you. To love in a way that is unthinkable and unconditional. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

One of the funny gifts from my parents.
Helping Logan get one of his toys those are so hard sometimes!
Checking out gifts with Austin
This will be a big one to get home but a for sure favorite!
Austin enjoyed the attention.
Me and my gift from santa
The tree with all the gifts and lights with Logan looking at the incredible amount of snow on the ground!
Going sledding...Logan is very adventurous!
Can't wait till Austin is old enough for this!!!

Our tropical Vacation/honeymoon

I have been dying to get some photos on here for you all to see...I am just posting a few but there will be more to come with plenty of stories.

Our trip started with an adventure with my passport (long story) but God had everything in control and in his plans! Obviously it did because we got there and back just fine. I won't give you all the details of everyday, but maybe a short rendition.

Our resort was incredible and exactly what we wanted. Our own private cottage with plunge pool and a view that was breathtaking. We did a 9 zip line tour through part of the island, rented a car and did our own exploring viewing some of the best secluded beaches, plenty of sun and incredibly good food, a cruise to parts of the island, snorkeling with jellyfish, barracudas and starfish, and enjoyed being a husband and wife again. We had someone professionally take some pictures of us which are the top two was a blast and got some of the most romantic and incredible shots of us. The next is of snorkeling...i did hold a starfish, but you don't really want to see me in a bathing suit right??!?!? Several of the pics are from our Creole Cruise excursion...and then some from the different beaches we visited. The last is a view from our room! Love it! More to come!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Austin continued...

Reading to Austin...he will sit so contently while you read to him...of course you have to go through the books fast!

Santa's little helper. Logan wore this outfit two years ago and I also got pics of just his bum then too.

Cute little bum!

Little Austin

Austin has been becoming such a little man lately and I thought I would share some of his cuteness. The other day when I came home (parent's house) after being gone for about 3 hours, I saw my little man Austin and he started crawling towards me and says "m m m momma"! I doubt that he knows that I am mommy and I doubt that he was trying to say that, but it melted my heart of course. He has also started clapping! My mom was working with him on it and it is so cute to see his big fat hands clap. Of course when I have tried to get it on video he doesn't do it, but then once the camera is off he goes to town. Little stinker! I think this is pretty cool because Logan didn't start clapping till well after a year old and we had to really work with him on it! Just shows how two siblings can be so different! I have also found that Austin really knows who I am, his Mommy! Logan was a fairly independent child and hasn't really fussed when with other people. Now Austin doesn't either, but I can definitely tell that sometimes he just wants to be held by mom. It is quite sweet because it isn't too often. His big front teeth are so far apart it is hilarious and of course he is getting more teeth in...stinker! He also just adores his brother, even though Logan takes toys away from Austin...he just smiles away and loves getting loved on by Logan. As soon as I can get a video of Austin clapping I will share...sorry for the rant on my little man, but my love overflows for him!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting Logan dressed for the snow!!!

Getting Logan dressed to play in the snow was seriously one of the hardest things in the world. "Push....Push!!!" "I'm stuck mommy!" "Is it on?" I had him lay down, push, pull, and do all sorts of things to get his clothes on. Mike actually took even longer and needed my help! He used his cold weather gear from work. They had a blast sledding down the hills and jumping in the snow. He cried so hard when they came in. Guess we will be spending lots of time outside in the white powdery snow!!

Great Grandparents in Mississippi...

All of us as a family!

Loving on Austin

Great Grandpa and his boys!

Austin just sat there with him for the longest time...too cute!

Opening up presents!


Getting his favorite toys!!!

We went to the local Christmas parade and had a blast. Logan just stood there and waved at the people going by in a trance and didn't even notice the candy being thrown at him. It was quite chilly, but we stayed warm in the van.

We started out vacation out in Mississippi visiting Mike's Grandpa and Grandma. It had been almost 2 years since we had seen them. While we were living in FL we would visit them once a month so it was nice to finally see them again. When we got there we were greeted with warm smiles and big hugs. The boys immediately got to open Christmas presents and got to playing right away. We spent 4 days there and it definitely went too fast. We had good conversation, great food (Maddie is an amazing southern cook!) and had fun watching the Great Grandparents enjoy our boys. Thank you two for housing us and we miss you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Family Traditions!

I grew up with some great family traditions around the holidays and wanted to start some of our own for our family. We talked about different ones at MOPS the other day and I also talked with some friends. We decided on a Scripture Advent Calendar and the Advent Wreath. The Calendar I made (and hope to finish it in MN with my mom) with some felt and velcro. The ornaments have the scripture references on the back Luke 2:1-20. Every day we read one verse or part of a verse and throughout the month we read all the verses up to that day so on Christmas we read the whole story!
The Advent wreath/candles is one that we did as a church growing up and now the church we attend does the Advent wreath also. I think it will be a great tradition to do at home as the boys grow up. There are different devotional readings that people do, some do the Hope, Love, Peace, Joy, Christ and others do the patriarchs, prophets, John, Mary and Christ. We are doing a mix of both. We will be bringing these on our trip to start and keep the tradition going. If you all have a tradition that you would like to share, please do!!! Merry Christmas!

The Latest in the Morris home...

Fun in a box. We were cleaning up from dinner the other night and Austin thinks that is the best time to crawl straight towards the dog water over and over again. So mike stuck him in this box just for fun and he stayed there for the longest time playing and having a good time! Thought it was really cute.

Austin is such a pickle. He can get into everything around the house he isn't supposed to, but he will cuddle with you and melt your heart. He just recently cut his two top teeth and I hope we don't get anymore for a little while. He really enjoys adult food/finger foods and just gobbles up everything we give him. He is such a sweetheart!

Well, lots of growing up has been done lately here at home! Logan has really taken to potty training and is doing great! It was a real struggle at first and very frustrating. We would have him sit on the potty only to have him go to the bathroom right after we put his diaper/pull up back on. He would fight us so hard to not sit on the toilet even though we knew he would be fine once he sat down. The good thing was that he used the bathroom at his school on Wednesdays! Then one day he started telling me that he had to go potty and he would sit down and go! For a while he would only tell me and not mike which was kinda strange. I borrowed a tactic from a friend to use as an incentive to use the bathroom. I have these kidney beans and once he fills up a small glass cup he would get a matchbox car. He would get one bean for sitting on the toilet, 2 for going #1 and 3 for going #2. Trust me it didn't add up that fast because the beans are really tiny. But now he understands that the more he goes potty the more beans and the quicker he gets a car. So sometimes he goes a little bit 3 times in a row. Smart little man! He still wears a pull up around the house but he has been dry for several days with a small accident when he naps or nighttime. However, he does wake Mike and I up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. As proud I am of him for that, I don't care to wake up every night to help him to the bathroom...

We are heading out on a long trip today, first to Mississippi to visit Mike's Grandparents and then up to MN for the rest of Christmas vacation. In less than two weeks we will be in Antigua while the boys are being watched by family in MN. We are so stoked for that trip! We will keep this updated while on vacation so check it out for pics!