Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A few weeks ago we had a special visit from my younger sister Jillian AND her husband Josh! Jillian comes often to visit, but it was extra special to have Josh with her. He works 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off so there are many times when we are home and barely get to see him. This was a treat! The boys sure had a blast wrestling him and playing with his iPad. They are about to become parents in August to a little boy, Noah, so he was getting plenty of boy practice:-)

Little Everett playing with his toys! I have been enjoying Everett so much lately. Not sure if it is because he is our last baby, or that with Austin I was overwhelmed with deployment and wasn't able to truly enjoy his baby-hood, or that Everett is such a chill baby, or that I just adore him! Not sure what color his eyes will be, they are pretty dark though!

Baby Noah was making the cars move on her belly, and Logan was laughing so hard when they would get kicked off! Already cousin friends!

Wrestling as usual! 2 Ironman's up agains the Uncle:-)

I thought this was pretty funny, she was resting him on her belly. So cute! She is going to be an amazing momma. She is an incredible Auntie to my boys!

Our spirited child. Not sure where he came from, but he is so independent, so willful, and so edible! Just when we are fed up with him, he does something so cute and adorable that both Mike and I's hearts melt.

We went to the beach a few times with Jill and Josh and there was an area with some wading water. Here is what my boys did...I can't imagine how nasty the water probably was...good thing for baths!

Nice shot Jillian! Having a good ol' time


Oh my word...could I be any more in love with this little face! So excited to see what kind of little boy he will be. Ironman or superman, artist or cook, legos or blocks?

These next few pictures are from several weeks ago when we went to a state park. We didn't realize that we had to walk 3 miles with no shade to get to the park, so we just hung out at the beach near-by. The boys climbed the sand-dunes and waded in the water. There was this crazy mist that kept going down the beach...eerie and yet very serene!

Here I caught Mike in mid-jump!

Austin's turn!

Logan's turn!

So much sand in his bum after this!

See the eerie mist in the back ground? They are looking at crabs. At one point we look at Austin walking behind us, sticking his whole arm down one of the crab holes...guess he will learn someday!

Here is typical mom...carrying Everett in the Beco, getting a cute kiss from Austin.


Everett having a blast!

I am trying to upload photos but blogger isn't working!! So here is a video in the mean time:-)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Candyland Lessons

This story is too funny not to share:-)

One thing about parenting that I have recently very much enjoyed is witnessing my children experience something for the first time. Their amazement and awe is so innocent and refreshing. What a precious gift we have been given as parents to impress upon our children the teachings of the world!

Last night we as a family, decided to play Candy land. It was Logan, me and Dad/Austin teams. It started off so nice and fun, Logan got ahead in the game and kept saying "I am going to beat you up!" I think he meant " I am going to beat you". So we gently told him that it wasn't nice to brag during a game and you can say things like " I am winning!" instead. Eventually Logan was 2 spaces (green and orange) from the finish and we was so excited! Dad/Austin and I were still really close to the beginning. Then he drew a card that wasn't ideal at all...the cupcake card. This card would send him back nearly 10 spaces from the beginning. His face immediately fell and he tried to put the card back and he said " No, I need an orange or green card". Mike and I looked at each other like 'oh great, this definitely needs to be a learning lesson, but how sad is it that he was so close to winning!!!'

I was actually kinda surprised that Logan understood the whole winning thing and that if he went back to the beginning he probably wouldn't win. If he understood that, then he needed to be taught the rules of the game and to start learning to not be a poor sport. While we are trying to explain to Logan that he needs to go to the cupcake space, and him fighting us, Austin shouts out in the manliest voice "Go to the cupcake!!!" and points to the cupcake! HA! Mike and I are practically rolling in laughter at the whole situation, but trying to keep a straight face so Logan knows we are serious. Eventually Mike took Logan on his lap, and quietly explained again the reason why he had to go to the cupcake space and prayed with him. Logan kept saying that he had to finished and win with the green or orange card. (All this over a game! But we knew the importance of teaching this now) Logan looked with a long face at the game board and said "But the cupcake doesn't understand where I am going!"

Bwaahhhaaahaha!!! Poor kid. Why couldn't he just win?!?! Guess there are always lessons in life, even in Candy land. Logan soon realized what he had to do and took his piece and slowly back-tracked all the pieces, jumped over Mike/Austin's piece and then jumped over my piece and tracked all the way to the cupcake space. We kept playing after that and to Logan's disappointment I won...or according to him "I beat him up!" Me winning took another break in the game to explain to him about others winning and being happy for them...yikes! This whole lesson teaching thing was hard when they don't want to understand it! Mike/Austin and Logan kept playing to see who would win next (should have been Logan, so we thought it would lift his spirits some to get him to win second place). Because we had played for so long we had to recycle the cards played from before. Logan was fairly close to winning again, when to his demise...he pulled the cupcake card again.....

I know this was probably more funny in person, but what a great responsibility we have as parents to teach them even these little lessons in social skills and game playing! There were plenty of times when I just wanted to let him win because he is ONLY 4 and I love my son, but I agree with Mike that even these little instances make a difference.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everett is 3 Months!

Yikes! Does time fly or what? This also means that I have no excuse to get out and exercise any more, and I need to eat better...aahhh man! Yes, my little baby is 3 months. One more month until we can try rice cereal, 3 more months until solids, 3-4 more months until he is sitting and CRAWLING! AAAHHH! (only if he follows in his brothers footsteps.) Speaking of is so fun to see how much they adore him! Austin has his blankies, and likes to share them with Everett. And no he doesn't lay them flat on Everett, he balls them up and puts them right on his stomach or back when he is on the floor. Logan is a BIG help, makes him laugh and loves to lay near him when playing with his own toys.

Everett is such a joy to us, and we are very grateful for the ease of this baby. He sleeps fairly well at night, about 3-5 hour stents. Yes he sleeps on his belly...and yes I get worried sometimes, but I am at peace with it.

He is starting to not like being swaddled, so we will see how much longer that lasts.

He nurses great and I am enjoying it the most this time around. No worries or what ifs...just enjoying it.

He seems to be on the schedule of pooping every 5 days. Pretty predictable and very strange. Logan did this too, but for not as long. He isn't constipated or in any pain so we let it be.

He started batting at his toys a few weeks ago which made me forget how early they do those things!

He loves his play mat and I know some of you will sigh at this, but he will play on it for about 45 minutes at a time.

He is a pretty chill baby. In fact, he is just laying on my lap right now while I type this fully awake.

He LOVES the baby carrier. And I LOVE my Beco. Almost the second he is put in it, he falls asleep. Pretty sweet!

He is a smilier and sometimes when he gets fussy, if you can just make him smile again, laugh a little, he will be good.

At his two month check up he was 13lbs 4 oz and 24 inches we have a growing boy!

I had a blast doing his photoshoot, and there are some more props that I may be getting in the next week or so that I found at an antique store down the road. So I may add to them. The blue blanket in the photos was made by his Nana and I LOVE beautiful! Forgive me for the overload of pictures...I just couldn't post a few!


In Response to "Sick and Tired"

Well, I am not alone! Not sure if that should make me feel better or not. I mean, why should women these days feel so alone, not special, and like they make no difference. When in reality, (speaking about moms here) we have the most important job! No matter if you work out of the home or not, motherhood is the MOST important and taxiing job. Why should we feel that we need to compete, or stand out to other people? I know I can answer that in a few short words, but before I do let me tell you how I was convicted and encouraged this week.

So after posting that last blogpost about not feeling unique and talking about how I could do things if I just had the money or time, I was slammed in the face yet again by God (of course in the most gentle way) Our sermon on Sunday talked about being dare he!!! HA! Ironic isn't it? How we don't always understand, and WON'T understand God's plan and why our lives take the route they do. He also touched on idols. And no I am not talking about the shiny gold statue or the cliche money and possesions. I am talking about even the good things in life being idols. Like our husbands, work, and yes...our children. Anything that is put before the Lord in time, thoughts, energy and sacrifice is an idol. One statement that was said that truly struck me hard was "If your life doesn't have meaning with out that thing/person/hope, then it is an idol" BAAAM!

Ok, ok...there it was and there I was convicted. Don't get me wrong...when I have those feelings of is OK, but when I let them rule my life and feel that I have no meaning without being this kind of person, or doing that kind of trade...then yes, I am putting it before God and idolizing it. Ooofta! Who wants to hear that?

So encouragement...right? Later this week I opened my Bible to read the next chapter or section of what I was currently going through...and to my delight it is my favorite chapter in my favorite book of the Bible. Romans 8. I won't re-write the whole thing here, but I encourage you to look it up and read it today.

Romans 8:13 "For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will LIVE"

Romans 8: 18 " For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are NOT worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us"
vs 26: "Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words."
vs 31 "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, then who can be against us?"

After reading your comments and talking to a few of you friends, I pray that we all have a new-found hope, importance, desire for the lives that we lead. That we use our talents for good in and outside of mothering, and that we leave a Legacy following the Lords.

( PS. stay tuned for Everett's 3 month photos! We had fun!)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

"________" kind of man, makes a "_____" kind of Daddy

Happy Fathers Day to all your Dads, husbands, etc! I am sure there are no dads reading this:-) Just wanted to share my love and appreciation for this wonderful man in my life. He amazes me every day as I watch him parent, love and guide our boys. His patience surpasses mine by a mile, and the fun he has with them is priceless. I am so grateful that our children have a Daddy like him to raise them! Here are a few photos of the man and some thoughts of mine:-)

"Cuddly" kind of man, makes a "sensitive" kind of Daddy. I like how he appreciates Everett's smiles, and loves to make him coo and laugh.

"Gardening" kind of man, makes a "growing" kind of Daddy. He learns how to grow and adapt as the boys get older. He also realizes that each one is a different kind of "plant" (silly analogy huh?).

(Just had to include this card Logan made at school for Fathers Day)

"Passionate" kind of man, makes a "crazy" kind of Daddy. When Mike gets an idea in his head, gets his sights set on one thing...he goes full force! Mike has been very passionate about running lately and pretty much just woke up one day running 7 or 9 miles! He got a crazy idea in his head to run BAREFOOT! Now...he already wears minimalist shoes, but for some crazy reason he got up one saturday and ran 7 miles barefoot...this is what happened (picture below). This makes a crazy kind of Dad because he is always up for anything! Wrestling becomes an adventure in super hero land, poles become magic bean stalks, and all characters in stories have an english accent:-)

"Compassionate" kind of man, makes a "treat others as yourself" kind of Daddy. Austin gets frequent nose bleeds and this is one way we are trying to stop them. (I get many and I can't imagine having them as a 2 year old!) Mike often says "Am I whinning? Then you don't whine...Am I crying? Then you don't cry" So in this situation Mike showed Austin that sticking a kleenex up his nose doesn't hurt. They both sat there like this until it stopped bleeding. Compassionate in his own ways, but very loving as well as growing masculine men.

"Strong" kind of man, makes a "Hero" kind of Daddy. Sorry Mike, yes, I posted this picture. Mike puts an importance in eating right and working out and it is fun to see the boys doing the same. Food has "tools" (like hammers and screw drivers) and exercising is a contest. Austin can pretty much do a real push-up! Logan has said that he wants to be a good guy like Daddy when he grows up and it makes my heart smile to hear that.
Thank you so much Michael for loving our boys and desiring to be the best you can be! Happy Fathers DAy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sick and Tired...

...of this stupid feeling that I have! I am so tired of feeling inadequate and like just another grain of sand in the sandbox. It cycles around...and maybe it has to do with the hormones of a woman, but I want it to stop! I do so well, and feel like I am someone...worth something special. Then I see things that I desire to do or be and I am jealous or realize that I am just not that good. (this is very hard to me admit because it is so sinful and shameful). I think...if I only had the time or money I could do that. Of course I wouldn't trade my kids for anything else, but if I had the time/money WITH them...HA! Then I think about how those are not the things that should define me, but my relationship with God is what I should be desiring. I should be known for how I love the Lord, and teach my children about God, and how joyful I can be deep inside. So from that I start to feel guilty! AAHHH! Such a stupid cycle.
Is it wrong to want to be unique and exceptional at something? I know that sometimes for me it becomes an idol, and that desire to be "good" at something drives my mood, how I treat others, and where I spend my time. I know that isn't good, but why is it so hard to look past that? Why are there people out there who seem to have it so put together, love the Lord, shine their lights so well, and are so joyful with all that they have and all that they are. I don't know, I am just venting right now.
So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. 17For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, 18 as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

In the midst of these feelings I am finding those sweet moments that bring such emotional love and joy towards my children and family. I know how blessed I am and how much God loves me. I just wish, and now pray daily that serving Him is my purpose daily. I am tired of comparing myself to others (does that ever stop as we get older?). I am tired of not seeing the strengths that I do have (there has got to be a few). I am tired of focusing on the wrong things in life (instead of being concerned with others that I may not know in a few years, focus on how I can raise my boys to love the Lord, to be a serving wife, and to desire only God's love and companionship). Again, I am not writing this to seek approval from you all give me so much love. I am just venting because I feel like when I write all this out, I see the selfish, shameful ways of thinking and it truly helps me to divert my focus.

Here's a question...what do you do to feel unique but not focus so much on it that it overtakes your life? What can I do to keep my focus on my family and walk with the Lord?

(photos courtesy of my enchanted garden:-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Momma In Focus Friday! and a VIDEO...AGAIN!!!

One Day At A Time

YEAH! Another Friday and guess what tonight is...DATE NIGHT! Yup, we are leaving all three boys...(long sigh inserted) and I KNOW it will be great...minus the distraction of thinking about my baby boy. Anyways, we are thinking a dinner and possibly movie (typical date) but oh so nice! It has been a good week with it's rough patches...very rough patches. The great moments are definitely making up for the tough ones. I have purposed to be a more joyful mom, play and tickle my boys more, and LAUGH at everything if appropriate. Like this morning at 5 am when Everett was nursing and all of a sudden he straightened his body in a jerk and let out the loudest fart and went right back to eating in his sleep...oh boy oh boy:-)

Here are my Momma in Focus photos and a video! Hop on over to Casey's Blog to link up and check out her adorable daughter!

Making faces with Logan (sorry about the line in the was open)
My silly boy

This one was taken from my phone, Logan usually goes to school on Thursdays so that is my day with Austin...we had just finished playing with play-dough and were starting lunch. He impressed me so much yesterday when he was putting puzzles together all by himself!!

This is one of my favorite things to do with Everett...snuggle and tickle his neck...I swear he is laughing after I do it. Love this precious little man!