Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Hubs and more...

Yes, my dear old man has turned yet another year older. Now he is the same age as me:-) We celebrated a very low key birthday this year for Mike. Just glad to have him home this time and not sending him pictures of us all eating a cake "in memory" of him. Actually, the present I "got" him is free...I agreed to try scuba diving...YIKES! The dive store around here does a free course in "getting your feet wet" (no pun intended) and we are going to try it out a week from this saturday. I am more nervous than my NCLEX!!! Anyways, here a few photos of what has been going on here at the crazy Morris home!

Fun shot of Logan at the park

Mike got Omaha Steaks for a Birthday present and it always comes with dry ice...Austin tried to eat the smoke!

Mike didn't know what kind of cake I was going to make him, so I thought of what could be cool...yet easy. So I came up with the perfect getaway for him...a tropical island, waterfall, and our own bungalow. Here is the beginning of another monstrous cake. I had vanilla, chocolate and confetti flavor cake!

The finished masterpiece. I used fondant for the green lawn, pretzels for the hut and palm tree, and Extra Gum for the palm tree leaves.

Love it...too bad it's blurry!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Austin kept trying to get it...too cute!

Our brick planter is coming along! It is a slow project because it is being budgeted along the way, however mike got some money and giftcards for his birthday that will be used for it! The brick laying took an entire weekend, but looks amazing. We decided to put a fancy tile on the top of it since there are holes in the brick and didn't look to eye pleasing. We will be getting that this weekend or next. With our left over brick, concrete, and mortar; we were able to start our much smaller brick planter next to the house. We plan on also bringing it all together with some in the back yard too. Over time though. The main one is 29 feet long (yes...that is huge!) and only 4 feet wide. We have thought of several different flowers/plants from Creeping Jenny (love it!) to Sweet Peas, to possibly Knock Out Roses, and much more! We are trying to stick to perennials so we aren't spending money every year. The back part of the planter-towards our back yard- we are going to plant veggies (and maybe fruit....not likely). I definitely want to plant pumpkins for this fall! I have done little research and it seems as though we will be able to still harvest some food this fall if we plant in June/July! That is such an awesome feeling to be able to grow your own food!
This is what the boys did while we laid brick...

Just starting out.

On our last row!!!

Hard to get it all in one shot this way! Nice view of the neighbors huh?

Finished project! Now just to tile the top!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A good kind of exhaustion...

It is hard to complain about being so overly tired, when the past several days have been so much fun! Just a quick update in the Morris home for ya. Last week was the last of MOPS for the year. That was a great time spent every other Monday with other Christian Moms talking and sharing stories. I look forward to it next year! Wednesday, the boys and I headed down to NC to visit our friend and their brand new baby Daisy Love. I was so excited and so pumped to see them that the drive went real quick. The weather was incredibly hot so the boys were stuck inside and I didn't bring enough toys so they were a little more needy than usual. However, I got to see my girlfriend and her baby...took some great pictures, talked mommyhood, photography, spouses, etc....Just good old fashioned girl talk!
Friday we took the trek home and dove right into our brick laying for our 29 foot planter. The first row was the toughest because we had to adjust the mortar to make sure it would be even-steven all the way around. We finished around 11pm by flashlight and headlights from the truck. Got up early the next morning, filled up the kiddie pool (for the boys) and went back out to lay some more. This time it went faster, but our time was cut short by a wedding ceremony in the afternoon.
This was actually quite fun! We didn't know we were going till a few days before and we had to take the boys to the ceremony in the afternoon because we couldn't afford a sitter all day and night. The ceremony was very cute and romantic because it was actually a Re-affirmation of Vows; they got married 5 years earlier but never had the wedding till now (military friends). So it was very endearing. The reception was fun and had a great time dancing to some old school songs with Mike. Definitely didn't expect such a wonderful evening and date with the Hubs, but I was so grateful for it!
Today after church we tackled the planter yet again and finished! YEAH!....wait...not quite. We did get all the bricks laid, but there are no plants, soil, flowers, veggies, etc. We are budgeting this very carefully so we will be doing that all next month. We also have to top the bricks with something since they have holes in them. Mike thought of something great: to mortar down some mosaic tile around the top. How creative! By the way, this whole planter thing was Mike's idea and I say again how amazed I am of his many talents! He just went for this like it was his job and he does it every day, and I am so impressed with how it turned out! So even and clean! Anyways, I will be getting pictures of it up soon, so look for that!
Oh yeah, I finished the weekend off with a full grocery shop...thank God I didn't have the kiddos with me...

So this is a good kind of exhaustion I have...where I can barely see straight down the grocery isles and mix up canned vegetables with canned fruit...I am very grateful and happy with how great these past several days have been! Thank you Jesus!

Daisy Love...
>Getting to hold the sweet gal!

The boys at Casey's house...getting some energy out

Monday, May 10, 2010

God's plan from the beginning...

Quick AMAZING story. It is these little things that make it so convincing that there is a God. I can't help but smile ear to ear. There has been one other time that this has happened through a journal, and today it happened again.

This past weekend Mike and I finally took the time to clean out more of our garage and get rid of things that were sitting there for the past 2 years. One was a
tub full of books and journals. We separated the books into two piles...keep and not keep. I just threw all my old journals in the not keep pile because I don't really want to read them again. Mostly they are just prayers to God and asking for His forgiveness or venting to Him. Just not something I want to reminisce about! Well, today I took the books to a thrift store to donate and one of the journals was put in the pile accidentally instead of throwing it away. I saw it and didn't want to give it away and have someone read my personal things even though they would never know who I was. So I tossed it in my bag when I got back in the car and drove home. Never even looked in it.
I was just picking up now at naptime and grabbed the journal out of my bag and there was a bobby pin that had gotten stuck in between the pages. I opened it up to get it out, caught the date of the page 2/18/05 and decided to read it. That time in our lives, mike had just gotten home from his second deployment (the first while being married) and I was trying to stay consistent with the Lord and spending time with God while adjusting to mike being home. Anyways...the first line under the date 2/18/05 " This date sticks in my head like something special happened...." WOW. Have you gotten it yet? February 18th is Austin's birthday. God knew who my child was going to be 5 years ago....actually before he ever formed me! And I had an inkling that there was something special about that date...hmmmmm. :-)

The other time something like this happened, where I looked back on a journal entry years later, was shortly after I met Mike. I asked God to give me my husband or take all the guys away in my life before I even knew I wanted to marry Mike! Seriously, it is so clear and evident that God is real and so involved in our lives. Carefully guiding us in the direction and plans for us. "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determine's his steps" Proverbs 16:9.

I know to some this is probably a silly coincidence, but I don't have coincidences in my is all prepared and planned by God. I am just smiling all over!


Our church every Mothers Day does a Dedication Service. Since we have been going to this church and call it our home, and since Mike is home and not deployed, we decided to finally dedicate the boys to God in front and with our church family. For us Dedication means that we are able to thank God for the gift of our child(ren), and we publicly declare to commit ourselves to abide by biblical principles and to raise our children according to God’s standards. As parent's for only 3 years we have realized what a tough job it can be, a small part of what it requires, and gained some knowledge from the Lord on how to be agents for our boys. One thing that we have learned for sure over and over again is that we can not do this one our own. Only with God are things possible. Of course we want to do a good job and raise our boys to be well rounded God fearing men!

We chose two verses to read that have really stuck out to us when parenting. Galatians 6:9 was for Mike and I..."Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up." That has been my motto when I am trying to be as consistent as can be; especially when I am at my wits end. Proverbs 4:23 is something we are trying to teach our boys "Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life." It is so true that whatever is in your heart will spill out in the way you talk, live, act, love, etc. Our goal is to help mold our boys' heart (through guiding and teaching the scriptures), towards the Lord so that they can answer His call when the time comes. The Lord looks at the heart and man looks at the outward appearance. It is our hearts where God lives and works on us. Therefore, guard it with all you have.

My family....

Listening to the Pastor

My girlfriend was so wonderful to take so many pictures of us, and this one that she caught I think was so perfect and typical. Logan was counting the lights and Austin was pulling on my hair.

Reading our verses...yes Austin was upset when the mic wasn't there anymore.

(look at how big that hand is on his precious)

Thank you to all the other Mothers out there that are helping me raise my boys. I could not do this on my own and God has place you in my life for a reason. Thank you to everyone who is going to hold us accountable in raising them in God's standards.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monsters on the Beach!

Every Mother's Day weekend here in VA Beach a Monster Truck show is held on the beach! I tried to go last year by myself (when Mike was deployed), but it wasn't going to happen with a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So I made sure this year we would go and Mike and I made it a "date" with just Logan. It was hot, sunny and very windy, but we sure enjoyed ourselves! Unfortunately Logan had a hard time waiting for the "fun" stuff to start with the Monster Trucks because in the beginning they were just doing timed races. We ended up leaving a bit early and went to ride one! Logan had a blast and I saw just how much he is like his momma. When I get excited about things, or pumped up, I don't really show it on my face. I tend to keep a straight face and hold my excitement in. That was what he did the entire Monster Truck ride. We did see a smirk once and a while though.

I would have to say that the high light of our time there, was seeing Logan do a double fist pump- out of the blue. The quad's were riding around in front of us and Logan started waving at them go by (even though we were far from their sight). Too cute right? Well, he was standing in front of us on the bleachers and out of the blue he gives a double fist pump! No sound or scream from his mouth, just a pump! It was like he just couldn't contain his excitement anymore and let it out! Mike and I just looked at each other and laughed. We did try and get it on video or picture, but he only did it twice.

Top Left is on the truck we rode, middle left is how we rode it, middle right is one of his many Monster Trucks, top right is him with the headphones on.

Some more from the day...


Random from FL....


trying to get a picture of the guys....not happening!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EOD Memorial

As most of you know, this past weekend we made the long drive down to FL to where the Annual EOD Memorial is held. This year we decided to go due to one of the fallen soldiers. EOD2 Tony Randolph was killed this past year in Afghanistan while Mike was deployed. He was Mike's dive buddy in Dive School and went through most of the EOD school with him. We had him over to our house several times and went on a long canoe trip with him. Mike saw him briefly last year before they both deployed, here in VA at the training unit...which was the last time. The weekend went well, as we had a good time despite the circumstances. The memorial was on Saturday morning and it was so packed...I couldn't believe how many hundreds of people were there...not only for the Navy but for every branch of the military. It is always so hard to hear soooo many names being read off the wall. Especially one you know. The whole way down to FL I kept thinking how grateful I was that I wasn't going there alone this year and hopefully never. Thank you EOD soldiers who put your lives so at risk for keeping us safe, forever grateful!
The Patriot Guard was there which is a motorcycle group of people who come in support of the military. The picture on the right is of the flag that is given to the family of Tony R.

The patriot guard and former EOD

So grateful to be there WITH my sailor.


Here are a few pictures of Tony...he was 22 years old (i believe) and left behind his Mother and Father and other family.

Mike and Tony during Dive School

On the canoe trip we went on

This one I got off his FB page...I believe this was during his deployment. He is the one on the right.