Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crochet Creations

A few years back I crocheted a few scarfs for Christmas gifts, but did it all free hand and never read any patterns. Always turned out horrible. I decided I wanted to make a cocoon for a photo prop and didn't want to spend the money paying someone else to do it! I soon realized I would have to learn to read the patterns (foreign language...yikes!) and learn different knots. It took a while and several You Tube videos, but I feel pretty confident with most patterns! However, still very much learning. Here are some of my creations so far!

The blanket I made was much smaller than I predicted so I am going to try again with a much looser gauge/knots.

My first hat I made...was supposed to be for a baby, but is too long, so it can be worn by a toddler!

My first cocoon that turned out...for the baby boy I will be photographing.

You would get a better view of it if it were on someone, but I don't have a little girl to model it on! This was a fun at to make and it is a rough draft for many to come! The swirl goes all around the hat and the flower was super easy to make.

The coloring is off in this photo, but it shows more of the flower.

I created this one myself...no pattern! Very easy and very useful! I may see doing this for some Christmas presents!

A baby pod and also a hammock for the newbies. I hope it works!

Mustache Men

Thought this was cute. We were using foam stickers to decorate pumpkins and Logan put a mustache on him by himself, so I thought it would be cute to make a brown one like daddy. Love it!!

Tuesday Tunes

Just for this week I changed the day of Musical Monday to Tuesday Tunes due to being so extremely busy and having a visitor until last night. The hubs already knew about the delay:-) So next week I will be back on Mondays.

I had fun with this song. I actually couldn't remember what it was called or who sang it for the life of me! My sister who is a country song lover tried to help me. I wasn't very helpful when asking her about the song because my clues were so vague. I called her around 9 one night and we were talking till midnight trying to figure it out. I finally saw what it was when I was searching around...Emerson Drive "Fall into Me".

This song meant a lot to me while I was in college right before getting married. The first verse really didn't apply to us during that part of our relationship we weren't scared anymore to be in love and getting ready to be married. The chorus was a fun song to drive with the windows down and many of the lyrics were encouraging to me while we prepared for this crazy adventure ahead of us. Who knew that I would have lived in 3 different states within 10 years after high school. Who knew the love that would grow from two people, and the beautiful children that would be given to us.

It also spoke as me as if I were talking to Mike " right here waiting, staying strong, come and fall into me". As hard as military life can be and being separated, I needed Mike to know that I wasn't going anywhere, and that I would follow him where he would go, trust and believe in him, and that I would be waiting for him until he returns. Being able to wait for a loved one can be hard yet so rewarding at the same time. Knowing that I have my true love, and yes we have to be apart, but I don't have to keep searching for that special person. I get to have a "honeymoon" after every separation: learning to live together again, having that person there when you wake up, cooking for them, and well...having those first "moments" with them all over again (wink wink).

Anyways, this song was a fun one I enjoyed listening to as I was preparing to be a wife and join military life. Nice and catchy!!

Oh yeah...I know I said I was going to get some pictures up last week, and I didn't. But this time I got out the old photo albums and scanned in some oldies...enjoy!

The very top on the beach is the first time I ever set foot on the infamous California Beaches...

The second one is the Christmas we got engaged. I made Mike dress up in his Dress Blues and walk around the Mall of America...haha! Ask him about that someday! (2003)

The top one here is in my dorm room on one of his visits. I think he only visited once...maybe twice. (2003)

The bottom one again is the Christmas we got engaged...(love the MN pale skin ...yuck!) Such a handsome man! I do have to say that He has become more good looking as we get older!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grandma Fun and Fall Festivities

It has been a busy week here at our house! Lots of fun with Grandma and lots to do! My mom came in last Tuesday for much needed visit and break for me:-) We had 4 hours to ourselves last Wednesday which is when we saw grandchild #3, and have played with the boys since then! Logan had his last swimming lesson on Saturday, which he passed (as much as a three year old can) and showed off his swimming underwater. I was so glad that my mom could see that! Later that afternoon our church held a Chili/Chowder Cook-off. I was crazy and volunteered to make some Chowder. I am not much of a seafood person, so I knew my Chowder wasn't going to be anything special...I was just trying to contribute. My Chicken and Corn Chowder turned out great! But not great enough to win...but like I said, that was fine with me! The boys got to dress up in their IronMan outfits and play along with all the other kids on the playground and bouncy houses. Austin was a cute IronMan until he found someones Orange Soda and decided to drink it and soak his outfit. It also dyed his body Orange from his chin to his thighs...oh the joys:-) here are some fun pictures from the event!

Trying to get some good photos, and deal with Austin's oversized outfit (all I had since his other one was orange)

Austin IronMan before the soda...love my strong men!

So here is a controversial topic or question. This wasn't something I had to think about until being a mom and having kids at an age that could participate in holidays. I have some friends who don't participate in anything Halloween and stay away from dressing up their kids, candy, and most everything else. They vocalize how Dark Halloween is and all the scariness that is associated with it (Satan). Growing up I was allowed to participate in dressing up and trick or treating. However, I wasn't allowed anything to do with witches, ghosts, vampires, devils, etc...anything that could be associated with Satan. As a Christian, this made sense to me and that is how Mike and I decided to deal our boys during this time of year. We also don't "enhance" the holiday by decorating with many Halloween items, but more of the fall decor. I feel that it is a necessity as a parent to be very clear and explain, even to a young 3 year old, that there is evil in the world and to guide them the other way. Of course at a level that they can understand at this age, and more as they get older. So my question is What do you think of Halloween? Do you participate all the way ..."it is just a fun Holiday" mentality, or are you the other extreme and prevent your kids from looking at the costumes in the store? One thing I have thought of too as a Christian, is that we are called to be in this world but not of this world. That can be a very fine line, especially during the Halloween Season. My personal opinion, is that we shouldn't seclude ourselves but be involved enough so that people can see how we are "different" when celebrating Secular Holidays. Then they may be curious as to why we don't deal with witches and devils and ask why, which in turn leads us to share of our faith and beliefs. Some of you may not agree with this and I am always up for discussion! I can always learn new ways of thinking and living this life. The Lord can use all of us to teach edify each other!

Here is photo overload. I LOVED the outfit that I bought Logan and had to get some after Church pictures of the boys.

Trying to get him to pose.

This looks like a school picture to me, but I absolutely LOVE it!

Kisses with the boys:-)

Spinning on the chair

Everyone look! Grandma time!

Fall in our neighborhood!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby #3 Heart beat and PHOTOS!

What a fun appointment we had! My mom is here visiting and she was able to come to my baby appointment:-) I was excited she was going to hear the heartbeat and I wanted a video/recording of the heartbeat for Mike, but I had NO idea that we would get to see the baby! We already waited an extra 30 min to be seen so I was a bit frustrated, but happy to sit with my mom. I hadn't seen this Doc yet and she was super nice. We chatted a little and then I told her we weren't wanting to find out the gender so she could mark it on the chart. She was all excited and put it on my chart with a smiley face.

sidenote: I know we are all excited to find out what the new Morris addition will be, especially having two boys, but to be honest, I am very excited and happy about this being a surprise! I really have no desire to find out the gender and can't wait for that joyous day where we get to meet it and see how it will change our family forever:-)

Anyways, I got the video/recording (at the bottom of the post), heartbeat in the 150's again. Pretty consistent with the last couple of visits. I am measuring a finger below the belly button which is right where I should be 18 wks. After all the measuring and listening we were talking about how big the baby was, and I couldn't remember what "fruit" -size it would be at this point. Then the doc said..."wanna see it?" I definitely wasn't going to refuse a quick US, so we got some lovely shots of the babe. She was very careful, as were we, to not look unless she told us to. I haven't experienced not knowing what the gender was yet, so this was very different for me! We have my 20 wk US in about 2 weeks, so I will get to see it again! NO PEAKING though:-) Anyways, enjoy the little babe!!!

Full face view...the red arrow pointing at a hand and the circle of the heart beat.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visitors and More

Talk about picture overload! Sorry about all the photos, fuzzy and clear, I thought it was about time to update and I had to be quiet during naptime:-) We had my sister Kelly, visit for a weekend when she had some time off from work. She was my first official visitor and was very welcomed! The boys were excited to have someone else in the house and she sure filled the role of the spoiling Auntie. Iron Man toy after Transformer toy...those boys are set! We spent time at home, went to a pumpkin patch and even got yummy PF Changs (for the baby you know). Logan has been asking frequently for her and luckily I can tell him that she is coming back in a few weeks! Her and my other sister will be visiting for a weekend in November. So great!

Sorry about the blur, they were running around and I was trying to hard to get Austin's happy face! She wrestled with them so much and it made their day!

Logan being upside down and loving it.

Auntie Kelly and Austin...she took so much care of him! It was so nice to have some one just help with the every day things like buckling in a child, wiping down a table and great conversation!

Onto Logan's swimming lessons...I decided to bring my Nikon last week and I was glad because instead of about 5 kids in the class it was only him and one other girl. He got a lot of swim time and jumping into the pool time. Not sure he will remember what he learned during these lessons, but it has sure made him more comfortable in the water. He enjoys his goggles now and will even put his head under water long enough to look around. Last week he tried to swim with his head under water...the only problem is, is that he doesn't shut his mouth. I can't imagine all the water he swallows!
Playing around while waiting his turn...he should be at the wall with one hand touching it.

Getting his "scoops" on. The front crawl or doggie paddle. Basic swimming. Pretty neat idea of putting the noodle around him!

All by himself!!

Caught him during a big jump...if you look closely at his face you will see he is a bit scared:-) And he is taking a deep breath in...hopefully he closes his mouth before he hits the water!

Our next visitor is my mom who gets in tonight. I am so stoked for her to be here and I know Logan is looking forward to it too. Again, it will just be so nice to have company and conversation. She will get to go to my baby appointment tomorrow which will be fun!

Here are just some random pictures:

Austin getting in to the fridge. Luckily he can't pull the handles yet, but with the way he tries, it will be soon!

He has some great faces!

Big smile face

One of his infamous faces...eyebrows up, eyes to the side..."whatcha gonna do about it" look.

Logan found this new thing to do. I don't even know why I have toys. Austin likes to climb in the kitchen chair and then get down and do it all over. Then Logan likes to use string to make "spider-webs" and "machines" with the gate. Well...what ever keeps them happy!

"mom! look at this!"

Creating something special.

We were outside playing last night and I asked Logan to write his name. I had to tell him the letters to write, but he did it himself! I added the red letters so you could know what each letter is. I was pretty proud of him!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Musical Monday

For some reason this weekend has been a tough one, but also healing at the same time. I am so grateful that I was able to go through it with my best friend/husband even though he is so far away.

Back when the war first started in 2003 there were several songs that were associated with the soldiers. And yes, I was that girlfriend and then fiance who clung to those lyrics and cried to them every night. Not much has changed since then:-) Three Doors Down had a couple of great tunes, but the one that sticks to my heart this Monday is "Here without You".

Growing up in MN I NEVER expected to meet and fall in love with a military man. I mean...how many bases are in MN? I think just one reserve base...not sure. The point is, is that no guy that I knew growing up was joining the military and so I had never seen or witnessed a long distance military relationship. I don't think when my heart fell head over heels for Mike, it really knew what it was getting us into. However, God had a plan and equipped me throughout my life leading up to that point to be able to handle the stress and craziness of a long-distance, no communication during war, crazy in love relationship. I know for a fact though, that I wouldn't have made it, and our relationship wouldn't have made it if it weren't for the kind of man Mike was/is. He was so reassuring in every phone call, full of love and missing you's, encouraging and also loved me for who I was. Which is HUGE:-)

Just this weekend I told him that I would go through hundreds of deployments just to share this life with him. I wouldn't want anyone different even if they were able to see me every day of my life. I am sure most of you gals who have hubbies that aren't military or that don't go away for long periods of time wish that your spouse may deploy for a bit just to get some time away. That is opposite for me...there will never be a time where I am tired of Mike...every day with him (here or over seas) is a gift:-)

I think the longest we went being apart was for about 8 or 9 months...which isn't that bad! I know some guys deploy for a year and I pray God gives their relationships strength and love beyond all others. We have been very fortunate in our lives together to be able to see each other either in person every couple of months, or over the internet. God has been good! I love the passion we had in the beginning of our relationship and I love to see how it has continued and gotten even stronger and deeper. I could go on and on about separation, but dwelling on it has never done any good for us. We are just so excited and grateful to one day run into each other's arms once again:-) Love you babe, thank you for the exciting and fun early parts of our relationship...for making me have goosebumps every time you called (and also made my roomates roll their eyes), and for sticking by me. Thank you for the days we have now; sharing our children's joys, helping each other cope with the same separations, and for letting me fall more and more in love with you...oh tears...they come so easily these pregnant days! ha! Seriously, if you only knew Mike...how deep my love is for you

I am going to post this, but I plan getting some really old pictures up later today! Got some good ones from the good old days:-0

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I decided to hop back in this week, however several were archive, but I thought they worked great! Please join in next week...jump on over to Ashley's Blog and see more great photos and interpretations.

1. Side lighting

2. Jack O Lantern

3. Faces in Nature...Logan's face amongst nature!

4. Sunset

5. Warm

Print out the list and think of pictures for next week! Here are the items:

  1. The 5 Senses
  2. Child/Children (October 2010 item)
  3. Dining(October 2010 item)
  4. Night
  5. Sky
Have a great Sunday!