Monday, June 28, 2010

MN Summer...

I LOVE Minnesota summers...I truly believe that EVERYONE should experience one! The weather is gorgeous, grass has never been greener, flowers blooming big, stays light till 10pm, thunderstorms in the afternoon and and beautiful sunsets at night. Not only was the land and weather beautiful, but the family and friends were wonderful. This time being home I really didn't try and do much, so I apologize to those who I didn't get to see. You all mean so much to me and please take no offense! I spent most of my days at the house, pool, or window shopping by myself! I sure missed Mike and wished he could spend the time with us there (since he hasn't spent one summer in MN his whole life!). Like I said we went to the Community Center pool, a park reserve, mall play area, and had lots and lots of freezies! (ice pops) Logan and Austin had a blast in the water and surprised Nana and I by going down big slides and loving it! I wanted so bad to get videos and pictures, but there was too much water!

Logan also went and say Toy Story 3 in 3D and truly loved it! Couldn't stop talking about the fire and how the claw saved them:-)

Austin got spoiled by my mom cuddling him at night and helping him fall asleep; he also enjoyed freezie pops so much that....umm....his poo turned colors! HA!

I got to take some pictures with my camera of my girlfriends girls, and my sister. Had a blast learning how to use light in the pictures and my editing tools! Someday I may share them with ya!

The trip there and back was pretty good. 24hours there, and about 27 back. Mike's Mom drove back with us through the mountains and is spending a few days with us (YEAH free babysitter!). We sure are going to miss her!

Here are a few pics of our time there!

Went out with some girlfriends for dinner and had a blast catching up...never enough time girls!!!

Logan went camping with my dad in our back yard. I didn't think he would make it through the night, but he did all the way till 7am!

Enjoying Father's Day with Nana and Grandpa...bubbles, cupcakes and family time!

Grandma trying to keep the essence of the boys...definitely makes me want to live closer to family!

Auntie Jillian cuddling with the boys. I swear she spent more time with them than me! She loved on them and watched them all the time! I had a great time with you Jillian! (sorry about the red eye...too lazy to edit it out!)

Slip n Slide time!!!

We found a cheapo slip n slide and decided to enjoy the crazy heat we have been having! Logan and Austin both proved to us by previous trips to a water park, that they LOVE water and have no fear when it comes to getting wet! Mike enjoyed "throwing" the boys down the slide and even took a ride down it too! There are videos at the bottom!!!

Logan ready to go!...

His thing right now is to always hold something in his it is a blue spoon.

Thumbs up mom!

screeching in fun!

going down on his back.....

enjoying the water!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Rocking Chair

This old rocking chair has been in the family for 80 years. Little did the maker know that Austin Morris would fit perfectly in it in 2010.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I think I have figured out one definition of a mid-life crisis (well, mid 20's crisis). "A lack of feeling unique, lack of being extraordinary at one thing, and selfish seeking ways." Well, if this doesn't define your thoughts of a mid-20's crisis, it does mine. Therefore, I have decided to reevaluate the way I do things in life, how I think about myself and others, and my main goal/purpose. All big things/questions right? Kinda like "what is the meaning of life" questions. I do want to say that they seem deeper than they really are. At this point in life, I think many people compare against each other, try to one-up the other person, share opinions in ways that show theirs are best, and aren't trying to reach out to others selflessly. (kinda the definition of mid-20's crisis) I think we can get so wrapped up in what others think of us and trying to stick out in the crowd, that we forget who we need to really be concerned with. For me, I need to be concerned with how I measure up to Jesus, not my neighbor. Sounds so cliche right? Think about it for a minute, whose weights (standards) are going to matter in the end?

There are many ways in the world that we are able to compare ourselves to each other and most of the dangerous ones are online! Myspace, FB, twitter, blogs (and yes I am involved with a few!), etc. I mean, when we look at other's status', pictures, and the end what do you end up doing? Judging, comparing, being thankful that you aren't like that, or wishing you had what they had. So much ungratefulness for what you do have and who God created you to be! Just because your opinion on something is completely different than another persons, doesn't mean you are what the Lord puts on your heart! Take what they do, pray about it if it concerns you, and do what God leads you to do. Ultimately the Lord knows what is best for you!

If I am alone in all this, please forgive me for passing judgement, for comparing, and for being jealous. I am in no way perfect and have awful, sinful thoughts. Please forgive me! Therefore, I am going to back off of the things that cause me to have these sinful thoughts and seek out ways that purpose and serve the Lord. Of course I could use my blog, and FB to further glorify God and I will , but as of now I need to focus on other things. I am trying to turn this mid-20's crisis into a positive thing that the Lord can use. If you have feelings like this, what can you, or are you doing to prevent it? Thanks for letting me share these personal is better for me to vent them and be held accountable than anything else.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love this outfit!

I found this outfit during Gymboree's 70% off sale! I thought it would be too big and was going to have it for the fall, but it is too cute!!! I think the hair compliments it very well:-)

Our Legend....

The legend in our family is Daddy. Little did Mike know that about 4 years ago we were going to start the journey of parenthood. (ya know it starts with the pregnancy!) Being a Father had many meanings to Mike and as the years went on, he has learned the ways that fatherhood grows and changes. I have seen him become legendary in our family. Logan talks about Daddy all the time, and with every mention of Daddy's name, Austin lights up and looks around. Mike has blown me away with how patiently he teaches and guides, yet is fun to see how rough and wild all three boys can be. Mike's main goal as a father, which is evident everyday, is to grow our young boys into well rounded, Godly men. That to me is legendary. Through talks and examples, Mike is an inspiration to Logan and Austin; as well as to me! I can't wait to see what future fatherhood holds for Mike! I went through some old pictures and found a bunch of Mike and the boys...enjoy the memories!

All three boys

Austin's Daddy

Daddy and his little buddy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Woody and Buzz

As most of you know, we got Toy Story 1 and 2 for Logan for his birthday. Both him and Austin have just eaten the movies up and enjoy them very much. It is funny to see Austin like the movie and the little action figures we have. Yes, he does know their names. I found some AWESOME pajamas at Sears this past week and got a pair for the both. Each pair comes with a Woody and Buzz "costume" they can both be Woody, or Buzz or the opposite. Too cute! Just the other day, a commercial came on at my parent's house for Toy Story 3 (yes...we are going and have free movie tickets!) and Austin got all excited, clapped his hands and was so frustrated when it was over! Woody and Buzz....

Notice who Austin is holding?

I guess he was pooped from all the dead Woody

Buzz attacking

They actually both have the appropriate action figure!

Checking them out again....we have had these action figures for a while.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation weekend and Family!

My little brother graduated...yes he is a young man now. I can't believe it! Our family has grown up so much and I am so proud of everyone! It has been a fun time being home, as we always joke around and spend plenty of time together. We even had my Grandparents come and visit! Logan gave my Grandpa a run for his money with so much wrestling and joking around, and Austin won over my Grandma's heart AGAIN as she read book after book to him!

Here are the proud parents of the graduate.

Good old Crimson....this brought back so many memories of my own wonderful graduation EIGHT years ago. I remember Mike being late and kissing him as he ran by in a blue shirt that made his bright blue eyes stand out. I was falling in love at this age!

The middle picture at the top is Amy, Kevin's girlfriend, and I tried to zoom in as much as I could, but it got quite blurry.

Waiting for the ceremony to start...silly Jillian and Josh, Chandler with Logan at the grad party, and Kevin reading to Austin

Logan was a little overwhelmed that his red converse?

The boys playing the piano...taking after their mommy! Better start at this age to play more years than I did! Little did I know that my sons would be playing the same piano I did!

Great Grandma playing with Austin...

Little man Austin...crazy hair, trying to stick his head through the banisters and beautiful blues...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rail Road Tracks

We walked down to the railroad tracks by our house and had some fun throwing rocks, climbing them, and then taking pictures!


Lions Bridge Park

On Saturday we ventured up to Newport News, about 40 min away, to a Park with lots of trails, bridges and water! Our church community group went with us and despite the scary weather (which cleared up nicely for us!) we had a great time! However, the kiddos did think we were going to a park with swings, slides, etc. We walked a bunch, ate lunch, and played Frisbee. Our boys were exhausted afterwards!!

Here is my little man Austin being a model for me:-)

We rented a canoe...Logan wouldn't let go of the bar and Austin wanted to sleep. It was a quick trip, but so worth it!

Austin was miserable with his life vest on!

This is why they call it Lion's Bridge Park...huge HUGE statues of lions!

Eating lunch!

Got carried away feeding the fish and turtles!

Do you see the monster turtle?

There he is! Huge snapping turtle came up!

Playing catch...hilarious hair in the wind too!
The boys

turned out to be a beautiful day!