Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pillow Months and boys:-)

Since October I have been sewing pillow cases for the boys (including Mike) that have the theme of the month. October/November : Pumpkins, December: Santa, January: Snow, February: Valentine! I also created a pillow-case for next month in honor of Austin's Birthday. When it is Logan's birthday he will use that pillow-case for his birthday month. Just thought it was a fun way to see the months go by and having something special for birthdays. I do have to admit that I am NOT a sewer and I screwed up several of the pillowcases I made (they are probably the easiest thing to make!). Nonetheless, I am trying to be a "fun" mom and creative mom for these little tykes of mine.
My equipment thanks to my mom:-) And the Birthday fabric I found. Unfortunately there weren't any boyish Happy Birthday fabric.
Next month's creations (one for Logan and a special one for Mike and then Austin's b-day one. Normally all the boys have the same fabric).

I have really enjoyed lately being a mom to these two boys. Being a boy mom can be pretty physically demanding as they just never seem to stop. Plus I have to pick up myself and be more energetic just to keep up with them! I am looking forward to Mike getting home (little over a month to month and a half!) so he can wrestle with them. For boys, wrestling is definitely a form of love. Just like cuddling, holding, combing hair, etc for girls. I guess you could say wrestling is a form of physical touch-love for them, and they are in desperate need! I try hard to wrestle, but this baby in me really doesn't like it and either do my muscles holding this belly up. I feel like explaining things to boys are different; from why God made things the way He did, to why Logan needs to eat his dinner. Giving them lots and lots of time to run around and get energy out is very important for them, to let them explore and "beat" things up, letting them be the hero and telling them they ARE a hero is essential. I have been reading a book called "Wild at Heart" which is geared towards adult men (no I am not trying to be a man, but trying to understand my husband more per his request:-) but it is also teaching me how to be a mom to boys. How to nourish their inner superhero as well as help them become men of God.

Here is Logan tearing up a styrofoam box in the garage

Soooo....when speaking about boys and thinking about what this 3rd little one may be, I have to admit that I am nervous if it is a girl. Not because I feel like a pro with boys, because I am not in any way, but because they are a whole different entity. With girls you need to nourish their femininity as well as confidence in ways that boys will never need. Giving them love and joy....just seems soo different right now! Now if we have a 3rd boy, then I feel like God is trying to impress on Mike and I a certain characteristic which we still need to learn or figure out. No matter what we have, our family will be complete and fulfilled:-)



Casey Martinez said...

i really enjoyed this post and you sharing your heart Elissa. So neat that as mom's and parents we are learning new things everyday. I am seriously hanging on the edge of my seat for the birth of your 3rd..It's killing me and I am so impressed that you guys haven't tried to find out! ;0. Love the pictures of the boys and don't wrestle too neat to sit and do nothing...take are of baby;0. lol. teasing you.

Pamela said...

What an adorable idea to make pillowcases for the holidays. Love the fabrics you picked out. Do you use 100% cotton or a cotton blend? My grandchildren would love this.

Your boys are so adorable. My daughter's baby is due next week. She had her two boys first then snuck a girl in. This baby will be another girl. She's loving having a girl but thinks they are way more work. :-) All those fancy dresses and bows. The cool thing is, we're mothers and once that baby is here we can't even imagine it being a different sex.

Anonymous said...

That is such a neat idea about the pillow cases. I can't wait to find out what you are having.

Emily said...

I love the pillow idea!! Good job Mommy!!

From the sounds of it, God is preparing your heart for this 3rd little miracle and I can't wait to hear exactly who that will be!

The Stachurskis said...

The pillow case idea is GREAT! I would love to do that! As far as being a mom to a boy I completely agree with you! I'd like to think that I understand what I have to do to help prepare him but God loves to show me more that I have to learn. The book Wild At Heart is one of Zach's favorite!!! He did a study with it for his mens group when we were dating. They have one for women to, Captivating, or something of that nature. It's definitely on my list of want to read's. (that list is HUGE and ever growing) I have that same "fear" if this new little one is a girl. It will definitely be a big learning experience and there will be yet more books to add to my wishlist to help me understand fully what I need to do as a Mom to raise up a God fearing woman.

I love your open, full hearted posts Elissa! You are an inspiration!