Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Puzzle time video!

My girlfriend Molly does this on her blog...videos of her kids. I LOVE it! It is so fun to see her kids in every day life and the cuteness of them! So wish we lived closer so our boys could be friends!

So here is a long boring video (I think it's cute) of austin doing a puzzle and of Everett! Here you go Grandma!


Whats been on my mind...

Hey ya'll...I feel the need to apologize to my family a friends on this blogworld. I haven't been keeping up photos, stories, etc AND I haven't been keep up with my friends over the internet! I feel so out of the loop, yet I feel so busy....what do I do every day? I shouldn't be sitting down to writing this right now, I should probably be wiping a table, reading the Bible, or sitting with my kids...but I need some grown up time (and a time to vent in tangents).
I am dying for the day in the next year where we actually have a plan as to where we will be in the future. There is so much uncertainty and anxiousness over it all. I just want my hubby to happy and have a small amount of job satisfaction! I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference that makes for my joy and happiness. We have plans for the house and for where Logan will go to school. We have friends that we have been very blessed with here, and there comes a point where I don't let myself get any closer with them because I know our lives will probably have us move again soon. Oh just for something to be consistent!

My days don't consist of much...basically washing the same dishes, wiping the same bums, kissing the same faces, and trying to do something extra like clean a toilet. I never thought in a million years that my house would look the way it does, or that I literally wouldn't have time for things that took 5 minutes before. I know this is a season in my life and I need to not worry about the house, the extra projects, and much more...and I feel that I am doing a fairly good job at letting it go. To be honest from the bottom of my heart though, I feel that I am lacking joy in all of it. I get frustrated with the kind of mom that I am and more so the kind of mom that I am not. I feel like another white shell on the beach...not unique with no purpose. Going back to work wouldn't fulfill me because then my heart would be devastated with leaving my three boys. I can't neglect my house any more than I do, and my dear husband has stepped up times 100 in helping out-so I can't ask any more from him! I know that this joy and this passion for being a mom, wife, friend comes from the Lord...but that is another side that I am trying reconnect and draw near to right now.

I think I have to admit that I am a bit frustrated with what God is doing with our lives right now. I don't understand it all...I don't understand the job situation, my lack of patience (yes that is my choice and not His doing), why we have three boys-so incredibly grateful for each of my sweet men, why we have our money issues, and why I just can't seem to feel on top again. Sorry for the downer post, I am not feeling sorry for myself because I know how incredibly blessed we are and how much more we have than most people in the world. I just needed to vent and to write out feelings. I think of posts to write about often, but then I forget or I realize that no one wants to know about that.
Anyways, on a lighter note, we had an icredible 4 day weekend, lots of family time spent together which was so nice. I get to go to MN this weekend just me and Everett for my sisters baby shower and a girlfriends wedding (so awesome!). I hope that all you had a great weekend and are ready for summer...its coming quickly!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Momma In Focus Friday! and a VIDEO!!

One Day At A Time
To join in on the fun, head over to Casey's blog and link up!

YEAH! I have a moment this morning to blog! Actually, the kitchen is a mess, the boys are watching tv and Everett is cooing in his bouncer...lovely morning:-) I had Mike snap a few shots of us this morning (forgive my appearance, I just went for a run!!!!) We are all IN LOVE with Everett and playing with him! Of course we are in love with Ironman, nerf guns, and tickle bum (Austin):-) We are looking forward to this fun four day weekend!!

Here is a video of Everett cooing! I had JUST missed him laughing! YUP! He laughed at his Daddy! I don't blame him though...do you?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Antique Living...

It has been about 5 years since I visited Mike's family in Northern California. They live on a large plot of land and are in love with all things cowboy. After getting into photography over a year ago and then going back to their house this past month...I saw sooo many great photos that I could take. Their decorations around their house are old, antique, rusted, and perfect for creative photography. I got as many shots as I could with the one lens I brought. I wish I had more time to capture their place and the uniqueness/beauty of it! The fun thing I learned is that Mike's Uncle is the person who does most of the shopping (garage sales) and decorating! Great job Randy! Here are a few of the photos I captured

The first two are SOOC...then I tried some different antique/vintage editing...which one do you like?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lots of Life!

Our plans in life may not always be on our terms, or what we thought it would be...but something I heard today at church, was that God invites us, gives us our lives and wants us to accept it joyfully...especially if it isn't on our terms or not necessarily what we wanted or thought it would be like. This isn't a downer statement...rather it is an encouragement for me. I know that God has only good for my family and me, and when I accept the gifts He has given me and embrace them wholeheartedly we will be in line with the Lord.

We have been busy and had lots of laughs lately. Never a dull moment here:-)

Still getting into boxes

Always fun to see the boys playing in Daddy's tools

He sleeps a lot in many different positions...so sweet and cuddly

Everett Michael Morris
Dedicated on May 15th 2011

Romans 15:1-3
"We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the week, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not please himself."

This one is the Morris family personalities portrayed in a photo...

Praying for our children...thank you Lord for these wonderful sons that you have given us to raise.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What life is like...

...for THIS mother of three. I have so many thoughts and words to write, but my brain just doesn't work these days. Here is a snippet of my life:
I haven't cleaned the bathrooms in 2 weeks
I have pacifiers in the couch cushions
I will cry if I can't find the swaddling blankets
I get to watch the older boys "do-do-do-" on Everett (tickle him)
I live for that little smile
my husband and I know that our "time" is limited but very needed
I haven't crocheted a thing in almost 2 months and going through withdrawals
I have so many people I want to call- but the minute my phone goes up to my ear something falls and breaks
laundry is NEVER done (diapers in the wash as we speak)
and I am a HORRIBLE blog friend!
I have three of the most beautiful and sweet boys in the world, and a husband that I can't stop staring at while dreaming about our next vacation, and a house that is beautiful and keeps us warm, AND a garden/yard that is a gorgeous pass time (while I walk from the car to the house), and I pray I have my priorities right...

the progression of the cutest smile...i wasn't going to miss it this time!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter...better late than never!

Yup...pulling out the Easter pictures! Life has been BUSY to say the least, but I was able to snap some photos this past Easter Holiday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day filled with reflection, friends, and fun! Logan has really started to talk about and mostly understand (what a 4 year old can understand) what Easter is and means. Even about Jesus dying for us and rising again. He still talks about it to this day. SO awesome...so blessed to have a child so curious and the opportunity to tell my son the Good News:-) Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Logan just looked so old here...wow

My handsome boys:-)

First family Easter...it was fun setting the camera and running to sitting down with baby Everett in my arms! HA!

Laughing yet? yeah...love this photo


I pray they will be the best of buds

Finding eggs! Lots of candy!

Big ol belly!

Run Run!

I hope you all had a great Easter too! I will be catching up with blogging for quite some time coming up, as I will be catching up with all of you! Life WILL get back to normal someday I swear!!