Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another year older and random stuff...

Another year here and gone. I had my 27th birthday yesterday. Do I feel older? A bit. Do I still feel 18 inside? Yes. Is that true for you? It was a nice quiet birthday surrounded by family...even got to celebrate tonight again with my family! I spent the day yesterday with the hubby's family, relaxing and then getting my hair done! It was a birthday gift from the in-laws and was actually quite nice to be pampered and have a subtle change. The hubby said he liked my color when we first got married so we tried to recreate it and I think we got pretty close! Got a nice Sak purse that I won't be converting into a diaper bag, hopefully:-) And a tote to carry around my yarn for crocheting. Logan of course helped open the gifts and enjoyed going through them fast. Thank you dear friends and family for all the calls and birthday wishes!

So here is my new look! It was kinda weird taking a picture of myself in the mirror so I am sorry for the strange expression...didn't know where to look. HA!
I liked this picture taken of Logan and me even though it isn't quite in focus...such a good memory of having to hold my children on top of the one growing inside of me:-)


Self-Discipline...what do you do? So I have been thinking lots lately about having self-discipline or self-control. Especially amidst the hoopla of a new year and new beginnings, this is something on my mind. I am quite tired of the rut and cycle of fixing something in my life and then reverting back to old habits and then fixing it and reverting...endless I swear! The cycles I am talking about is money, food, working out, spiritual growth, etc. So what do you do to help yourself have more self-discipline? How do you purpose to create the routine that helps create good habits and a healthy life?

Here are some pretty pictures to just entertain:-) Downtown city where my parents live one night after my Dad and I went out to beautiful yet cold!

A little preview into my husbands life:

Yeah...good thing I was talking to him when I got these pictures so I knew he was safe, but sometimes it isn't easy seeing what he does. I do try and not think about it, but when I do I fill with pride and worry all at once. Hopefully only about 2 months left!

I swear when I zoom in I can almost see his face through the mask...mustache and all!


Molly said...

Happy Birthday E. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather spend my birthday day with :-) Safe travels back to VA. And I look forward to the day where I can see you on a weekly, ok maybe bi-weekly basis. Kisses and hugs! And Mike, nice work!

Kaylee said...

1. I like your hair!
2. Those are really cool pictures of Mike -it's neat to have a glimpse into what he does!
3. Yes, I still feel SO young. For me, I feel like I am 5 and running around with scabbed knees and dirty dresses :)
4. Happy Birthday a day late!

Casey Martinez said...

I love the chocolate brown color on you Elissa. Very pretty with your eyes! :0. How did you get these pics of Mike? They are awesome!

Yes, I am with you 100% in the discipline thing. I'm trying to be consistent but, it seems the only thing I can count on myself being consistent about is eating something sweet everyday and wanting to veg out and watch a show when Daisy is napping:). Those things are easy...why is it so hard to do what is healthy and spiritually edifying day after day? All I can say is the flesh is a strong thing and we have to combat it forever. Thanks for the nudge...I need to purpose to refocus today!

Sarah Halstead said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love your hair color. Looks Great.

Those photos freaked me out and he isn't even my hubby. So hard for you to think about I am sure.

Sarah Halstead said...

Oh by the way that tree picture is awesome

Faith said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday :) LOVE your white holiday bokeh and the sweet photo of you & Logan :)