Monday, January 17, 2011

Musical Monday

I feel like I am running out of songs but I think it is just my memory being overloaded with so many tasks to get done lately. I just happened to stumble upon this one and it brought such a smile to my face. I know some of you will smile with me and most will roll your eyes. Not sure if there are many Jessica Simpson fans out there, but her song back in 2003 "With You" was a fun one for me while we were engaged. As I listen to it today I realize how much more true the lyrics are! I don't think that I ever felt the Love that I have for Mike and I am very grateful for that. Because I haven't felt that before I was blown away with how wonderful and great it was. I mean, to not have to worry that this person is going to wake up someday and NOT love me...that was and is never a thought that crosses my mind!

As this song shows a love that can let a woman be herself completely, no matter what if she is dolled up or just in her pjs, no matter if she says the smartest things or goofs up (yes I have been known to say things that just don't make sense), and no matter who is around the love radiates and shines through me. Now I just can't wait for him to get home. Even from around the world I still feel beautiful and like a queen, the Lord has blessed me with an incredible man. He has loved me in every way that I ever desired (you know like he put his hands around my waist in 12th grade and just made my insides melt:-). Anyways, I could gush over him all day long, I just can't wait to smile that huge smile with him right beside me!
Above: Our Thanksgiving in 2007...first as a family of 3!

Below: Our first homecoming when Mike was still a Seabee...just getting excited to have the homecoming again:-)



Casey Martinez said...

You two will be together again so soon!

Anonymous said...

i love those photos. :) So cute!

Mike said...

I miss you love, good song. It would be nice to be back in high school, not a care in the world huh? I love you and miss you.