Saturday, January 29, 2011

32 Weeks...boy or girl?

I found this pattern online and I tried my hardest to figure it out on my own. However, it was a bit tricky and I ended up buying the pattern for 4.00 and it is now my favorite! So here I made one little newborn girl hat and a little newborn boy hat. I think they are a little large, but it has been almost 2 years since I had my own newborn in my arms! We shall see I guess. So....which one do you think we will be using in 8 weeks or less?

Some more I came up with. The tan one is also going to be a newborn photo shoot prop and the purple flower hat with flower was sent to friends little girl (for whom I have been desperately trying to make a hat that fits! Hard to size them when they live so far away and are constantly growing!)
(credit for the designs/patterns go to Speckled Frog by speckledfrogcrochet )

Here I am 32.1 wks along! I can't believe that I have hit the 8 month mark, but I can tell you that my body is feeling every day of the 8 months now. I am so sore and have the pregnancy waddle down. It is even getting hard to lift my legs up! HA! You always seem to forget this part of the pregnancy right? The baby had some major hiccups the other night and just wouldn't quite no matter how I moved or pushed on the baby. Therefore, Logan got to feel the baby move so much! It was fun to let him feel it. He definitely has his heart set on the baby being a girl. I told him the names for the baby the other day and he ended up telling his teacher that "there is a baby in mommy's belly and her name is Grace". The teacher was surprised because she knew we weren't finding out....soooo dear Logan there may be a little sweetheart of a princess in mommy's belly or another super hero you will be wrestling with in a few years:-)

I get to have another US on Monday so pray that the gender isn't revealed. We are so close to the end that it would be tragic to find out now. Again, I have this crazy suspicion that the baby is turned funny. I know that we do have several more weeks to determine if it will be head down or not, but I have been getting so much pressure down there and so many kicks in that downward direction that I will be anxious to find out the position in a few days. Not too much longer!!!


ps. I will be sharing the story of Logan's stitches soon...trying to collect all the info and photos for it:-) He is a trooper though!


Molly said...

Those hats are AMAZING! Elissa. You are so talented. I have a gut feeling that you have a little girl cooking inside of you, but you make some amazing boys so that would be just as fun too! There is something about kids intuitions too :-) We shall see in a few months! You look great. I hope you put up some of the ultrasound photos. Maybe some of the kicks you are feeling down there are the arms punching you? :-)

Geek Squad said...

I agree with Molly on all accounts. :) LOVE the hats and kids can be pretty intuitive. So happy for you and your family.

Casey Martinez said...

I agree. The hats are absolutely UH MAZING!!! I really think you need to just keep making them and making them and saving them all and then sell them on etsy!! ;0. GUess what. the purple hat fits!! IT is DARLING and I will not even tell you how wrong I first put it on. there is something off with my logic evidently but, I figured it out and yeah!!! LOVE IT!! You are looking so ready to vote is girl. You are carrying just like I did when I was preggo and your symptoms have been a lot like mine...not to get your hopes up for a girl but, just saying what I'm thinking;0.

Anonymous said...

These are sooo adorable. I just started learning how to crochet. I am no where near able to do a hat yet though. So cute. I think it is going to be a girl.

Annette said...

I just came across your blog from a friend, and I love it. Congratulations on the countdown to your third baby...Oh I miss the days of being pregnant (although mostly the second trimester...the third is always harder...) Good luck with your ultrasound!

Mike said...

Beautiful pictures Love, can't wait to feel the baby move! I love you and miss you