Monday, February 28, 2011

Wanna Play a Game??!??! (my first giveaway!)

Thanks Molly for the clue on how to set up a good guessing game! I got my game set up, please just click on the orange ExpectNet button on the right and it will lead you to a website where you can put in your guess for the third Morris Baby! Some info you might want to know about the past pregnancies/births, etc:

Logan was born 37wks+4days, weighed 6lbs 14 oz, 19in and was born at 7 at night (i think).

Austin was born 40wks +5 days weighed 7lbs 4oz, 20in and was born at 6am.

This baby is due the 25th of March and has measured a few days behind (more towards April) according to the US taken. It supposedly weighed 4.5lbs at 32weeks. But that is always give or take a whole lb. I am hoping to last at least till AFTER Logan's birthday party on the 12th of March. My doctor appointments have been in the beginning of the week (Mon-Wed).

The giveaway part! Who ever ends up being the closest on all counts...gender, birthday, weight/length (the website will calculate it for me) will win one crocheted item that I have done before (just so I know I can do it). I have blankets, cocoons (great photo prop!), hats, headwarmers, etc. And yes, I will do this after the baby comes so we can talk about color and sizes for what you want. You might think I am crazy for wanting to crochet after the baby is born, but life won't be that crazy right:-) HaHA! I can't wait to see all your guesses!!!


So many realizations:

This was taken of me in my homecoming dress for Mike. 35wks 2 days (I am now 36+3).

So now the anticipation and excitement over the return of my Husband and the boys' Dad has come and gone. Don't get me wrong, it is still incredibly exciting and fun to have dad home:-) BUT now my attention is brought to the next big thing happening in our family. Baby #3!!! YIKES! So it has really hit me this past week that our family is about to change drastically. We barely have things ready for this little tyke! No diapers or necessities for a newborn, if I even remember what those are, and the bassinet isn't even put together yet as we have some major room rearranging to do. The idea of not knowing the gender stirs me up sometimes. It is just so crazy not knowing what will be joining your family, or even preparing myself and the boys for what is to come! I pray that the transition is smooth and that there is no disappointment. I do know that it is going to be amazing having that little one brought to my arms and have a flooding of emotions no matter if it is a boy or girl. Now I am getting all warm and fuzzy inside!!

Since Mike has been home I have been able to "breath" again and get SOOO much more help with everything around me. Because of that my body has been able to relax more and realize that I am 9 months pregnant! HA! The aches are more real, the swelling has started and the peeing every hour during the night began last week. I think because this is our last child (yes Mike and I are ready to move on from this stage in life) my body is being mean and giving me horrible acid reflux during the night (I had 4 pillows one night!) and even more stretch marks on my legs...BOOOO!!! Such a small price to pay though for a new little blessing in our lives.

Mike and I sat last night during dinner just laughing and being silly with our boys. What a joy they are, such hilarious yet individual personalities. Can't wait to throw another one into the mix and see the person they will be:-)

I don't have a belly shot for 36wks, but I will work on that today...if you really want to see it. Please pray for me because I have been having this sharp lower right pain in my abd a lot lately, and it even woke me up last night twice, sweating, in bed. I have a doc appointment tomorrow so I will be bringing it up then unless it continues more today. By the way, please give me your vote on when you think the baby will be born, gender, weight, and length! I may decided to do a crochet give away for the person that is the closest...stay tuned!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unveiling a secret Blog:-)

Many of my close friends and family know that I have fallen in love with taking pictures, using a camera to capture moments in life that people can look at and feel like they are right there right then. I have slowly but surely learned my camera and have gotten better, but am in no way a professional, I am still an amateur. I like to draw attention to creative angles and creative shots to perhaps capture something someone didn't see at that moment or realize about that person or landscape. So without further ado- I would like to share a blog that I started almost a year ago (yes I haven't had the confidence to share it yet).

I am currently NOT charging anyone as the people I shoot are mainly friends and family. I am doing this so I can build a portfolio, learn how to photograph with my camera, edit with my programs and create products people enjoy while having my "touch" show through. I just recently did my first Cake Smash and had such a fun time with it. So glad I was able to do that with a good friend and her adorable daughter!

So why am I sharing this? So YOU ALL, you all wonderful photographers out there that I LOVE stalking your photos and interpretations of life, can please critique and help me along! I love getting advice in this area of life because it is something where I can take the advice and try it out for myself and if it works, it stays and if not, then it wasn't for me! Anyways, please be brutally honest and have fun seeing the photos! Thanks for all of you who have let me take your photos and practice on you!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Family is whole again!

What blur these past few days have been! Still so surreal to have Mike home and also surreal to think that he wasn't here for the past 6 months. We are adjusting slowly but surely, soaking up every moment we can. Mike goes back to work tomorrow and we will hopefully establish a routine.

My girlfriend was able to come to the airport when Mike got back and used her amazing skills as a photographer to capture our wonderful and special moments. I have been putting together a slide show of some memories from the past 6 months and the homecoming. Please enjoy the the movie!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Yes...he is home:-)

Yes he is Home
Yes I cried
Yes we are complete again
Yes I made a dinner that everyone ate because he was home
Yes I have made out several times
Yes the boys have wrestled themselves tired
Yes I never want to let him go again...

Yes I have some AMAZING pictures to show you...we are quite busy and distracted, so I am going to get a slide show up soon! Stay tuned! Thanks again you wonderful people for all your love and support!

The Embrace


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rumors are true:

Yes, the rumors are true. As we speak my sexy sailor is on his way home. They were able to pull him out a tad early (probably only 1-2 weeks before the rest of the guys) so he was sure to get home before the baby comes (as I am going to be 9 months this next week). I excited? YESSSSSS!!! Does this feel real? NO, not at all. I sit here in a clean house, although my to-do list was cut short due to his early arrival, yet it is still clean. Why must I clean? I guess it is my way of nesting for my husband. To prepare my mind that he is coming home. So when he is here, I can just sit and be with him and not worry about needing to dust or vacuum. I may over-do it, but that is just my personality.

So, I have this clean house while my mind races with thoughts of excitement, nervousness, and passion. I am stoked for my boys to see their Dad again. I haven't exactly told them what is going on, but I think Logan kinda knows. I don't want to tell Logan and then have the plane get delayed or something else happen. I plan on telling him right before we leave for the airport:-) I know that getting Logan excited is going to hype up Austin, which I can't wait to see.

I am actually nervous to see my husband! I mean, I haven't exactly LOST weight or been able to work on my appearance. Plus when I go to hug him, I won't be able to get "close" to him because of this large belly. It is kinda disappointing for that fact, but we are obviously grateful for this third blessing. Sometimes it catches me off guard, "I have a husband??!?! A lover??!?! A best friend?!?!?!" I mean, I get to kiss someone that I haven't in 6 months! EEEKKK!

So, by the time most of you read this post, I may have already gotten him, or I may not...only time will tell. Don't worry, I should have a friend there taking photos and I will post a blog soon after he gets home.

By the way, I have realized this deployment that the sacrifice ISNT only done by the immediate family of the service member. As I went MN to visit family and had emergencies here at home, I quickly realized how much my friends and family also have to sacrifice and step up. The Grandparents babysat more, my sisters were second moms, and even my college age brother stepped up! I am completely honest when I say that this deployment could NOT have been done with out my family picking up Austin one more time, helping Logan get dressed again, or for the encouragement and girl time from my AWESOME friends. The Lord has blessed me beyond all that I could imagine and for that I am so grateful. So if you read this blog, then thank you for doing what you have done for me. God Bless you!!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Austin is 2!


Can you believe that it has been two years already? This little man has been such a pleasure yet challenge for us. A fussy baby has turned into a darling and hilarious personality. He has always loved his older brother and it shows more and more every day. He still loves to cuddle and his sweet chubby face is still soft to kiss. But he grew up so fast! It seemed in a short period of months he started talking and acting like a big boy. Dressing and undressing, more coordinated with his hands, and expressing feelings more.

It just baffles me how well he can talk. I remember with Logan I was so scared that he wasn't going to talk, so with Austin I worried maybe once (yes mike, only once) and when Austin started he didn't stop! Two to Three word sentences, singing songs (HILARIOUS!) and having conversations with Logan. Guess it helps to have an older brother who likes to make you repeat everything he says!

Soon he will be a big brother and have a little one to love and care for the way Logan does. I know Logan is being a good example of how to do that and Austin is going to love and enjoy this new little one. There are hardships to being a middle child, but I pray that we are a family of exceptions and aren't the norm. That he always feels loved and attention is given. My family did a great job with me growing up, so I hope that I can do the same for our now 2 year old AND middle child.

We are having a low-key birthday today as we are busy getting ready for a homecoming. However, Logan had a pretty low-key 2 year birthday too. They don't remember much at this age! Austin is enjoying singing "Happy -to you" as he says it, and I know the "baboons" are a hit. I will get pics of the cake eating and present opening today! Thank you Jesus for this precious boy and please help me to be the mom that he needs me to be!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting is my Therapy

I really don't know what I would if I didn't have a project or something to accomplish every week (besides the normal household chores which I end up doing over and over again:-). I got a headwarmer for Christmas and thought I could make up my own pattern to create some for friends. It wasn't too hard to do and I enjoyed seeing the outcome, especially the flowers -those I did follow patterns for. Where do I find the time to do this you ask? Well, each headwarmer took me about 3-4 days to finish. In reality if I was able to do is all at once would take me 2 hoursish, but I took my time and did it while I relaxed and settled down at night. Definitely my therapy!

The felt flower wreath was kinda two ideas into one. I saw the felt flowers in a magazine but they put it into garland, and I wanted something that I could put outside for a spring wreath. So here ya go! This also took several weeks to finish. Felt is very cheap and this was pretty simple! Just cut out circles and sew them together in the middle and waalahh! I would say this decoration cost me about 10 dollars or less. One of my favorites!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Could it really be happening?

Has it really been almost 6 months? Have we really gotten past Holidays, Birthdays, weekends, etc? It is amazing how certain nights or days just drag on and I just go through the motions, and other weeks seem to fly by!

I am so excited to see my family whole again, to see the boys laugh and smile in ways that haven't been heard or barely remembered. I can't wait to feel those strong arms around my waist and brush them off me while I am cooking dinner (just kidding:-). I can't wait for 3 or 5 o-clock to roll around and have some excitement about my husband coming home from work instead of sorrow knowing I have to face the evening myself.

There is lots to do! Now we do still have plenty of time, still counting weeks and not just days, but so much to do! Making the lists and crossing things off (even the smallest things). Gotta make my welcome home sign/banner and think about outfits for the boys. I already got my homecoming dress...nothing like a 9 month pregnant momma welcoming home a sexy sailor! HEHEHE. Anyways, just loving those thoughts of hope and anticipation on my mind and thought I would share them with you all!

Took these photos of the boys the other day and just love how wonderful they look, so soft yet so manly, such "out there/spacey" expressions, but so young and fresh. Love these two young "mikes" that keep me smiling!


Musical Monday Valentine's Day

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything all week! It's not like we have been SUPER busy, there haven't been any sicknesses, and I have plenty of photos to share! Guess the week just got by me faster that I thought!

I came up with the idea for this Musical Monday months ago and it was pretty hard to not share the idea with Mike! I created this slideshow with many great OLD photos. Before the baby weight, and years of worry. (yes I once was skinny). I scanned in most of them because they were from before we had a good digital camera (10 years ago) or a computer to upload them (so they were printed). There are lots of red eye and blurry photos, but it was fun to see a bunch from before we were married and the early years. Don't get me wrong, I had a hard time choosing which photos to add and share, but I decided to leave the kiddos out mostly (then it would have been a 20 min video and not 5 min:-). They are featured, but not the focus. My first and true Love is the focus:-)

Anyways, here you go my husband, a reminder of where we started, the fun that we have had AND the fun that we will have. The first song is a remake, but I love the artist Jimmy Needham, and the second song is one that has already been featured on Musical Monday. Happy Valentine's Day my love, I hope your day has been and is a wonderful day full of love:-)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Musical Monday

I am sure you are wondering how many more of these Musical Monday's there will be, and I can assure you there are less than a handful...really less than a handful:-) As the deployment is winding down we look back on what God has taught us through this time. The ups and downs, the joys and hurts, the dry spells and consuming fires. I feel very blessed to have a husband, so strong and so amazing, and sooo in love with God. He holds me accountable and I try and do the same for him. So here is my prayer

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the past 6 months, for keeping us all safe and alive. I pray that we are able to see your will done and your work done throughout the days that have passed. That as the decisions made, done and gone, that they were of you and bring you Glory. Jesus, be with our family as we get ready to reunite and come together again. That the transition is easy and fun. Thank you again Mighty God, for all the blessings you have given us, in your Son's Name.

The song is From the Inside Out


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Austin's boy haircut

It took about a year for Austin to actually grow more than fuzz and it slowly came in blond, fine and thin. I have enjoyed having a longer haired boy because Logan's hair is just like his Daddys...thick and uncontrollable. Austin has had about 2 little trims in the past 2 months or so just to keep it from looking like a mullet, however, two people in the past week have asked if he was a boy. Or made sure he wasn't a girl-one time he was even wearing a "Big Brother" shirt. Seriously people? Anyways, Mike and I decided it was time to cut it shorter. I LOVE the little boy haircut also so it wasn't too sad for me. I decided to try it myself first knowing we could always get it fixed. I just didn't want to spend 20 bucks on a few snips!

Here are some shots of Austin's crazy hair at times. It just adds to his personality during the day:-)

Here is Austin before the haircut (let him watch SuperWhy to keep him still). This is actually a good hair day for him!!
Drum roll please...........

My little man:

I know most of you probably don't think it is a big change, and it really isn't, but it is a start! He looks so grown up and manly now. Goes with his thinning face, changing from babyhood to toddlerhood. Love my little man Austin!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Faces and Good Food!

The other night my boys were feeling pretty crummy and one was still napping at dinnertime while the other went to bed for the night at 5. I don't think that I have had an "evening" or part of an evening to myself in several months! So what did I do? I made a DELICIOUS meal from scratch. Something I have done a handful of times since Mike left, whereas before it would be mostly every night (because I wasn't the only one eating it:-).

It was sooo good and so fun to cook something up again. I made Sage and Apple Pork Chops. Super easy and super good! Just wanted to share the meal with ya'll. I am so excited to cook again (for real:-)

Now the fun stuff!! On Monday I had a growth scan for the little babe in the belly. It was super quick and everything looks good! They said the baby weighed 4lbs 7oz but I know that is give or take 1 whole lb. I think the US tech messed up with saying the gender even though she knew we didn't want to find out. So I called her out on it and she said she didn't even look, but always refers to the baby as that gender. Who knows right? Maybe she is telling the truth, maybe not. But no matter what it still will be a surprise and the boy/girl will be perfect for our family!

Pretty good profile shot with the hand above the wonder I feel all these punches down there...OOOOHHH yeah...the head is down so my feelings of a breach baby was wrong!!

This is looking up the nose at the bottom part of the face.

Front face view...straight on. I thought this one was so cool because you can literally see the eyeball! So crazy!! The baby definitely looks like a Morris baby! Round chin and round face:-) I only have 7 more weeks left!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Park Fun

Thank you all for the sweet comments about Logan's head...he is doing much better but VERY weary of anyone getting at all close to his bandaid. Yeah, this will be interesting taking the stitches out. Because of being an RN I know how, but I kinda don't want to do it all myself...soooo to the doctors we go on Thursday.
Yeah for being almost home too! It is February and time will hopefully fly! I am starting to make lists of things needing to get done AND lists of things we need to get out for the baby. One of the sweet comments left on the last post was from my girlfriend Kaylee...she is also a military wife and has an amazing story! Her trials, joyful attitude, and perserverance motivate me every day. Her hubby is about to come home from a year long tour so I am sure 6 months would have been a breeze to her. Check out her fun blog!


The other day was fairly warm and I was dying to get outside. So we went to the park where Logan will have his 4th Birthday Party in about 1.5 months. The boys played and found sticks, and they also "kicked" me down while swinging. I always imagine what it must look like to see a very pregnant woman running and playing with little kids...haha!

Used the self timer to get a picture!

Austin taking a walk

The boys

The hat I made for Austin

Speckled Frog by speckledfrogcrochet