Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it! I think it was another record breaking (time-wise) trip with my Dad. The boys did great except for the usual moments or hour of whining, but I am very proud of their traveling skills. They are getting to be pros at long distance car traveling! We have also mastered the quick stops and choosing foods that are easy for them to snack on without creating huge messes. I think they enjoyed the hotel stops as much as the beds enjoyed being jumped on. Austin is such a sneaker-kid that we almost lost him once or twice! He knows how to open the hotel doors and hide in the closets. The hiding was pretty entertaining, but not finding him in the hallway of the hotel:-(

Our house is doing well, just heating itself up and getting used to all the toys unloaded from the boys. It will be a mess for a few days and I have to be ok with that. I was kinda dreading coming home because I am going to be by myself again and the month of Jan can be very long! Especially when waiting for a certain loved one to come home. But now that I am here and I see all the projects I get to do in order to "nest" for the hubby to come home and the new baby I am thinking January and Feb aren't long enough! HA! Unfortunately, I think most of the flowers in our garden are dead after the snow and cold temperatures VA has had, but we will learn for next year right? Excited to have the garden this year in the spring so we can enjoy it all spring and summer. Here are a few pictures for your entertainment:

ps: there might be a blog makeover coming up so stayed tuned for some updates to the layout and design! So excited!

Here is Austin popping out of the closet at the hotel and laughing while making these strange hand cute:-) Then he got his fingers stuck in the door and was done.

Here we start the unpacking...actually that is what I should be doing instead of blogging, but I needed a break.

Logan eating a much needed snack from our bare pantry (hence the boring soda crackers) while I see the mess of toys behind him. I better start organizing! (and yes he is in his Bumblebee Transformer costume. I didn't realize how much boys like to dress up too!)


Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it home safely. :)

Mike said...

Austin is going to be a riot when I get home! I am so looking forward to throwing those boys in the air and wrestling and chasing and running.... I love you and miss you! Happy Monday!

The Kincaid Family said...

I took Brayden to the store in his Thomas the Train costume on Saturday, only after I convinced him to try that one instead of wearing his pumpkin costume all cute how they like to dress up! He loves to wear aprons when he helps me in the kitchen too! So glad you made it home safely! Looking forward to catching up this week!

Casey Martinez said...

welcome home friend! Glad you are safe and sound in your own relaxing place and I definitely want to come visit you to help the time pass a little bit faster. let's pick a weekend in Feb. that works for you if you are up for company that is;). I think you need lots of breaks. Unpacking can wait. It took me a week to unpack..with the hubs help:) Take care of you and baby missy! Love how much Austin developed and grew on your trip!! Can'[t wait to see them in person!