Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 years earlier...

Before I let out all the details of the 4th best day of my life, I would like to bring us back about...oh lets say...exactly 4 years ago. March 23rd, 2007 is when the second love of my life took my life by storm. big boy, turned 4 last Wednesday! I can't believe that he is four years old and that hits me every time he slows down to talk with me and I just stare into that face. I stare into those big blue eyes and try and grab that glimpse of the baby he was and the man he will be. What a blessing he is to me, and I pray that I can be a blessing of a Mother to him as he continues to get older.

Logan is still on the bigger side of his age, weighing about 45lbs and well over 40inches (haven't measured that one in a while). It will be interesting getting him his summer clothes as now we can shop in the little boy section of the stores instead of the toddler area. As much as it is nice to have an older child, there are sooo many new challenges on our plates. Like teaching and showing respect, social appropriateness, loving his little brotherS, and responsibility in chores. On the other hand there is getting self dressed (including jackets, shoes-on the right feet, etc), wiping own bum, buckling and unbuckling himself from the car seat, and many more. You don't think that would be hard, but we adults see them as common sense and basic abilities, but to a 4 year old...all new territory.

Because of all the excitement this year around his actual birthday date, we had a delayed family party for him. Good thing I had his actual party a few weeks ago! He was able to share cupcakes with his classmates on Wednesday, but waited somewhat patiently for mom to come home with Everett for his cake and present opening. It was simple and good family time. Last birthday-day to himself!

Yum yum Chocolate Cake...nothing like last years frosting Monster Truck

Look at him...what a boy, what a wonderful little boy.

Singing Happy Birthday

Not too much spit on the cake when he blew out the candles

Opening presents...yes I know he looks naked, but he likes to just wear his undies

Not sure what was up with the flash here, but it was fun to see Austin's reactions to the presents...still has some chocolate cake around his mouth

My little man...the new 4 year old

Momma gets to clean up:-)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Prince Charming has arrived:-)

That is right every one! We are happy and excited to announce the birth of our third and wonderful BOY: Everett Michael was born on Wednesday the 23rd at 8pm. He weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 21 1/4 inches long. It was a quick labor which I do plan on sharing the "fun" details of that in another post. I just wanted to get the info out and some photos! We are looking forward to the busy life, action packed house, brotherhood and bonding, loving mommy, and heart breakers these boys will be. We couldn't feel more complete and in love with our little Everett. In fact I think Logan is more smitten with him than any of us. Especially since they do now share a birthday...crazy huh?

TOP: peacefully asleep
BOTTOM: biiiiiig Yawn:)

What he does best right now:-)


Friday, March 18, 2011

Momma In Focus Friday!

Today was an unbelievably gorgeous day...yes shorts and sleeveless shirt kind of day. We went to the park at the beach and I had fun with my camera!

Austin is just melting my heart lately. Last night after trying to put him back into bed about 10 times, I told Mike that he was being "too cute" for me and I needed him to do it. I just couldn't keep a straight face and be a tough mom! I just wanted to cuddle with him, kiss him and lay with him. (I did multiple times too). I love this kids personality. So carefree and all boy.

Logan is mastering so many new skills and LOVES the encouragement and praise from doing them. He sometimes goes into these question rants where it is just one question after the other, after the opening Pandora's Box...oh the things that he asks:-)
Trying to get a picture...thanks to Mike!
A Momma and her boys!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painted Toes-ready

39 weeks...that is what I will be tomorrow. Good and ready to have this little one out and in my arms! It is gotten stronger and stronger in it's movements over the past week and actually is starting to hurt when the bum comes out one side and the leg stretches itself out the other:-) Something I will miss for sure, but do admit it hurts! Had a doc appointment on Wednesday and after I told her about the false labor she checked me and said I was 3-4 cm and 50% effaced, very soft. She said she thought I would go in the next few days and I wouldn't see her next week...what excitement for me! Then she stripped my membranes (sorry if TMI) and caused some major cramping and other stuff yesterday, but unfortunately did not put me in to any labor. I remember with Austin I was so disappointed when I didn't go early like I did with Logan. I was so crabby and upset, I even went running at 40 weeks to try and get him to come out! HA! I do have to say my attitude is much better this time around and time has flown up till now!

(no Mike did not paint his own fingernail...a pelican case-very heavy duty case, fell on his finger and bruised it)

We do have most things ready now, bags packed for me and the boys, diapers ready, bed set up, and even my toe nails are painted and beautiful! Yes, I made the hubs paint my toe-nails. He picked out the color and took the time to do a very good job! What a sweet man:-) When I had my false labor on Tuesday, it did hit me that I may not be as ready in other ways. I mean...this sweet bum that sticks out half my belly...soon I will be changing it and wiping it every 2 hours! The little hands that punch, will soon by folded in a burrito swaddle. And that sweet face that I can't WAIT to see will be zonked out after a satisfying nursing session. Another little one to raise, guide and love with all our hearts. To just watch in awe of how cute and perfect they I ready for this flood of emotions? For my heart to be stretched yet again and overfilled with love, care and concern? aaaahhhhh yes...I sure am:-) Now I just need the patience to wait for this little babe to come on out!

Again, if you want to guess the gender, weight, date, etc...go HERE and put in your vote! Who ever is closest with all the stats will win a crocheted item from me:-) Just to let you all know, the doc says I am 3-4cm and good to go any day now...but I do feel like I will go over my due date. We shall see!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which one do you like?

There are some GORGEOUS trees around here blooming these awesome pink/white flowers. I don't think they are cherry blossoms because they are huge, but I sure had fun with my Macro! Here are some shots I got and played with the editing...which one do you like?

May favs are the top left and bottom left.

These are just so SOOC macro shots of the inside of the blooming flowers...perhaps some editing tips?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Logan's Transformation/Super Hero Birthday Party!

Little did I know how much my "baby" would love Super Heros, Action figures and Transformers. It is quite hilarious to watch him be a boy sometimes...just today I saw him "hunting" around the house with one eye shut holding his gun and bending his knees. THEN I saw Austin copy much fun:-)

We decided to do a Birthday Party for Logan this year since he hasn't had one yet (just a large family one when he turned one). When asked about a theme for his party he couldn't decided between Transformers or Super Heros. Since he is always dressing up in his costumes, I thought it would be fun for the other kids to dress up too. I refused to have it at my house with kids of this age, plus our house just isn't big enough for 15 kids plus parents. We found a great park where the playground wasn't too scary for little kids, but large enough to run around on it and not get bored. The day couldn't have been more beautiful for us, 65 and sunny:-)

I wanted a low-key party with very little games or stress. The kids played for the majority of the two hours, with a pinata, cake, and presents squeezed in the middle. Logan had a blast having "all his friends" to play with:-)

Here is the invitation Mike and I created. Mike is very creative when it comes to wording and sayings.

The simple decorations set up at our park shelter, and the boys playing.

The Transformer cake. I wanted something written on it so I did it myself. I think it ruined it, but I love what it says (again Mike came up with it)


Family photo...I couldn't help but laugh at what Logan did by resting on my belly...HAHA! 38weeks!!

More playing and the pinata ...all the kids got a turn and then Logan pulled the strings and all the candy fell out!
I can't help it, but I think Austin is the cutest Buzz Lightyear there is! He kept his hat part of the costume on for the better part of it and looked so cute running around the playground:-)

I love my boys!

PS...update on Baby #3...totally had false labor yesterday and today. Last night I started having contractions and I was just feeling uncomfortable. I went to bed thinking either this will wake me up through the night or just go away. I was able to sleep through the night just fine, but as soon as I woke up I was doubled over in cramp/back pain and contractions. I even had some other symptoms, but not sure you would want that much information:-) All I wanted to do was lay back in bed, so I called Mike and told him to come home from work. I thought to myself, if this is it, then I better get ready! So I crawled in the shower and started to get ready while Mike got the boys ready. I figured with this being my third, the labor would go fairly quickly. While I was in the shower the contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes. After I got out and got dressed, things started to calm down and the cramping faded. About two hours after that the contractions were irregular and more than 10 minutes apart. SO FRUSTRATING! I didn't have false labor with either of the boys and didn't go "naturally" with them...both of them were from membrane stripping so I expected labor. We went for a walk today and I had more contractions, but they aren't going anywhere. sssiiigggghhhhhh. I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see what they say!

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Soccer Game

This past Saturday, a beautiful God given day, was Logan's first Soccer game. I unfortunately did not attend as I was getting ready for his Birthday party (pictures to come) and making sure Austin napped. However, Mike did a great job capturing those first moments! Not much to report on, I think the game went a little hour...even though there were many breaks. But still, one hour is quite a long time for kids at that age to do that. He supposedly scored twice...YEAH!! But he did end up crying toward the end of the game. Not sure what started it, either a collision with another kid, or just being overwhelmed with the situation. We shall see how the next game goes next saturday! Here are a few shots of Logan in action:-)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Momma in Focus Friday!

one day at a time

One of my good friends started up a link called Momma in Focus for every Friday! In this link up you momma's get in the photos WITH your kids! Not just be behind the camera:-) I think this will be a fun link up as it will create many photos of me and my kids...something I definitely don't have much of. Thanks Casey!! Check out her sweet blog HERE and link up!

Stick out your tongue!
Funny Faces!
Poke your sibling:-)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saving Money in Poopy Places

So as you all know, Mike was on deployment for 6 months and during that time (as most military couples do) we decided to save money! I mean, we would be getting extra money for the separations and with it just being me and the boys, we don't need to spend the same amount as when it is all of us together....right? Well, a little more than half way into the deployment, we re-evaluated our finances and budget. Me being very transparent here...we realized we weren't saving much money at all. I felt and still feel really guilty about the whole situation and we can give excuse after excuse about why money was spent here and there. In the end, we knew we needed to change our spending habits.

Just so you newly marrieds or even long-time marrieds know...I feel like finances are a tough cycle. Over the past seven years of marriage we have saved, then spent, then re-budgeted, saved, then spent, then re-budgeted, etc. And God has been more than faithful to us! We have seen Him give us money when we needed it most and we have seen Him strain us when we needed to be pulled back into submission. Anyways, finances are a horrible thing, and I don't think we will ever EVER get it right.

Since this last time was such a wake-up call for me personally, I started to find ways to save money. One of my vows, was to NOT use a credit card for six months. (Either you are saying to yourself...I never use mine, or I always use mine...what is she thinking!). What would end up happening is I wouldn't keep track of how much money was in our account so I would use a credit card just in case we didn't have enough in our checking. Basically the WRONG way for us to budget our money. I am VERY VERY proud to say that since that decision I have NOT used a credit card! (2.5 months) That means I have adjusted where money is spent, when and feels sooo good! We have still saved:-) It is also crazy to think of the money spent that didn't need to be. Ok...this is a MAJOR tangent so I am getting back on track here.

One of the ways I discovered that could save us much money on our tight budget was....yes...switching to cloth diapers. AAAHHHHH! I know some of you do cloth diapers and love it and some of you may never consider the idea. Well, I was one that just never really thought anything of it! I never knew anyone who did it and really thought it old fashioned. I have met several people as I have more kids that do cloth diapers and after MUCH discussion (thanks Kaylee and Lindsey!) and MUCH research (thanks to Mike for those late night debates) we did a comparison chart for just the first six months; as far as cost goes. It was so undeniably cheaper to do cloth diapers that we are jumping right in, even with Austin. I have to admit that part of me was a tad disapointed and nervous when we realized the cost difference because now I am committing to something that isn't too convenient, very messy at times, and some what time consuming.

I do like the fact that it helps the environment and it is more gentle on my kids sensitive skin, but about 90% of the reason we are switching to cloth is the cost factor.

So we got our first AIO (All In Ones) the other day which are going to be used for Austin now and the new baby once it gets older. For the third baby as a newborn and the first several months we are going to do pre-folds with covers. Those basically look like these AIO's but inside the pre-folds (cloth) is laid out and changed with every diaper change but the cover doesn't have to be. Very convenient for newborns since they pee and poo so much. Plus with this babe, the poos shouldn't be that bad for the first several months since it will be breastmilk poos. I had my first day with Austin in the cloth diapers and so far no leaks and even the poopy diaper I changed wasn't that bad at all! Now ask me in several weeks when I have two kids in cloth diapers...hahah! Mike and I both know that if this just doesn't work for us (since we are an out and about family) we can resell the diapers and get pretty much all our money back. Disposables are still in our future, but definitely used less! Well, that was a LONG post...sorry, just wanted to give a background for our new decision and our fun new adventure!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Afraid to Pray...

This is very hard for me to admit, but yes, I have been afraid to pray lately. I know God's strength is mighty, His will is overpowering, yet his hands so loving, never going to forsake me. Still, I am nervous to pray...

You see, Mike and I have some MAJOR major decisions to be made in the next several months. Mostly about his military career, moving, working, etc. I am going to be very vague about the details of our lives because one: I need to bring it to God and not only seek advice from those around me, and two: it is SUCH a long story with so many possible endings. I am a very practical girl who is forced to live a flexible and constantly changing life. I like to have some control just to be able to at least feel the ground beneath my feet, but lately these days, God is carrying me. I am, and I HAVE to give it all to the Lord because Mike and my desire is to live a life for His glory only. Therefore, I can't have any control over this!

Kinda makes me think about this little one inside me...I hope and dream of what a family with 3 boys would be like, and I hope and dream of what a family with a little princess would be like...however I do not have control over it! I never did! And if we found out at 20 wks compared to waiting till the baby is born what the gender still wouldn't change. God has things planned way in advance. Sure some of you would say...but then you could plan and prepare...just as I would say to Mike about our future decisions. But wouldn't that be trying to have control? Wouldn't that be making and preparing my own plans, rather than relying on the Lord for my next step? I pray that I am not overlooking our responsibilities as parents and adults by not preparing to a "T", but that God will see us trusting in Him to plan our course...

...guess I should get praying huh?

In other news: we now own some very cool bunkbeds! Yes, it has taken the 2.5 weeks of having them for me to get used the idea of little Austin climbing the ladder and the awful thoughts that weigh down my mind of "what ifs". Actually I am still NOT used to that idea...but the boys have been respecting the furniture very well and we have had very little injury.

This is also Austin's first big boy bed. Went straight from a crib to the bottom bunk and after a few...actually a week or more of rough nights of him getting out of bed, he now understands what to do! Such a difference from Logan. When Logan went into a toddler bed, he NEVER got out of bed unless we went in there to get him the mornings he would still yell for us from his bed until we went and got him! HA!

It is fun I tell ya, to have boys. To see their imaginations and hear these two little guys become best friends.