Monday, January 3, 2011

Musical Monday- Anniversary Edition

When I first started this Musical Monday I thought about when I would be able to post this song and decided on/or around our anniversary. Seven years ago yesterday we wed in the same church I was able to go to for Sunday Church. There have been some years where we have made it a big deal and other years just another day but with a sparkle in our eyes. Most years we have spent it on the road driving back from Christmas vacation to our designated home.

What a fun day our wedding are some high lights that I can remember now:-)

-it was unusually warm and sunny that least 30
-I absolutely loved my hair...there was a ribbon tied through it with neat curls
-we waited until I walked down the isle to see each other for the day...that would be 6pm!
-I could barely eat once we got to the church, but I know I needed to so I ate an apple
-I wasn't nervous, but so excited and very at peace
-my mom saw my second tattoo for the first time when putting on the dress...haha! It was of Mike's initials...good thing she saw it on our wedding day!
-we got to ride in a vintage (well 80's) limo driven by one of Mike's neighbor to the reception...we got no privacy and it was pretty funny
-I didn't get to eat anything at the reception, or let me put it this way, it wasn't a priority for me. We only had appetizers and desserts due to the late reception, but I wasn't even slightly concerned about food!
-I was in a dream world....I was all about my new husband and I could kiss him all I wanted and not get looks of disgust or "they shouldn't be doing that!". He was now my HUSBAND!
-It was fun to walk into a hotel in a wedding dress

Our first song we danced to as a married couple was Dedicated to You by Coltrane. Mike picked this song for us during his first deployment to Iraq. To this day I still sit and dream of our romance and dancing with him when I hear this song. I don't think he could have picked a more perfect song for us. Our marriage isn't a perfect marriage and to some would seem old fashioned, but I love our life together, I love the way my husband treats me and wouldn't have it any other way. Yes the deployments and separations have been hard and trying on our marriage, but they have also strengthened it in ways that wouldn't have been otherwise. This deployment has grown us together more than anything in the past 7 years and for that I am grateful for this time apart. I love you dear husband and can't wait to celebrate 8 years together next year (hopefully together) and many more January 2nds:-)

Here are some wedding photos taken by family members...I will have to put up some of the professional ones another time. 7 years ago they, or at least our photographer, didn't put our proofs on a CD.


Mike said...

What a song. What emotion it still inspires. I miss you so much Elissa and I would give anything to hold you in my arms, dancing into the night again. I look forward to the day when I don't have to leave anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Happy Anniversary!

Casey Martinez said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!! SEven years is a long time and you guys are rocking it! Elissa, you were such a gorgeous bride.