Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do they make these?!??!?

Doing my grocery shopping I stumbled upon these DELICIOUS treats...why oh why do they make such amazing candies?

hhhmmmmm....I only had the portioned amount which was 6 and not too many calories. They are pretty rich so it wasn't hard to hold off on them till tomorrow:-)
Yes, Logan did get his hands on a few:-)



Emily said...

If we were not presently getting 12 inches of snow, I would so pull a pregnancy craving card and have hubby run out and get me these!!

The Stachurskis said...

I love it! And those look incredible! I'm glad I haven't seen them around here or I'd have to buy a few bags! :)

Casey Martinez said...

great, now I want chocolate!! Thanks Elissa;0. Those look so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

These look yummy!! Now I want some.

Molly said...

Can you pass me one through skype please?!?!? I wouldn't have enough self control to stop eating those.