Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Having a hard time..."

So Logan wanted to talk to Daddy on the computer like I do...with it resting on his lap. So we set him up and the first thing he said was

"I'm having a hard time Dad" in the most serious and sad voice

"I'm having a hard time in Ms Jessicas class, I just wanted mommy" I immediately turn my head and I am like...what??

(pause from Logan)

"Maddelyn likes me Dad"...oh my good ness, could this really be coming out of my almost 4 year old?

Well, the conversation went on and really didn't make sense, but that hilarious:-)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too funny! So cute!

Big Fat Mama said...

That is so cute!

Mike said...

He is a hilarious kid! I miss him like crazy.

Casey Martinez said...

just makes me realize how old your Logan is getting. He is growing up fast and becoming aware of way more than he can even express. That is too funny! Love the cover of the laptop!