Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life as a Diet

I figured out a good way to put my feelings tonight. I feel like my life is a bad diet. HA...sounds awful right? Well, there are always things I want to start...tomorrow, or on Monday. So it inevitably, it gets put on hold. Then I try a new schedule, routine, choosing to be joyful no matter what mood and it only lasts two and half days. Or, it literally is about food. I try and eat healthy...don't buy snacks and stick to the non-processed foods. Then I buy a three musketeer bar and eat only a bite because I feel guilty. Leave it in the car cuz I don't want Mike to see it, and then find a chocolate mess all over Austin because HE DID find it and he doesn't have to worry about calories. I have a love-hate relationship with new routines...I know they are good for me, and probably would make my life I set up a great new routine. Takes about 2 hours to get it all written out and less than 3 days to realize I can't commit. Or I can commit, but the rest of life takes over.

I guess I have to realize that there are many things that I want to get done right now, but just can't. I can't have a clean floor for 5 minutes because I have a kid who crushes up goldfish crackers and spits them through a straw on the floor, and 2 dogs who are loosing their hair. I can't eat a hot meal because I have to get milk for Logan and as soon as I sit down I have to get water for Austin...oh...then Everett wants to eat. I won't get a shower every day because I would rather TRY and cook that home-made bread that never turns out, or edit those 10 pictures. I won't get to finish that craft or do the laundry at night because I would rather watch a Numbers with the Husband and cuddle some before bed. So many boxes that I want to fill: decorated and matching house, fit body, disciplined children, happy hubby, FILLED SPIRIT, working budget, etc...HOWEVER: not all have to be filled at this point in life. My bad diet will just stay bad, and I will have to learn to live life every day. Take the next step and make the best and right choice.

Guess my next best and right choice would be to go and apologize to the hubs for being crabby tonight. Thanks for letting me vent blogworld.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting a grip

It has been a while...lets say over a year, since I have felt I have had a grip on things. My house, my mothering, my walk with the Lord, and being a wife. Not sure what it is today because usually the rainy days turns me sour the minute I wake up, but I am feeling on top today. Very happy about that.

Life in the Morris household continues with little boys growing up and babies getting bigger. Mike's job situation remains the same...unknown:-) I am hoping in the next month or two we will have a more clear plan. I have "started" my photography business and am very excited about it. My portfolio is fairly complete for now and am starting to charge people. Who knew that I would be doing this someday? I guess it is a good way to bring in a little extra money for the house and I get to be artistic. Something I miss terribly! Mike and I have been budgeting tightly lately, which has made us realize going home to MN really isn't in the picture for Christmas time. We are sad about that, but also excited because our boys are so much older that they will be totally into it. Very excited to explain the Christmas story again to Logan because I am sure he will understand it all the more this year. Oh man...the questions he asks...

"What is inside a tree?"
"What is inside teeth"
"Why do we want to go to heaven?

oh and then he says one night in his bed..."mom, I am afraid of the skeleton inside my body". HA!!

Austin has his own funny things....he points with all of his fingers, makes the funniest confused faces, is starting to potty train a lot more...been dry for about 3 days...except for about 2 accidents. And I love how he says Chick Fil A...."Chik-A-Fil-A"

Anyways, that is quite the tangent. Basically, we are chugging along...things coming up this month: Running a 10K, mike continues training, visit from Papa, more photography and school for the boys!

OH...I have a 6 MONTH OLD!! Here is the little guy in action learning to sit up. A few facts about the little guy:

He has brown eyes still...getting more and more brown every day. Mike is in denial. I think they are beautiful

He has almost mastered sitting up, but I still put pillows next to him so he doesn't bonk his head.

He had croup this past week...awful sounding, got some medication for it and learned he weighs a whopping 18 POUNDS! YIKES! His six month check up is this wednesday.

Still wakes up 2-3 times a night for a feeding and it is hit or miss if he wants to sleep past 5 or not.

Takes about 3 naps a day...two short and one long one.

Eats 3 meals a day usually...rice cereal for breakfast, a small fruit for lunch and a small veggie for dinner.

Has started this funny thing with his lips, he sucks in the top lip and then spits with his lips and toungue...tonight when he was done nursing before bed, he looks at me, sucks in his lip, then spits milk all over my face...couldn't help but laugh at him.

He is in 9 month size clothing, and almost 12 month size pants with his cloth diapers. Which, by the way, have become second nature to us...very glad for that.

Logan still LOVES to play with him, although he has become more rough with him lately. Just today Everett was on his belly and with his cloth diapers his bum is pretty padded. So we found Logan squatting and bouncing on Everett's bum. Seriously kid?

Everett must know he is our last because he is such a cuddle bug. After every time he nurses he just lays his head on my shoulder while I pat his back or rub it. It melts my heart every time! Just the other day he fell asleep on my shoulder! He can be so lovely and smiley at just makes me so happy:-)

I will have his 6 month photos coming up soon!!

Beautiful boy...I know I am partial though

I tied some strings for Logan and he hung his super heros on fun for a little boy with a growing imagination.

Woody hanging on for dear life!

Getting down and in Everett's face...but making him laugh!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Against the Flesh

I have been reading the book "The Power of a Praying Parent" and have only got in the first several chapters. I already feel like I have been missing out on a wonderful part of parenting...praying! Definitely recommend this book because there is so much going on in our children's lives that we can't control. Specifically this chapter struck me...especially since my kids are so young and tend to always do this: rebel. I was very curious as to what this chapter would say, and it was the ending few paragraphs that really got to me.

It says that our battle (when dealing with rebellious kids...which to me is not honoring the parents by argueing, fighting with siblings, throwing fits, etc) is NOT with our children. Huh? Say that again?

Our battle is not with our son or daughter. "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" Ephesians 6:12. The sin that is in our children that causes them to disobey is from Satan and that is who our battle is with. To pray over our children that he doesn't get near them and they can resist him. Jesus has given us authority "over all the power of the enemy" Luke 10:19. How reassuring that is!! The greatest One is on our side, the One who conquers over all will help us and help our children.

So the next time my boys rebel and I start to get frustrated I will remember that my anger shouldn't be toward them, but toward the devil. I need to start praying for them when they have a hard rebellious heart and that they will see their ways and turn from them. Sounds so easy right? Sounds like our days of fighting kids should won't and I will still struggle with it all...but I have a new encouragement now!

Now to leave you with a cute photos of Logan playing with Everett. Sometimes I can't believe how long Logan plays with him...what a wonderful big brother!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Boys and Bigger Boys

Today, Sept 8th, was Logan's first day of Pre-K! Now, he has gone to "preschool" last year and a PDO program the year before. But this year is quite a bit different. This is the year they really start to teach them school-work and they prepare them for Kindergarten! Honestly, I wasn't that nervous or anxious about him going today. I am able to drop him off, I make his lunch, know about all the kids in the class, is at a church, and I get to pick him up. So it is all safe and since we have been going there for 3 years, I am fairly comfortable with the whole process. Now, when thinking about NEXT year...Kindergarten...that is a whole other story. The other night I was up for about 2 hours just thinking about him going to school, the type of school is going to, and all that goes in to it. I got overworked and almost starting crying. Just remember...Kindergarten is NEXT year...I have a whole year to go! If this is how sensitive I am about it now...I am going to be a basket case next year. Aaahhh...i don't want to start crying, so we can change the subject. Man...I didn't know what a softie I was!!

Logan getting ready for school, getting his shoes on.

It was bright out and a jet was hurry up and smile!
Don't forget about your brother! I can see this being a picture in future slideshows at graduation or weddings:-) These two...I don't think they realized the bond and love they have for each other. Austin had a hard time today with out him...kinda mopey and didn't behave very well. Hopefully he will get used to it! Austin will have his first day (and only day a week) next Wednesday...he is excited!
Tried to get one last shot...this is what I got:

2PM...picked up Logan! He went to school with no fusses...always so excited to meet new people and try new things. So brave! The teacher said he had a good day and he was all sweaty when I got him, so we know he was playing hard. They two boys are just relaxing watching a show right now...together at last!

Big boy Everett is learning to sit up! He is the earliest out of all the boys to get it this fast. The others got it closer to 6 months, but at 5.5 months he has it down practically! As you notice I still protect him and help support him with pillows, but last night in the shower he was sitting up for about 5 minutes with NO help! So fun!

Such a happy baby:-)

You see that? See that? BROWN EYES! AH!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pictures Galore of my sweet boys!

Everett's double chin. Gotta love baby chunk! So squeezable, kissable and lovable...

Everett is definitely his own man, but I see parts of his brothers in his face. He is so sweet and LOVES to eat. I have made him peaches, apples, bananas and sweet potatoes (need to increase the veggies for sure!) My girlfriend Laura gave us this awesome baby-food making machine and it is a breeze to whip him up some delicious goodies! I did it the old fashioned way with the older boys (hand held blender and ice cube trays) but now these containers have little smiley faces on them and a mini-blender to help! I will have to take pics for you.

These pictures are a little out of order, but when the hurricane hit last weekend we got OUT of here! We have several large trees in our back yard and they have been known to throw down massive branches that have broken our deck and fence. We did not want a tree coming into our house. So our good friends Casey and Joe graciously opened their house to us once again. That saturday we decided to give our friends a break and went to a Children's Museum (as stated in the previous post) and here are a few more photos of the wonderful event!

Austin having so much fun. I remember Logan being absolutely obsessed with Monster Trucks during this age, always having one or more in his hands. Austin is passionate about cooking and his food. We have a ton of play food here at our house, but no kitchen. So he just pretend plays where ever and almost always asks to help us cook dinner. He is so funny when he does help, always trying the ingredients (even the oil to heat up the pan) on the tip of his finger. We keep him safely away from the hot stuff, but he is a great helper.

Two mini chefs
It does something to a parents heart to see a child so passionate and enjoy something so much. I know he is only 2, but there is something special about this chef thing. At this huge kitchen at the museum, Austin was in a different world. He went right to work making his work station and gathering food. He sucked his cheeks in a bit and had a very concentrated look on his face. As you can see, we think he is going to be left-handed...always coloring and cutting with his left hand. If we could go to this kitchen ever day, I would just to see the happiness and joy on his face:-)

Mike went off with Austin while I played with Logan and built a jail around him:-)
This is what I came around the corner to:
Everett just chillin in momma's arms:P
LOVE my Beco! (the carrier)
Working with REAL tools...yes, REAL tools
Sawing the wood with Daddy (ooo those strong arms look good:-)

Building their own cars to race...this was a neat station that I would love to have in my house.

Grocery shopping.
Everett in the stroller...I think he looks like Austin here...just a bit. So edible though!

Fireman Logan!

Now just some random photos. This was before we decided to leave for the hurricane. Caught my hubby off guard, but so glad I actually get photos of him. So handsome:-)

The emergency light for the "big storm"
Austin...yes you are a character
Everett's arm chunk...or should I say muscles?
Logan...yes he is starting to be goofy in pictures. Now it all begins.

He starts three day a week preschool next week. I can't believe that next year I will be getting him ready for KINDERGARTEN! Oh how my sweet men grow up so fast!

Everett doing his thing...we are thinking he will be sitting up by the end of his 5 months and I think crawling in 2 months. We shall see if that holds up! (after I posted this I realized you can see some spit up...sorry!!)

This is what I have been needing the past several days to lovely coffee in my clean crisp white mug. Everett has been making my mornings quite early while getting up a few time during the night still. I think we might have to start doing some night training. I was spoiled with Austin who started sleeping through the night at 6 months while nursing...but Everett likes the night feedings too much. Sometimes I wonder how long he is awake at night before he starts making noise...because he plays quietly a lot in his crib! ANYWAYS...going to go make myself some coffee right now. The boys just woke up and Mike decided to go run a half marathon this morning...just another day in our house!