Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Ok...lets admit it. Us Stay at Home Moms get distracted. Seriously. Even though being a full time mom is crazy busy...whether it is one, 3 or 5 kids, it is BuuuuSY! But, we do get distracted by the computer, crafts or the cute kids we raise. Here is my account:

The boys took a bath...i decided to clean the bathroom while they did. I got quite a few splashes of water on me since I wasn't paying 100% attention to them, but I do have one-clean-boy's-bathroom. Then  I decided after they went to bed I would clean MY bathroom...5 minutes and DONE. Well, why not get the downstairs bathroom done...5 minutes and CLEAN! Now I feel quilty. What tooke me probably a total of 15 minutes was delayed over this past week because I didn't think I had the TIME! HA! does distraction work? it goes: decided to clean the bathroom 3 days ago. I go into the bathroom and remember I actually have to pee. Sit down to pee. "knock, knock knock" goes my cute 17 month old. I crack the door open and play peek a boo while sitting on the toilet. I get up and realize I need a tampon (sorry for the personal information). I tell the babe I am sorry but I have to go upstairs. I walk past the washer on the way to my room and I change loads. I then hear screaming down stairs and I run down because it sounds like a kid is dying. Older kid has been punched in the stomach by the younger kid. " are fine.." insert correct discipline here which takes about 20 min. I then am thirsty and get a drink which then causes all three kids to want a snack. " get a bowel and I will get the snack" youngest child walks by I smell something bad. Chase him down while singing ABC's so he doesn't cry so I can change his poopy bum. "mom...I want my snack!!!" Oh yes...get back to that. Please don't sit there because you will spill your snack!! Get a towel and realize there are no clean ones so I head back upstairs to find one in the laundry. Find it and come back down to find all the pillows off the couch and two little ones playing hide and seek behind them while their little legs stick out and giggles are even more obvious than those legs. I run and sneak up on them and cause about a 30 min wrestle and giggle session. Then it is lunch time...take about an hour out of the time frame and come back to finishing dishes:

Ok...seriously. Bathroom??? Really? a little boy is going to pee on the seat in about 10 min...who cares?!?!?!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Dare I say that I am back to blogging? How long has it been? 5-6 months? Seems like eternity huh...especially looking back at pictures. I have to say that much as changed since then, but there is still so much of the same things going on.

Still in the same house, same city, same job, same love (and more) for my hubby and kids. Perhaps I have made a jump into a new mom-roll. Maybe I am a bit more calm, more organized, and more ready for life's road blocks...but.....probably not:-) No perfection here, no clean house, laundry still in the washer (not drying), still have an extra 10 lbs around my belly and probably isn't going anywhere no matter how many miles I run a week. I have a new perception on being a military wife after 10 years and sorry hubby...I am not afriad to share it. Being a mom isn't easy, especailly of three boys...and no, you don't understand even if you have one boy. Talk to me after a few years of being a "single" mom of three active and lively boys. I am not judging you, I am just saying we are different and thank God we are, because I would AND want to hear so much about your life and then I REALLY (serioulsy want to) would be daydreaming about it:-)

I couldn't live without my family and friends and it is hard to admit that, but it is 100% true. Just seeing you those 5 minutes at the resturaunt after 10 years of speaking made my year:-) You love my boys like I have loved them the past 6 could you and why??? Thank you Lord that you do...

I am not the friend that I used to be...I don't respond immediately to my emails...sometimes it take me days or even a week. I can't believe that I have a nursing degree some days and other days I wonder why I am not using it. I appreciate the music in my life, the sunshine and also despise the clouds. This blog has become my journal. My vague yet deep journal. Be interested or not, but be warmed that you are getting a glimpse of a woman who adores Jesus, is madly in love with her husband who is always gone training, who wanted a daughter but wouldn't trade her THREE sons for the WORLD, and still doesn't know her own purpose (except to serve the one and Holy God).