Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tunes...sooo late!

Yikes! What a bad wife I am! Didn't do Musical Monday and now I am doing this really late on Tuesday...oh boy! Well, this Tuesday Tunes is going to be dedicated to the Super Hero that my Husband is and the super heros that live here at home. Mike is good at helping our little guys' imaginations along even with song. Before Mike left he downloaded a few songs from the Ironman soundtrack and the Transformers Movie. This play list is labeled "Action Hero" on my iPod and is frequently played in the car. Actually quite good driving music. So this Ironman song is for the hero that Daddy is and what he is teaching our kids. Not to be power/money/ girl hungry like the heros that are portrayed on TV and in the movies, but to be men that want to "fight the bad" and do good no matter what people think or say. Mike works so hard (even though Iraq has settled down some on bombs) at his job and jobs that he wasn't even trained for, he truly works as though he was working for the Lord. That can be tough because when credit isn't given for the effort done it can be frustrating and hard to work the next time. I am not trying to be selfish, but I love how hard he works and would love for someone other than me of course, to say well done! We both know that the only "well done" that matters is when we stand before the Creator, the One who gave us our talents and ability to do what we do.

There are many hero characteristics that Mike is instilling in our boys and they are all lessons learned in his life that he can pass on. It is just so fun to see the little men playing super hero and I can't wait for Mike to be able to join in or just watch from a distance and see their hearts and minds grow. So speaking of super heros, yes my boys wear their hero outfits almost every day. Some days they have to be in the "shop" so they can be fixed and worked on so they work better for the next day (mostly so I can just have my boys look like normal people in regular clothes:-) From Ironman, to Bumblebee, to Woody and Buzz...they are pretending all day long. I even brought the costumes to MN...so here are the photos!


Molly said...

I can only imagine you cruising in your minivan, swagger wagon if you may, to this song! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are too cute. Love the tuesday tune! ha ha!

Mike said...

Great post hon. I can't imagine how many times you have listened to the bumblebee song!