Monday, January 31, 2011

Logan's Head Wound and 5 months down!

This weekend marked a 5 month accomplishment for the deployment, and I guess time for something "traumatic" to happen. It was about 4 weeks before Mike got back from his LAST deployment when Austin broke his leg. So this time frame is our "2 days after he leaves and everything falls apart". Friday night the boys were playing in their costumes as usual, using some large body pillows on the ground to jump on and roll around on. I was starting to make dinner and also babysitting for a friend. Her almost 1 year old little girl was chowing down on her dinner. Then the hit happened. Not sure if it was a slip, jump, or tumble, but logan fell onto the side of the end table. He screamed and started running to me. My first thought was, "I need to love him but help him be tough when he gets hurt", then I saw blood and I was like "ok...he really hurt himself", and then I saw the OPEN wound and shouted "We Gotta GO!" . God was so good to us and another good friend came over right away, like the time between the phone call and her getting here seemed like seconds! She just took over Austin and Kaitlyn (my other friends little one) and Logan and I went to the ER.

We didn't have to wait too long, and were able to watch a movie on the tv to make the time go by faster. He was all settled down and wanting to go home when the docs came in to stitch him up. I was hoping just for some glue or something, but he ended up with three stitches. It doesn't seem bad and probably isn't, but for a 3 year old, it was the scariest thing. At first he was smiling (all the while he is still in his IronMan costume) while they put a pillow case on his arms to restrain him and laughed a bit when they rolled him in a sheet to hold him down further. As a RN I understand the need to restrain children as it is for their own safety, the doctors safety, and the only way you are going to get the sewing done! However, to be the mom makes things a little different. Well, they held him down, he screamed and cried and I just prayed. I didn't think they numbed him enough, but they said they did. I know he was just so scared. Of course after all the excitement they said that Dad should have come instead and I was like "Yeah...that would have been nice, but he is in IRAQ!!!!!".

His stitches will stay in for about 5 days and I am praying when they take them out he won't freak out as bad. I may have to bribe with a toy or something. Any one have any suggestions on how to help your child be calm during something like this?
If you look closely, you will see freckle like specks around his eyes, that is petechiae/bruising from screaming and crying so hard.

On the UP side...the next day marked 5 months done with the deployment. I have waited to take this picture since the beginning AND I can't wait till I can change the month to February tomorrow! We are less than a month till Dad comes home and my Sailor kisses me again.

Best Friends! (a picture NOT in their costumes!)

Multi-sticker countdown. I tried to have it season specific, but they enjoy picking out stickers.

Austin bo baustin



Casey Martinez said...

All I can say is that macro lens is awesome and crisp and the photographer is pretty awesome too of course! ;0. These pictures are great! I didn't know kids could get bruising from intense crying. That is interesting. Poor guy:(

Kaylee said...

Sorry Logan had to get stitches! You could always ask Aimee if she has any ideas for when he gets his stitches out - she is a child-life specialist so probably has TONS of ideas, since she deals with it everyday!

And YAY for being 5 months down! Only a month left?! That is NOTHING! You got this!!!

Emily said...

Oh dear boy! I totally have a head wOund fear! Tell him that I'm proud of him for being so brave!

And hurray for your man almost home!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't know they could get bruising from crying so hard. Poor little guy. Hoping coming out goes much smoother. Praying that this last month goes quickly.

Geek Squad said...

I have two friends that have had to go through that experience with youngsters and stitches. Let me know if you want their names. :)

The Stachurskis said...

Oh my word! I love it that they told you that "Daddy should have come instead". Oh if only it were that easy. I'm sure if I were told that right now some not so nice comments would come out like "he's busy fighting for you to be here." but those would be hormone driven for sure! (I'm a big talker too, I probably would have smiled and nodded. What a wuss.ha!)
On a happier note, yay for 5 months down!!! WAY over the hump now! I'm so excited for you to have him back! Wooo Hoo!

Mike said...

What a post. I am praying hard that that was all of the excitement for the month. Mine is just starting and I will let you know how things are going on this end. I love you Angel. What's our first meal out going to be? I vote Moe's!