Friday, December 31, 2010

Austin's "Bean-doc"

Austin enjoys the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon and one of his favorites has a beanstalk on it. Lately he has been calling anything that is tall or like a tower a "bean-doc". So fun to see him talking more and more! His vocabulary while being in MN has grown so much as he tries to say everything that we say, however, probably only me (mom) can understand him. In this video he is building a bean-doc and his high pitched noise is actually him saying "look!" or "wook!". I am glad I captured it so well so I could show daddy how big he is getting!


Casey Martinez said...

Wow!! How long have you been gone? I feel like Austin looks so much older and now seeing him talk just blows my mind!! He is so big now and it is so awesome to hear him talking..truly this video is the first time I have looked at DAisy and felt like, " I can't wait to hear your first words!" Thanks for the fun!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! So adorable!! He is getting so big,