Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Park Fun

Thank you all for the sweet comments about Logan's head...he is doing much better but VERY weary of anyone getting at all close to his bandaid. Yeah, this will be interesting taking the stitches out. Because of being an RN I know how, but I kinda don't want to do it all myself...soooo to the doctors we go on Thursday.
Yeah for being almost home too! It is February and time will hopefully fly! I am starting to make lists of things needing to get done AND lists of things we need to get out for the baby. One of the sweet comments left on the last post was from my girlfriend Kaylee...she is also a military wife and has an amazing story! Her trials, joyful attitude, and perserverance motivate me every day. Her hubby is about to come home from a year long tour so I am sure 6 months would have been a breeze to her. Check out her fun blog!


The other day was fairly warm and I was dying to get outside. So we went to the park where Logan will have his 4th Birthday Party in about 1.5 months. The boys played and found sticks, and they also "kicked" me down while swinging. I always imagine what it must look like to see a very pregnant woman running and playing with little kids...haha!

Used the self timer to get a picture!

Austin taking a walk

The boys

The hat I made for Austin

Speckled Frog by speckledfrogcrochet www.speckledfrogcrochet.etsy.com



Casey Martinez said...

I love visiting your blog;0 It makes me happy! hehe. The hat you made Austin is perfect! you will be happy to know that I did a little photo time with Daisy in her beanie that you made her. I ADORE that hat!! These are great picture Elissa!! Love the one of Austin and you can see Logan blurred in the back. IS this your macro lens?

Molly said...

Love these pics. I especially like the one with you in it!!!

The Stachurskis said...

The picture of you and the boys is adorable! I absolutely love the hat you made Austin! SO GREAT! Ok, where did you get THAT pattern? :) I'm so thankful to you for the youtube videos you shared! They are awesome and such a help with one of the projects I have going on right now. I would love to make Baby G a little hat! I'm really trying to find a great booty pattern but I don't know if I'm quite there yet. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

These are so adorable!!! Isn't that park amazing?

Emily said...

I love the hat! Nice work! You all look great! I can't wait to get outside again!

Kaylee said...

Thanks for the shout-out, that was so sweet of you and meant a lot to me. I needed that encouragement today :)

The hat you made is adorable! I so wish I would make time to work on projects like that - oh my gosh, I totally just remembered that Max crochets (yep, that's my husband, the Marine who crochets, ha!) - I should SO have him make some things!!!