Monday, December 6, 2010

Musical Monday

I have been waiting anxiously to do this song for the post since I started this! In fact, this is probably the reason why I started it! About a year ago Mike and I ventured on a vacation to one of THE most beautiful tropical places, Antigua. I will talk about it every chance I get and brag even more just because of how enjoyable it was. Prior to that vacation Mike was on deployment and I saw that hilarious wedding party entrance dance thingy on youtube like millions of us did. That song "Forever" by Chris Brown was brand new to me then. I don't really listen to secular music any more just because I feel like I am too old or out of date to get in to it:-) Anyways, I fell in love with that video and that song. THEN...too cool...they had the song on Jim and Pam's Wedding on The Office. I know...some of you, well probably all of you are laughing at me for enjoying a TV show so much, but Mike and I LOVE the Office and have enjoyed seeing the "relationship" portrayed by Jim and Pam, as fake as it is. Therefore, that song officially became our song for that time being and when we planned our trip to Antigua I would dream about all the fun we would have while listening to that song. Wheww! Had to explain the history of it...sorry it is so lame.

That song sure did fulfill our thoughts of fun in Antigua and it is funny I am posting on this song now thinking about our vacation because we are already thinking, dreaming and possibly planning another vacation! Unfortunately it won't be for well over a year due to finances and nursing our new baby, but waiting will make it so worth it!

So enjoy the song and feel free to look at my old posts about our Antigua vacation. Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4andDay5 Day6 Some fun facts about our trip:

  • I think it was better than a honeymoon because a vacation after having children and 3 deployments was WAY overdue. Plus we knew each other much better after 6 years of marriage that there wasn't any conflict as to what we wanted to do.
  • Even though I had amazing God given boys to come home to, I was truly sad to leave on the last day.
  • I probably acted like an 18 year old with all the freedom we had and love in the air
  • It was so nice to flirt in 80 degree weather, swimsuits on, and a hot husband.
  • The place was beyond gorgeous (I am partial though since I haven't been to any other tropical place) and I felt like I was seeing parts of heaven!
We got some professional pictures taken there, so here are a few!


Mike said...

I was wondering when I was going to hear this song! I loved our trip listening to this song in our room. I can't wait for our next trip, Greece is it? I am excited! Can't wait to get out of this country and back into your arms, we are half-way there! I love you angel.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Looks like a great trip.

Casey Martinez said...

Who are those hotties?? :) Those pictures were so beautiful and I can totally see why that trip was so special for you kids and one of the first times you guys have had that kind of a getaway! So glad you had such a wonderful memory made together...hope you get to take another solo trip in a while!