Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our Christmas Day didn't start till 8ish which was so nice! Woke up to cinnamon roles and opening stockings. Then an array of gifts under our tree! Don't worry it wasn't just for the boys...there was 9 of us total opening gifts. It lasted about 3 hours since we go one by one, but it was a blast to see all the thoughtful gifts given and received. Here are a few photos from the day!

The before and after Christmas tree, Austin waiting to open gifts and Logan digging in:-)

A few days before Christmas I made a cake to start a tradition of celebrating Jesus' Birthday. I really think and hope that this makes a difference for the boys and helps them understand the real meaning of Christmas, how Jesus was the biggest gift, and why it is so great to give of ourselves. I bought this plate this year that we can use every year for the cake. This year we ended up using it for all the baby Jesus' we had:-)
Logan singing Happy Birthday Jesus (yes the cake is not that appetizing, but it WAS tastey!) and Austin being oh so careful to get all his frosting. They each got to blow out some candles which was fun to see.


Molly said...

LOVE the matching jammies. We sang happy birthday to Jesus too - but I didn't make a cake which really confused Jack. He associates all birthdays with cake. What kid doesn't, right? HA. Good thing Jack's birthday wasn't on Christmas Day - that would be even MORE confusing than Eve! Your parent's tree is gorgeous!

Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. Love their matching jammies. So cute!!

The Kincaid Family said...

So darn stinkin cute! Love the singing Happy Birthday to Jesus tradition. We started it this year and Brayden loved it! I know it will help him understand even more in the coming years. Great idea to bring Baby Jesus to the birthday table too!!