Friday, December 3, 2010

6 months and counting!

For those of you who don't like my head being cut off, next belly shot will be able to be taken by someone else:-) Logan was running circles around me...pretty typical. I got the black shirt from my dear friend Casey and I love it! I will be wearing it more than she knows...too comfy

This is what I normally look like. Comfy pj's or sweats, with soft slippers. This is also what it looks like when I look down...either boys' hands on my belly (yes, Austin can reach it) and I can still see my toes. Logan likes to poke the belly...literally:-) Whenever we ask him what he we are having ...boy or girl, he still says girl. But I think he is sucker for those little baby girls around us. (yes he is still wearing his halloween costume)

Another routine week, with another routine belly shot. Baby M is doing great, getting stronger every day. There are times when this kid is really laid back and barely moves at all, and then there are times where I can feel it rolling around and doing somersaults! (spel?) It is still staying real low and kicks are in my low-lowest abdomen. It likes to join in a makes it's presence known when the boys are sitting on my lap or laying against my belly. I have found that I have acid reflux or heartburn. And it reacts when I have the things I want the most: chocolate and soda. Bummer dude. Can't wait for this one to join our family! I will be missing the next 1-2 appointments here in VA, so when I get back I will be close to 31 weeks and go right into my glucose test as well as another baby growth scan. Time will start flying!


Casey Martinez said...

I seriously cannot believe how far along you are already!! Also, your belly is perfect and these shots are so creative. I'm inspired to try different things the next time I get preggo:). Love the hands on the tummy shot! And so happy the shirt worked out:)!! Joey and I have a bet going (money free) as to what you are having..I will let you know who is right! :0 lol

Sarah Halstead said...

Cute belly photos. :)