Thursday, January 7, 2010

Antigua Day 3

Day 3

I hope this isn't boring anyone, it is fun for me to post about because it brings back great memories and is a great way to keep track of what we did. Hope you can put up with it!

Saturday was lots of fun for us. We decided to rent a car because it would be cheaper and more personal than having a taxi for the day. We set off with some fear because the steering wheel was one the right side (i felt like I was supposed to be driving all day) and we were driving on the left side of the road. A first for both of us! The drivers here are crazy, they don't wait while the car in from of them stops or slows down, they drive around them even if there is a car coming towards them! I seriously in all of the places I have lived in the US haven't seen drivers like this. Plus the pot holes, people have to slow down to almost a stop to go through the potholes! The map that we had was definitely not right...the roads don't have street signs and there are about 3 main roads on the island. According to our previous taxi driver the island is about 13 miles by 15 miles. We had fun getting lost but somehow seemed to find our way! I will talk about our day with the pictures...enjoy!
Mike read on the reviews online that if you put sugar on the rails of your deck in the mornings the birds would come eat it. Sure enough...they loved it! By the end on the week we had at least 20 birds swarming the deck!

The view that morning from our room

Mike driving!!

Falmouth Harbor going to English Harbor, we met a kid on the airplane ride who lived in English Harbor (grew up in Antigua) but went to school in New York. This is the only other place we would stay if we went back besides our resort.

English Harbor. Britain controlled the island until about 20 years ago. This is an historical area that was from the 1700's! Never seen something so old!

pretty building!

Being a tourist as mike would say

At Galleon beautiful! We went for a hike here.

Overlooking English Harbor

The hike started at the end of this beach

It was a "coastline-rocky cliff" hike. Looking down at some divers

At a Fort left by the British overlooking Galleon Bay

The ruins from about 1740's

This is called Capenter's Rock. Labeled shelving of rocks in the book we were following. We came up over a ridge and saw this and it took my breath away!

We hike down to the part that is sticking out the furthest towards the top of the picture.

That is how close we were walking next to the cliff!! As a mom I have become a worry-wart.

The clearing....

Where we found my mom's button. She collects the ones you button your shirt with. She always has a crazy story about how she find her buttons and I was worried we wouldn't find one here! We were hiking along the coast and came along this weird clearing with a patch of grass. Usually it was rock and cactus. I saw some shiny as I stopped to catch my breath because it was all uphill. I knocked if over with my foot and joked about it being a diamond. Nope...not a diamond but a button! How crazy!!! Not very many people come up here and this is where we found it! So cool! God must have put it there!
Where we hiked down to this was so close to the water!

Mike definitely scared me by going out on this rock. There is no land around him, just cliff and waters! He jumped down from it and that made me fall to my knees in prayer! HA!

We hiked a lot and had a good time. I loved the view here, so quiet and no one around!

We saw a family of wild goats...the dad that you see here, two kids and a mom!
The water was so clear!!!

True love!!!

Half Moon Bay....supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It sure was amazing in colors and being secluded and foliage, but the waters were much more rough maybe because it was on the Atlantic side of the island. We had lunch here at a local place...a hamburger. I was weary about it because we saw lots of wild goats and I am always concerned about undercooked meat anyways. However, the burger was DELICIOUS! There was plantains and a cucumbers on it! We didn't swim here but kept going on our road trip around the island.

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Joey&Casey said...

Heck NO, I'm not bored...jealous maybe but, not bored:). Let me recap on my thoughts after reading and browsing your pictures. Love the button story! That is so cool and what a neat way to collect buttons:). Two, love your sandy heart. Very pretty and frame worthy! The island is drop dead gorgeous and I have alread been dreaming about our next getaway...Cancun maybe with all of us friends??? Love the pics of you two and Elissa, if I look as good as you after two kids I will be SOOOO happy!!