Saturday, January 9, 2010

Antigua Day 4 and 5

Sunday and Monday were our laid back and easy going days. We started off Sunday slow with another great view and incredible breakfast followed by some time in the sun. I was fascinated with how early the chairs on the beach filled up. Like by 8:30! We did some more kayaking and headed over to the another resort on a close beach to do some shopping. We relaxed that afternoon and enjoyed a long nap and an evening chatting with other guests!

Monday was similar but we ended up going into St. John's to finish up some shopping. It was a mad house there that day! Two cruise ships were in port and that town was so busy! So many shops and people making bargains. We didn't stay long and relaxed until our evening with a photographer! We got a professional who actually lives on a boat in English Harbor for an hour to take some pictures. It kinda awkward being around the other resort guests, but it was so worth it!
Our morning view!

The birds enjoying their sugar!!

Mike's breakfast...the fruit was so fresh!!

Enjoying breakfast!

On our way back from kayaking we saw a nearby island that has an active Volcano erupting some. It was pretty neat and we were so glad that the wind was blowing the ash the other direction and not towards our island!

I bought this dress there (I know you can buy them here). But you can change it up about 10 different ways! A very practical dress according to Mike!

A quiet evening!

This sign was in St. John's and found it kinda humorous.

This is Jim and Brooke!!

We bought that bowl that they guy is holding. He made it with palm leaves! Pretty cool!

Here are some of the pictures from the professional photographer. There was about 100 and I am sure you don't want to see them all, but I got a slideshow together. This corny one is the only one that would fit the pictures completely. So enjoy! (only one more day to go!)

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Kelly said...

Love the pictures in this post! Thanks for sharing!

Eryn Stennes said...

Those are GREAT pix! I'm COMPLETELY enjoying reading about your trip!