Monday, December 27, 2010

Musical Monday

With the festivities of the Holidays being over, most of us look back on these days and cherish those moments with family. We laugh with our close loved ones at the joy experienced together. This is something I didn't realize how much I would miss this year. After having the past 5 Christmas Seasons together I guess I got spoiled. It was nice to have Skype work for the most part, but of course it still wasn't the same. I am very grateful to have two duplicates of Mike to help make me feel his presence.

Tomorrow is a major day in our relationship. You see, when we first met, I was the one to try and grab that first kiss from Mike. I was going to be his first girlfriend and his first real kiss...if he would only have done it! I tried so many times to kiss him, it actually became quite the game. Well, 9 years ago tomorrow I got that first kiss that is lasting the rest of my life. I wish we still had the futon that it happened on, or maybe a piece of the fabric or something. At least I know exactly what it looked like, exactly where we were, the movie we had just finished watching, and the sweet way he kissed me. I find it ironic how last night I had a dream about Mike and I having a first kiss:-) Wish I could have slept until he got back from deployment! Well, this song reminds me of that time in our lives and speaks my heartsong of wanting my husband home. Incubus "Wish You Were Here" says it all...feet in the sand, arms open wide, wanting my other half here with me now! I miss you darling! Thank you for kissing me and making me complete...

This was our Christmas from last year:


Anonymous said...

Cute photo. That is such a sweet story. Hope you all had a great Christmas despite Mike not being here. How are you feeling?

Mike said...

Oh, how I love you! What an appropriate song. We are already over the half-way point and I dream about walking in those doors right to your arms. I love you so much angel.