Monday, January 11, 2010

Antigua Day 6 and home!

Well, this is the last day. We decided to a Creole Cruise during our visit and this was the only day available. On Trip Advisor it was rated #1 out of 75!! This would be an all day cruise around half of the island with snorkeling, sight seeing and a lobster lunch! They picked us up at the resort from our beach...walked into the water to get on the are the pics!
Checking out all the shells while waiting for the is a small ship and there was 11 people all together!

All ready to go!!

An old sugar mill we saw!

The Yacht we want to get...see the helo pad and the patio underneath?

Sandals resort...where we did NOT stay!

This was an island off of Antigua and this resort just opened up again after renovations. Incredibly beautiful...the rooms or houses go for about 3000 a night! Yikes!!

More beautiful houses

Where we docked...

There were hundreds of these little fishies, thank goodness they were more afraid of me than I was of them!

Some of the views and pictures we saw while snorkeling

A parrot fish

A jellyfish...can you believe it? I was freaked out because we could barely see it and it was so close to the top of the water...coulda swam right into it!

Yup...he touched it...said it felt like hardened jelly...go figure!

Another fish

on the boat and so much sun!

Mario who cooked or BBQ'd our lobster

in front of the boat...the big one behind it was another tourist boat that invaded our space!

yup...that is what my lunch looked like and I was still able to eat it and enjoy it!!! It was AMAZING!

sitting on the beach

We went on a hike on the little island we were on and this was one of the views, the large land in the way back is Antigua

A blow hole

Diving in!!

We went to a starfish wading was incredible! So many and huge starfish!

Mike holding one...

Yup...I am holding one too!!!

Snorkeling fishes!

the 1000's of little feet!

We decided to get off in St. John's because we needed a bit more cash. We got Australian ice cream with a warm freshly made waffle cone and saw a lot of drunk cruise people. Made it back to the resort to eat at a nearby restaurant...I had a chicken and shrimp medley with caribbean was a black sauce...and there were other strange things in it that i didn't' know what it was, but it was delicious as usual! Went back to the resort, danced a little and went to bed. We had to get up at 4:30 to get to our flight. That was interesting. There was only 2 people working the counter and they got there late to check us in. Serious island time! We made it though. Our flights went real smooth all the way home. Had about a hour delay from chicago to MN but so grateful that our flight didn't get cancelled like SO many others! There were 78 people on standby for our full flight! If I wasn't going home to some incredible boys and wonderful family then I would so let others go instead of us!

We really enjoyed this vacation and can't believe that we were able to and blessed enough to go on it. Everything worked out so wonderfully and we will remember these 6 nights forever. Being able to take care of our marriage and our love is priceless! Thank you for letting me blog about it all and post the pictures. It has been fun remembering! Now whenever Mike is gone on deployment, or we are having a tough kid night, I can go to my "happy place" and think about this time we were able to have. God is good!


Joey&Casey said...

YOu ate seafood Elissa? I'm so impressed because it is hard even for me to eat food when I am staring at the body still on it:) lol. I sooooooooo want to take a tropical vacation with you two...hmmmm, maybe we can do a Mexico trip right when Mike gets back from this next deployment:). I have loved these posts because it is not tropical here and it gets me excited about the next getaway we can take! Thanks for all the details!

Eryn Stennes said...

HUGE smile on my face! Love you that two were able to do that. Someday Kyle and I will have a real honeymoon!

Ben and Melissa said...

It was so neat to read all your posts from your trip. I am so glad you did it this way because if you guys still lived here, we would have had you over for a slide show and this was kind of like that :) I am so happy for you both to have time to nurture your marriage. Thanks for taking the time to do these posts.