Thursday, January 7, 2010

Antigua Day 2

The lizard friends at breakfast

Mike eating breakfast

Our view of our beach or harbor

On the drive to the zip line...trying to be artistic?

Another shot

Waiting at the zip line place to get going! That sun was so hot!

On the drive to the zip is called Fig Tree Drive...and the driver said that we call their figs Banana's or Plantains...we saw "bunches" of them!

Can you see the palm covered in water?

One of the zip lines...i think that was the longest

Another view

Sorry for the angle...They wouldn't let us take cameras but they took pictures for us!

It was fun!

This isn't our cottage, but somehow got a shot of another one...ours kinda looked like this

The view from our room

enjoyng the pool!

The view of our resort from the water...we were kayaking

Here we go!


The bump on the right is the beach we kayaked to.

so warm!!

Funny guy!

Enjoying the water

Laying out

Laying out:-)

Having fun together!

Day 2

This is the day we decided to do our Zip-lining! We got up fairly early for a vacation and got a taxi to the "rainforest". It was an incredibly beautiful drive full of trees, ocean views and windy roads. We got there fairly early so we walked around the area amazed at the view! We were up high and could see so far, the trees were covered in condensation even though it was incredibly hot and it was so quiet! It was a 9 zip line tour and went fairly fast. We went with another family but we weren't bombarded by them. The first one was a bit scary but after that it was cool! The longest one was 325ft and had an amazing view! It was a blast!

Afterward we went back to the resort and hung out in our plunge pool till lunch time. That pool was very great to have but unfortunately it was almost too cold to be in sometimes. The sun only hit a portion of it so you had to sit in that part. After a delicious lunch with our friends Jim and Brooke we set off in the kayak. I was kinda nervous doing this in the ocean, but it wasn't that windy and was pretty easy! Maybe I knew that my arms couldn't get tired because I had to choice but to paddle! Not like a lake! We went to another beach where there was a larger resort and quickly found out how glad we were to be at ours. This other one was huge, tons of people and kids (nothing against them!) and much like a hotel. Then we paddled further across the harbors to a fairly secluded beach. Just laid there and relaxed for the longest time. When we got back, the guy in charge of the kayak said he was worried about us! I guess people don't take kayaks out for 3 hours! HA!

The rest of the night was pretty relaxing, laid in the sun and had a delicious dinner. Like I said before, the food here was amazing! I thought it was quite interesting though that every restaurant that a tourist would likely go to served food with great eye appeal. You know, like on those tv shows where they practically decorate the plate with sauces yet don't give you half of what you could eat? At first I was like "don't they know American's like to eat a lot!?" But after the 4 course meal I was full! Great second day!

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Joey&Casey said...

I can't help it, your pictures make me want to drop everything and go on another tropical vacation this very instant!! I love the warmth that radiates out of these pics and it is so wonderful to see you and Mike having such a blast:). I love seeing you two lovies together in pics:). Zip lining is fun isn't it:)!