Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas-time Fun!

Some of you may know that we will be traveling to MN for Christmas this year, and to prevent taking all of the boys' toys from us (mom and dad) we had our own little family Christmas a few days ago. We had a great internet connection and I positioned the computer just right so he could see all the commotion going on. I tell ya, a 3 year old and an almost 2 year old Christmas is quite fun. Logan did great taking turns and being excited for all of us. And Austin's expression of the day was "OOOOOHHHH COOOOOOOL!" -just like that. I used our video camera and also taped the whole thing so mike can watch it again (if he wants) when he comes home. It was a blast to pick out gifts for the boys because even though they would play with the same things, I could still find gifts that fit their personalities. So fun blessing your children!
We actually got a family photo! Austin was smiling so well and we all were looking...probably one of the best yet, go figure.

Logan just waiting (no it wasn't december 1st, just haven't changed the calendar in the backgroud)

Austin kinda looks like his Daddy here.

What a good brother Logan is here...sitting there with his hands in his lap while Austin opens a gift. Love it!

Talking do Daddy

Couldn't wait to get his hands on the gifts!

Showing Daddy his new Transformer...a little close Logan!

Austin checking out his toy

One of the best gifts for this little guy! Couldn't believe he figured it out too!

Austin showing Daddy his present.

Last but not least, their new workbench (taking place of the kitchen...another big hit!)

My mess to clean up...not that bad, but had to do it myself.

What a blast this was! It has been so wonderful having a whole family for the past several Christmastimes, we know we have been very blessed. This year was just as fun and we know we are in for it in the years to come. Hope you all have a great December and fun anticipation to your gift openings! OH! We also got to do this on our Half Way point...can't believe he has been gone for over 3 months already! Only 3 to go, YEAH!!!! Remember, Jesus is the reason for the Season!


Casey Martinez said...

These pictures made me smile the entire time! I loved seeing the looks on the boys faces and on Mikes as they opened their presents. I just wish I had been there so I could have gotten more pictures of you opening presents with them:). They got some really cool stuff! Daisy is going to love getting into those tools when she visits! hehe. What a special day Elissa! Merry Early Christmas to all of us:)

Ashley Sisk said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate together! Looks like they had a blast.

Molly said...

I love that you have toy story christmas wrapping paper. I can't WAIT to see you and those boys. What awesome gifts they got from their awesome parents!

Sarah Halstead said...

That is so sweet. Great family photo! Too cute!

Jess Craig said...

this really melted my heart!