Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Minnesota and Tuesday Tunes

So after 4 days of traveling (when it normally takes us 24hrs straight) we finally made it to MN! I will be posting more about our adventure in an other post, but wanted to do my overdue shout out to my husband!

This is another fun and flirty song, guess I am just in that mood...wink wink:-) This song I loved for a period of time and always thought of my husband. Can't even tell you how many times he has "taken my breath away!" So glad that after 7 years (yes 7 in just a few short weeks) of marriage my man can still make me giddy and take a double-take at him like it was the first time I saw his sexy smile and blue eyes. I never knew as a little girl what my husband would look like, or dreamt about a certain description. All I know, that whatever expectations I had...both physical and overall, he has blown my mind! I could go on and on about what triggers such joy and desire for him, but to be honest that is between me and him and I highly doubt you would want to know...hehe. These separations sure make the time we are back together so special and give us an overwhelming sense of passion and love. One of the biggest perks of military life. I also love how we fit together so well, how when I give him a good hug, we mesh together in all the right places, even the kiss on the forehead is in the right place:-) Anyways, trying to keep this PG...love you my dear husband!

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