Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving (kinda late)

Austin and his little smirk

Logan enjoying bubbles

The boys eating breakfast and watching Toy Story 3

Me actually getting some hot coffee for once (and TS3)

Austin talking to Daddy on Thanksgiving...no my belly isn't actually that big, just a bad angle

Logan showing Dad his new gun

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I just realized that I took no pictures of food, or of us eating, or anything like that! Yikes! What was I thinking? I did get plenty of pictures of this adorable little girl, Daisy.

Had fun editing...Daisy and her Daddy

Daisy and her mommy

Daisy Baby!!!

Casey, me and our kiddos! Nice job Casey picking up Logan! What a strong momma you are! And yes, I look frazzled as always. no excuses.

We went down to NC to visit some friends, or family, which ever you want to call them...they are the same to us. Traditionally we have spent the past several Thanksgivings together. Gratefully, they let me and the boys join them yet another year despite the life of the party (my husband...haha!) not being there. I know next year when we are all together with 4 children total (who knows maybe more right Casey?) it will be total chaos. It was a low-key yet delicious meal, made all in about 2 hours or less. Some of their family joined us for the day and the boys ate up the attention...literally. They just hovered and hounded their family for attention! Guess I need to work on giving them more huh?

It was a much needed break for me as I got to have lots of good conversation about being a mom, photography, husbands, food, the Lord, etc. I could have stayed up all night talking, but our lives just don't allow for that any more. Seriously Casey, those conversations filled my cup and made it overflow! Thank you!

The boys got some man time and wrestled a bit with Joe (Casey's husband). However, we do now know that Logan does not like it when you play dragon. The bubbles were a hit as well as a little nerf gun...thanks so much!!!

There is so much to be Thankful for this year, yet I am still working on that attitude...thankfulness. I don't really let things, or I try not to let this get me down. I try and see the good side of situations because I know that every time something goes wrong, there is a lesson in it from the Lord. I pray that God showers all of you with Blessings this week as we prepare and are excited for the next Holiday Season. Thank you for my friends who love and care for me despite me not being the best of friend. Thank you family, for putting up with me during deployments, and well, the rest of the time:-) Thank you dear husband, for loving me beyond all imaginable, for being my best friend, for holding me accountable, and giving the best kisses. Thank you wonderful sons, for keeping a smile on my face and keeping me on my toes.


Molly said...

Looks like a super fun Thanksgiving! I'm very impressed that both of your boys were sitting on that couch watching a movie. That only happens for me in my dreams.

Casey Martinez said...

YEAH!!!! This post made me so happy:). The pictures are beyond adorable and I will steal them if you don't mind and you my friend were such a blessing to hang out with..such a trooper and SO helpful even though I'm sure you are exhausted all the time. You are an amazing mama and I am blessed to see your example so often! :0 To another year, cheers!

Ben and Melissa said...

Aw this was so neat to see. This has become a tradition now hasn't it? You guys have gotten together for several Thanksgivings now right? Your boys are getting so big Elissa! Such a sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Aww. So cute. You look great. Love the pictures.