Monday, November 8, 2010

Little bit of our life...

This will probably be a fairly random update, but I didn't feel like putting it in several posts...this way you can skim to see what you want to read:-)

Mike is doing well overseas, we are 2 months down and not that much more to go! These next few months will probably fly by with the Holidays. He only has about a month to go with his classes and is looking forward to them being over! So proud of him sticking it through the deployment! Working long hours, talking and reassuring his wifey, AND homework! Gotta love a hard working man!

Last week I had my 20 week ultrasound. I was so nervous that I was going to see "something" or that the tech was going to slip. I have recently become so excited about this one being a surprise. What great anticipation there will be this coming March! I had no problem not looking and even only dared to stare when they were looking at the head and heart. I don't even believe they looked at the gender! The baby looked good weighing 9 oz and still measuring a few days behind the due date. This little one is making it's presence more and more. Kicking and squirmming especially after I eat any food. The kicks and punches are soooo low though, much lower than the boys. I can't wait until there are big enough movements for Logan to feel!

BABY NAMES!!! With Austin we kept his name a secret, which was super hard but fun. This time around you will all know what we choose!

Girl: Our girl name has been on our minds since before we were married...during boot camp! I wish I could find the actual letter that had the name in it, in fact I will look harder to find it so we can see what it really said. But I double checked with Mike when we came up with the name and he said boot camp. I also asked him to describe why he loved the name and is so unwilling to consider any other beautiful names. He said: "We decided on Grace Evelyn when I was in boot camp. I can't remember who picked the first name but I know I picked the middle to name her after my Grandma. I have liked the name Grace since I have known you partly due to the way your mom described you when we were dating. There was just something about you that personified grace and I just couldn't get over how beautiful a little girl that took after you would be. We talked about how she would be our little "GEM".
So there you have it! (Gotta love the sweet man!) If we are blessed with a girl, her name will be Grace Evelyn Morris (GEM). I have definitely realized with this pregnancy how much Grace God has shown us. With the thought of a second miscarriage in the beginning, God showed us Mercy and Grace and has kept this little one alive and healthy! I also can't describe the Grace that God has shown me in my life. I know I could go on and on about it, but I will spare you!

BOY: Now this one is definitely harder to come up with and we STILL don't have it narrowed down to even 2! I know we have time and I think that is good for us to be able to pray and weigh over different names. I am pretty stubborn about the middle name being Michael (after it's dad of course:-) But I can't convince him yet for that. I would just like our third to also have a family middle name and I couldn't think of any better name than the dad of this dear boy (if it is a boy). Otherwise, we have considered deeply the name Lukas or Lucas. I find it a strong yet soft and loving name. Also biblical. Shane or Everett has some great meaning for us too. Mike and I have LOVED the group Shane and Shane since we were first married. They have incredible music and lyrics that dig us to the core. After researching about the meaning of Shane, I found that it means "God is Gracious". I thought, how cool is this, that if we don't have a girl, that we can still have the same great meaning instilled with our third child! Everett is the last name of one of the Shanes in the group and I just like the sound of it. Others on our list are:
...thought there were some more but can't think right now. Anyways, I want you all to know that because we aren't set on a boy name at all, that you my dear friends, if there is a name on this list that you are absolutely set on, please let me know! I would like to be very considerate of this because I know how important names can be for some!


20.3 wks belly! There you go! I have decided to do something fun and pick out one of the hubby's shirts, take pictures in it every 2 weeks (don't worry, I won't post them every 2 weeks) and do a collage to show the growth! Thought it might be something different:-) By the way, it is REALLY hard to get a belly shot when taking the picture by yourself holding the camera or even self-timer!

Last but NOT least here is a little snapshot of Austin during bathtime. What a crazy boy he is. Tonight he tinkled in the potty and I think he really knew what a big deal it was! He said his first 2 word sentence the other night "Mor Peepa?" anyone understand that? Let me know if you can decipher it! Logan is enjoying his chats with dad on the webcam and is just like mom when he babbles on and on about different things. He is totally into the "why" stage and I have fun coming up with the answers! Trust me, there are definite times where I am tired of talking and answering him, but I keep reminding myself how important it is to talk with him and help him understand things. So funny though. Thanks for reading this long long post! Enjoy your night ya'll!


The Kincaid Family said...

Love this post! So, I KNEW your girl name would be GEM, based on our talk years ago, and I still love it! Our girl name way back when was very very similar, if you remember, but has completely changed now. I love the sentimental reasoning behind it! We're trying to stick with at least one biblical name for each kid (Asher) for Brayden, and I really want to use Michael for a middle for a boy too and so far Mike seems to be ok with that. Another biblical name we love is Levi. We hopefully wont be telling our names until due date, but I'll give you that insight for now. We have a million boy names between the two of us!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Austin are so cute. Did you use your new flash? Mine will be here tomorrow.

I really love the name Shane Michael. We almost named Carsyn Shayne. You know me with the "y"'s. ha ha.

Your baby belly is so adorable!!!

Geek Squad said...

Super cute pics of Austin! More pizza? That's what it would sound like in our house. :)

Marcia said...

here i go with my new gmail cute pictures of A. Never thot about GEM being that way-so neat. A has such a personality-you are great with the camera. Who is the music by? thank you for you!

The Stachurskis said...

You are so adorable! So small and cute! I love your girls name! How great is GEM! I don't know why boys names are so much more difficult! Oh, Laura, we love the name Levi too! Very good choice! If we can think of any more boys names we'll keep you posted! Yay for Austin going in the pot! Hunter did for his first time the other day too! I just have forgotten to post about it, I'm terrible. Oh and great idea about taking pictures with Mike's shirt! I've been so bad about taking pictures with this pregnancy. (how random can my comment be?! ha!)

Carol said...

Lovin' the bath time photos. It's so hard for me to get good shots in the tub...everything ends up so yellow.

Love your name choices! What fun to make the gender a surprise!

Casey Martinez said...

love the story board of Austin in teh bath. His faces and expressions are to die for. Where did you get the board? Love your belly shots mama. They get me all excited...seriously, you have no idea how excited it gets me. Isn't it crazy that we can go through this so many times together but, it NEVER loses it's wonder! God is so awesome to let us hold his precious life. Love the name choices and think it is beautiful that GEM will be your little gals initials..wonder if that will be her knick name if you have a girl?