Monday, November 29, 2010

Musical Monday

So this post is for two reasons, I found a Christmas CD that I am so in love with! I dream like a little girl dreaming, of dancing with her true love. Wishing and hoping. I think after Mike gets back in March I may still play this song just to enjoy it with him in person. Not much to say about this Musical Monday...all you out there with your hubby's snuggle in front of a fire (real or fake) for me and enjoy an evening just you two. I know I will be in a little over 3 months!

I don't really care for the video (sorry...) but the singer Dave Barnes isn't that popular so there weren't many songs/videos out there. I promise next week won't be another Christmas song!

Hey Hubs...write in the comments your favorite Christmas season memory of us! Love to know what you are thinking!


Mike said...

I love the CD, the post, and the song. I miss you terribly but thank God that He has blessed me with joy during this season.
My favorite Christmas memory is going out with you, either last year or the year before, to Arbor lakes when it was all snowed over and closed. Just walking through the snow, hand in hand, knowing the boys were safe and sound with family was one of the most peaceful and romantic times I have had. You were(are) so beautiful! In fact if you can find the picture that we took, send it to me! I love you and miss you!

Casey Martinez said...

I have to say that one thing that I think is so special about you two is that because you have had to endure such brutal long separations you are both hopeless and wonderful romantics and I think that is how every couple ought to be...or at least be sort of like that! You two do not take each other for granted because you have experienced what it is like to be apart for much longer than most and that is very awesome thing! This video/song is really touching and got me thinking about my marriage and how much I love my hubs but, I suppose we could use some more sweetness. Thanks for your musical mondays Elissa who woulda thought they could be so inspiring to us other married gals;)