Monday, November 22, 2010

Musical Monday

Late fact I barely even remembered it was Monday! I was up before dawn and had done more by noon than most people in a whole day! The boys took a short nap today so I decided we would decorate our tree tonight! It was a blast to get out decorations, each with it's own special memory. The tree at our house is a hodge-podge tree. Decorations from my childhood and Mike's, from our live's together and now our boys! It is a messy and FULL tree, but I love it! I try to do some matching and good looking decorating, but this year we are going simple! Anyways, decorating the tree this year definitely makes me miss my hubs. We have been blessed to have the past 5 Christmas's together out of our now 7 together. We have made many fun and wonderful memories. One of the songs I grew up with was "I'll Be Home For Christmas". I always heard this song and thought of a soldier/sailor, and now I am living that life! I will be wishing and hoping that my hubby would be home this year. To spend those cozy nights in front of the fireplace, decorating the house with the boys, and cooking Christmas foods. There is also the fond memories of driving across country during an ice storm, cold wintery nights in MN, snow fights and shivering in our warming up cars! I remember one Christmastime, way back when, Mike was driving us back to his parents house in his Mom's van and parked it in the garage. I was walking into their house and Mike stopped me beside the van. He told me the words that I could only dream about, and he wooed me as he always did. Then he got down on his knee and slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. I so desperately wish I could remember those sweet words and how many times I kissed him and I wish I could go back and just re-play that moment over and over. So...Christmas season definitely has it's specialness to me as we were also married shortly after the holiday (not the same year:-). Thank you my dear husband for keeping every winter a wonderland for me!

I am looking forward to many more Christmas seasons as a family and will remember this one as a special one with "just" the boys.

Just for a fun side note...the boys get to celebrate Christmas with us (mom and dad) early in a few weeks! Hopefully skype will hold up and we will get to have internet that day. I started wrapping the gifts and am so stoked. I pulled out their toy Nativity Scene with the Christmas tree and they have a blast playing with them Can't get enough of "Away in a Manger"! Advent season starts this Sunday and I am excited to see how Logan reacts and enjoys our devotions and lighting of the candles. Traditions we are able to carry on every year. I hope that as we all enjoy the festivities of the season that we remember the reason for the season. What great news we have to proclaim to all the world!


Mike said...

That was a beautiful post angel, and a tear-jerker at that. I love you so much and I thank God for the time and memories that we have been blessed with. I love you and can't wait to come home.

Casey Martinez said...

I think if that is a simple tree then heck I really gotta work on my tree skills!! hahaha. I think it is adorable!!! I'm so excited for you guys to enjoy your Christmas via skype and early together. I wish you could be together in person more than anything but, am blessed that you are trying to make it special in spite of the distance. You guys are amazing!! I can't wait to hear about it!

Sarah Halstead said...

I love your decorations. :D Wish y'all were together for Christmas. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Big Fat Mama said...

I think it all looks beautiful! We're getting our tree Friday and I can't wait. Priase God for technology these days - I hope your Christmas via skype is a special memory for you all!