Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween fun (finally!)

Halloween was lots of fun this year! It was our second year without daddy for it, but if that is the only holiday in the past 2 years we miss with him...I will take that! At first Logan wanted to be Bumblebee from Transformers. In fact we had bought that costume at Target where I gave him the ultimatum between Ironman and Bumblebee and he chose the Transformer! He had a blast trying on that outfit at home and walking like a Transformer (gotta love a little boy). However, when he learned that Austin was going to be Ironman (Daddy wanted one Ironman), he was determined to be Ironman too. Of course that would need to be discussed with Dad, but it was no question. Daddy is a sucker for his Super Hero boys:-)

Logan was pretty pumped for Trick or Treating as he had watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse about Halloween. We went over to a friends house (the same one from last Halloween) for a birthday party AND trick or treating. It was an overwhelming but fun night! I kinda wish we had TOTed before it was so dark and maybe in a smaller group (SO MANY KIDS!), but we will leave that for next year. Austin decided to be a crazy Ironman and just take off down the sidewalk, running full force (kinda funny actually to see a mini Ironman running from me), so he ended up in the stroller most of the night. The first house we went to, Logan was so intrigued by the Halloween decorations (carved pumpkins, scarecrows, etc) that he walked right on to their porch and almost stayed there! HA! There were several houses where he could care less about the candy and more about the decor (scarey ones mostly) and almost left the house with out any candy. Anyways, it was a blast of a night and they were pooped afterwards despite the candy and cake!

The array of food! Mummy fingers, Mummy dogs, Mummy pizza's...yum yum!


Big Fat Mama said...

Great pictures!! The food looks yummy too! :)
Big Fat Mama

Molly said...

They are so cute E. I do not miss chasing after Jack down the streets, it's going to be here before I know it with Finn.

Glad you had a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am looking forward to next year when Carsyn can walk. They look so cute as Iron mans. Dustyn & Carsyn wouldn't wear their mask/hoods. Looks like you all had a fun time.

Casey Martinez said...

your boys are so cute!! Love the picture of the three of you. You look so beautiful mama of 3 :). Looks like they all had fun!! I can't get over how big Austin is now!