Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts

It is finally fall: cold, wet, and windy! Our boots and coats are in the hallway, and I actually turned on our fireplace! Soon it will be winter and then the starts of spring with lots of new change around the corner!

Tomorrow I will be 20wks...halfway done with this pregnancy. Still can't believe we will be a family of 5...yikes! On Mike's calendar this next week is a day to pick baby names! We already have our girl baby name picked out (actually had it for years and haven't been able to use it!) which we will share later next week. However, another boy name?!?!? We may need some help on this one! So I am recruiting you all...the wonderful friends over the internet to give some suggestions, or even tell me what boy names you all like so we don't accidentally use that name (as we have NO idea yet). We have some ideas, but nothing concrete at all. So please...PLEASE give me some suggestions!

I recently bought an external flash for my camera! I was debating between getting a lighting kit (for an indoor studio) or a flash for the camera. After talking with many photographers who gave awesome advice, I went with the flash and I am so stoked about it! I haven't even been able to look at the manual, but after playing around a bit, I am so pleased with how well it works. A plus side to this one, the SB-600, it can be used remotely on a stand. So I kinda got part of a lighting kit with the flash. Here is a picture taken of Austin in his dark room...only a crack of light was coming in the door behind me. SOOC. I definitely need to get crackin and start taking peoples pictures! AAHHH! Gotta get the confidence now:-)

I have found this new yarn store run by a cute 80 year old lady. This yarn here is to die for! Beautifully soft and unfortunately expensive. But obviously worth it when the quality is that much better. I know some of you have expressed interest in a cocoon made for you, or a baby pod, so please let me know if you want one! I would love to make you one. The patterns I paid for, and it may not be fair to the people who are selling it for me to give it away. Sorry...gotta stay true and honest! I can for sure give you the links too if you want the patterns as they were only about 3-5 dollars each...all with great instruction! Anyways, I finished some more projects and am excited to start some more!

I recently bought the audio version (since I don't have much time to sit and read books) of the Bringing Up Boys book by Dr. Dobson. WHOA. This was and is an eye opener for me. Much of it has made me realize how vital the young years are...I mean like starting at 18 months! Also, just how important it is to have a strong Christian leader of a Father. I am glad that as I listen to this book, that I don't have to worry about our boys' dad. In fact, I would want nothing more than for them to become just like their dad! I mean that in every way! For example, Logan constantly tells me I am am not trying to be conceded here. Seriously, it is not like I ask for it, or dress up every day expecting my son to compliment me. In fact, I find it hilarious that he says that! It is like he is just saying that I am bigger than him...just plain like that. Anyways, I know he says that because he hears his Dad say that to me! That is one of the instances where I see how important it is for Mike to be in their lives. There is some things about the book that I disagree with, or just look past. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however I try and focus on the true Biblical aspects of author. I definitely, DEFINITELY feel that parents of boys...young and older should read or listen to this book. So much masculinity is shunned in this culture, and this just opens our eyes. I know Dr. Dobson just came out with the book Bringing Up Girls. I tell ya, if this little one is a girl, this will be one of the first books I read!

Some fun week my two sisters come visit! Then two weeks after that I visit some great friends for Thanksgiving...pregnantly feasting and everything! Then two weeks after that to MN I go! Then after that it will be a new year with Mike's arrival that much closer:-)

Anyways, sorry for the boring post...just wanted to say hi!


Big Fat Mama said...

I agree so much about fathers being a spirtual leader for the family. My husband's grandfather was always helping around his house, which his dad did as well, and now my husband does too in our home. It's amazing what kids learn just through watching, what they just pick up from what they see and hear.

I don't have any name suggestions...I'll have to think on that one. :)
Big Fat Mama

Molly said...

Ask Kelly how she feels about me and names. HA HA. I love naming other people's kids, just not my own. Are you thinking of starting a little photography business? I think you are an amazing photographer and people would be lucky to have you take their pictures!

Zach - ha ha, Zach Morris, get it?

That's a lot, HA HA

The Stachurskis said...

HA HA HA HA! The Zach Morris comment above is hilarous! A good name none the less though! (I'm a little partial to it. :) ) I'm in the same boat you are with names. We've had our girl name picked for forever but something is telling me that this litte one is going to be a boy. I am going to have to steal your idea for help with names! We'll pool them together! :)
I can't wait to go buy that book! I've been hearing about it for a while and thinking "I really need to go pick that up" but haven't yet. Bad Momma, bad! I couldn't agree with you/Dr. Dobson more. A strong Christian leader of a Father is UBER important. Also that our culture is definitely shunning masculinity. Our boys need to be out in the woods and feel like men. (Not actually needing to be in the woods but you get what I mean.)

Mike said...

Lucas, I like. The woods thing I definitely agree with. And I love the post E. I am so excited to lead and shape these young boys into men that will lead families and hopefully raise more boys. Well, it is my bed time I love you...Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I just ordered that flash too. It will be here Monday. I am so excited. Get to taking pictures!! You can practice on us if you want. :)

Casey Martinez said...

So are your sisters there now? I can only imagine how much fun you three will have together! I cannot wait to see my sisters next month. EEEEE. Yah, how ironic that you mentioned bringing up boys! We do think alike you and I:) Love it!

You already know what my boy name will be if we ever have a boy..but, shhhhhh

otherwise to privy you to a few other names I love and may use if I change my mind..but, you can use them because I love you:
Grayson (Gray) for short of course
Ezekiel great Godly name and great surfer, beachy name I'd call him Zeke:)
Luke has always been a fave of mine
Zuma (Gwen Stephanie's son...) I know it's out there but, we love that beach in CA and it's just cool...yah, but, you will pick a perfect name mama!