Monday, November 1, 2010

Musical Monday 2 for 1

I didn't realize how bad I have been with posting things on here! I will make an effort to do more blogs and more pictures! Not that what I post is SOOOOO interesting:-)

Anyways, what fun that today is a Monday AND a new month! By the way, we are 2 months down! Almost half way done. A fun fact: this week I will be half way done with the pregnancy! Can't believe it:-)

It's been another one of those weeks. One where life rocks your world and God is there to catch you. Both physically and emotionally this week it has been trying. My emotions have brought me back to our second deployment, when we lived in CA and were newlyweds. Mike and I have both realized in the past year (probably longer than that) I have been suppressing my emotions, both joy and sadness to the point where I don't feel it or express them any more. Almost sounds like depression...however, I know that isn't the case for me. For me it is that I have gone through things in life from one extreme emotion to the other, that my body can't keep up. My heart and my mind can't keep up and therefore push it all aside. Rarely can I even tell if I am excited or upset. Anyways, this week I have let it all pour out, literally. I like to blame it on this pregnancy, but I think we all know what is going on here. The Lord is breaking down walls, and doing it while Mike is gone so I don't lean on him, but on my amazing Savior. There are two songs this week I thought I would share. They are both by a group of amazing Christian men, of whose music I have listened to since high school. Their lyrics are almost always straight out of the bible, either Psalms, or incredible stories. They always hit a spot though, and their voices match together like God made them just for this. I have been able to fortunately go to several of their concerts, each of them I leave so refreshed and wishing I had a good singing voice:-) Like I said, one of the songs has brought me back to CA 2004.

Shane and Shane "I miss You". This song was different because I think the lyrics can be directed towards another human being or toward the Lord Himself. It definitely got to me as I could sing the song with all my heart, let the tears flow, and pray for my hubby. I have to admit that there were some nights where I would listen to the song just so I could cry. That is the song that is playing automatically when the blog opened up.

The other Shane and Shane song wasn't on the playlist, so here are the lyrics along with a video of the song. This has got to be one of THE most powerful songs ever. For the longest time I didn't want to listen to it just because of what the first verse sounded like. So down and dreary. But also so true. It is so scary, and incredibly humbling how we have nothing to do with our salvation. God's Grace is so abundant, so real, and is freely given to us. God has never shown that to me more than while we are alone on these deployments. As much as two people can be physically separated; Mike and I are. However, we have and are never closer because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. Forever tied to Him and in Heaven Eternally. Difficult sometimes doesn't even begin to describe the days I have, but Mike...there is no way that I would be so dependent on the Lord and love Him so much if it weren't for these times apart. Thank You Mike for loving me, missing me, and mostly for loving the Lord while we are separated. We can only become more dependent on the Lord which in turn will bring us closer together. Love you, Miss you.

Here we are at one of their concerts in FL...this was the first...or was it the second one we went to while we were in FL. Anyways, Mike was being goofy...gotta love it:-)

I am NOT trying to be mean, but they look like average wouldn't think such amazing voices would come from them! They are truly blessed!


Anonymous said...

I have missed your blogging. Hope to see more from you. Praying for you as you go through the deployment and your pregnancy. If you want to come down this week let me know. :)

Casey Martinez said...

I love that song and I love that we share a "love" for this Godly group. They have blessed Joey and I so much too. You are an amazing mama and friend Elissa. So thankful to know your fam!