Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice Day

It was quite the nice day today. My thoughts were constantly about my husband though and just really missing him. I am glad that it was a joyful day despite the heart tugs. I tried to get up early but Logan woke up shortly there-after. I did get to drink my decaffeinated coffee hot for once. Trying to be nice to this baby and switch to decaf! We read the bible together and did a little boy those quiet mornings. Then I got to see my hubby and we talked about Christmas Presents for the boys. I had a BLAST during Logan's school day buying all sorts of toys. I really had to hold back as I saw truck after truck that I knew they would have fun with! So it is a "small" Christmas this year because as usual I know the extended family will spoil them. I then had just as much fun showing them off to Mike. We are going to celebrate our own family's Christmas before we head to MN. So the boys will get some early presents.

I then had a wonderful and needed conversation with a good friend about being a SAHM and wife, and woman in general. Definitely was the motivation I needed to push a little harder and be more joyful. The day to day grind of being at home may seem easy at times, but can be just as tough as an outside job.

Then the boys and I put up a cheapo tree I bought at Big Lots (so I wouldn't have to get down our huge one) a little early. We usually don't do it until next week, or the night of Thanksgiving, but with us not being here for very long in December, I thought we would enjoy the tree a little longer. It was fun watching the boys' reaction and see how excited they got. We then read all the Christmas books we had. It is always so interesting to see Logan hear the stories over again and be in awe of the true meaning of Christmas. So wish I had someone here to share that with! Soon enough I know:-)

Oh...I also got Austin's haircut today...if you want to call it that! It was more like 3 cuts and a little shake. The back of his hair was getting quite long so I had him get it trimmed. I was too nervous to do it myself, but I don't think after seeing what they did today I will be paying for another haircut. His hair is so fine and thin; so different than Logan's, and we are going for a long layered look. Anyways, it was fun and I could see some excitment in his little smirk of his in the big chair. Enjoy the pics!



HE just got out of the bath and the back of his hair looks much better...less sharp and more layered. Hair is still growing I guess!


Sarah Halstead said...

I really love his hair cut! So cut. Subtle but great looking. It has been so nice out lately. Glad you got some shopping done. Our Christmas is going to be small too. They get spoiled be the grandparents.

Casey Martinez said...

OH my gosh Austin is a perfect husband for Daisy...just sayin!! :0 His new cut is so perfect! I love that you are keeping it a bit longer. It' looks really cute on him. How big is the tree? I wanna get one now!! :0.