Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Favorite Things (look closely...you will find our boy name!)

My girlfriend Casey did this on her blog, and I thought it would be neat to copy her and share something upbeat about me and our family! Thanks Casey for the idea!


Flowers: Even though I had deep red roses at my wedding, I absolutely LOVE tulips! There is something so refreshing and spring-like about them. They look beautiful in a bunch and also when by themselves. All the bright colors and thick stems...I just need to try and plant them in my garden!

Favorite Color Combination: This is a tough one! I don't feel that I am very color cordinated, but I have two favorite rooms in my house. My purple bathroom...painted walls and ceiling. And our bedroom...a light blue/gray color. I love the laid back, non-modern house...which is funny, because my house may come off opposite of that! I think that is all I can afford though...aren't the cottagey looking houses more expensive or harder to find those items? What do you think?

Favorite Celebrity Couple: Celebrities? What are those? I am sooo bad with actors and actresses...I don't even know the names of actors in my favorite movie...probably because all I watch are cartoons right now. I would have to say my favorite celebrity couple are my parents! They have been married for...35ish years (sorry mom...can't remember right now), and have been the biggest influence on my life! That has celebrity all over it right?

Favorite Theme Song: Oh boy...that definitely depends on what day it is and what mood I am in! When I am with my hubby and we are in a goofy, flirty mood...it is definitely "Forever" by Chris Brown. Basically...that was all we listened to before our Antigua honeymoon this past year to pump us up! I rarely listen to non-Christian Music, as I just daily need that encouragement and reminder of how great and holy the Lord is, and all that goes along with it. I did however recently buy the new Taylor Swift CD and haven't been able to listen to it fully, but am enjoying it! I will leave you with one of my fun favorite bible songs...I know this may be weird for some people, but listen to the lyrics...so cool! Also...with this being live or whatever, you can see how crazy it is to have such amazing voices come from these guys!

Here is the catch...the group's name is Shane and Shane, and Mike and I decided to name our baby, if it's a boy: Everett Michael. (One of the Shanes' last name is Everett)

Favorite Magazine: I think this has to be every woman's favorite! Better Home's and Garden! I also LOVE the Do-It-Yourself Magazines. I have found soooo many fun projects and ideas in these magazines! They are cheap, but bring lots of fun to my life! Thanks to my Mother in Law I have a subscription!

Favorite Things about Fall: The new beginning right? I do have to admit that I haven't seen a more beautiful Fall "display" of colors, than I have in MN. The weather there is PERFECT during the fall...even more so than in the spring. I love wearing sweaters without coats, love changing into pants instead of shorts that make me look awful:-) and boots instead of flip-flops...however, those are hard to give up! I also love the fall this year because it means that the winter is approaching and then getting close to spring when this baby is coming and the hubs is returning! YEAH!

Other favorite things of mine:

Activities with the boys: bath time, play-dough time, and shopping! Well, shopping most of the time...when they are distracted.

Favorite things about being a mom: nursing a baby to full satisfaction and such a deep sleep that nothing will wake them, teaching kids new things and seeing their reaction about seeing something new for the first time. LEarning more about God through parenting and seeing the world through their eyes.

About being a wife: having the man of my dreams as well as the person who understands me the most. I love to feel like a queen and he is sooo good at that! Being able to serve without desiring anything back (most of the time) because of the love we share.

About blogging!: meeting new people! Seeing other's likes and dislikes...not feeling ALONE in certain situations. Getting new ideas from you all creative people, and I LOVE all the new photos you guys take! Spilling my guts and pretending that someone might care!! HAHA!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. I love learning more about you. I love Everett!Great name! :D

Big Fat Mama said...

Love the name Everett Michael!

Casey Martinez said...

YEAH!!! I think that name is perfect Elissa. It makes me happy:). Really, love it! Congrats on finalizing the names:) Now to find out what you are having..can I call your doctor??

I knew blue and purples were your faves..just look at your living room, bathroom and bedrooms:). hehe. I love the Do it yourself mag too. So awesome! I also like the way you incorporated motherly joys and wifely joys into the bottom favorites..I should have done that:)! It never gets old even learning more about a best friend!

Tulips..I'll remember that next time!

Laura said...

I LOVE THE NAME! Ahh, I absolutely LOVE it! So creative and unique and awesome :)! And I love this post. I'm going to steal it later on tonight and do it myself :) Some of ours are similar, like our bedroom colors and love for blogging!