Monday, November 8, 2010

Musical Monday...

This will surely date me and my taste in music...but of the more fun and upbeat songs:-) as every little girls dream of being a wife, I had my dreams too. I just jammed out to this song as I thought about all the fun we would have! Some of my dreams of being a wife were:
  • getting to CALL him my husband
  • moving in together
  • sharing a bed incredible those memories are of sleeping next to each other, flirting, etc:-)
  • going out on dates still and enjoying a night on the town
  • cooking and cleaning for my man
  • for me (having most of our before marriage relationship being separated) getting to be physically next to and with my husband for more than just a 2 week visit!
  • going to church together and worshiping/learning about the Lord...together
  • having friends over and just being silly in our young age

These are just a few things that I can recall being so excited for when thinking about being married. I was 19...just shy of my 20th birthday, when that big day came. Before that I worked at Don Pablos-one of THE only mexican restaurants in MN. I remember driving to a from work (when home from college) jamming out to that song just being so excited to have a man who loved me and couldn't wait to by my husband and me his wifey. I would write him letters in boot camp and during his first deployment (yes there was a point when that was the only form of communication during this war) and I would sign it "wifey" from this song. Any one else out there love this song? Anyways, it was a must play at our wedding. However, it was such a magical night that I barely remember what songs were played! We are coming up on 7 years in two months! Enjoy the tunes and embrace what thoughts were yours when you thought about becoming a WIFEY!

(sorry these pictures are so small...they weren't our professional pictures, but just regular point and kinda pixelated)


Casey Martinez said...

Do you play the song on your blog? If so, how come I can never see it or listen? I'm wondering if I am missing something very obvious here...but, I'm curious what song you are referring to and I never know. These pictures are so beautiful Elissa. Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes. Nope, we aren't 19 or 21 anymore that is for sure but, now we have so much time, love and memory invested into the men we move most..our hubbys. You are gorgeous inside and out!

Mike said...

I remember this one for sure. Good thing I already knew you were gonna be my wife or you playing this all the time might have scared me away! I love you and miss you and I would marry you all over again!

Molly said...

HAHA - i totally forgot about this group and this song. It really takes me back! I also am having flashbacks of when you worked at Don Pablos and when you went to Eau Claire!