Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crochet Creations

A few years back I crocheted a few scarfs for Christmas gifts, but did it all free hand and never read any patterns. Always turned out horrible. I decided I wanted to make a cocoon for a photo prop and didn't want to spend the money paying someone else to do it! I soon realized I would have to learn to read the patterns (foreign language...yikes!) and learn different knots. It took a while and several You Tube videos, but I feel pretty confident with most patterns! However, still very much learning. Here are some of my creations so far!

The blanket I made was much smaller than I predicted so I am going to try again with a much looser gauge/knots.

My first hat I made...was supposed to be for a baby, but is too long, so it can be worn by a toddler!

My first cocoon that turned out...for the baby boy I will be photographing.

You would get a better view of it if it were on someone, but I don't have a little girl to model it on! This was a fun at to make and it is a rough draft for many to come! The swirl goes all around the hat and the flower was super easy to make.

The coloring is off in this photo, but it shows more of the flower.

I created this one myself...no pattern! Very easy and very useful! I may see doing this for some Christmas presents!

A baby pod and also a hammock for the newbies. I hope it works!


Molly said...

Elissa, these are GORGEOUS! You are so talented!!!!

Marcia said...

it is mom
miss you
the mustache pics are great
trying to comment

Geek Squad said...

I'll take the little girl hat for Elle! She'll model it for you. ;)

Brooke G. said...

The hats are STUNNING! Keep it up :D

The Stachurskis said...

Great job Elissa! Do you still have the patterns? I would love to make a prop for the new babe! I love the pictures I see with the kids swaddled in them. So adorable. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Sarah Halstead said...

Very cool. Keep up the good work. Maybe I can pay you to make me some props. :)

Casey Martinez said...

I am SO proud of you you stinking creative mom. STop it, stop making me want to pick up another hobby...ahhhh I don't have time but, it looks like fun!! All of these are adorable Elissa. Love the cocoons and the beanie...Daisy will model anything you need modeled. That is her specialty!! haha

The Kincaid Family said...

So, um....can I beg of you and offer to pay you for a baby cocoon for baby K?! I mean, I won't need it for oh another 8 or so months :)!