Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boys and their Toys

We have let Logan watch parts of Ironman (true Daddy's boy) and he is now in love with him! I am a sucker for buying my kids toys (which we are quick to donate others) and Logan got this awesome Ironman Action figure today. Both boys are enthralled with it. So cute:-)

Austin getting his turn (notice the head marks...just woke up from a nap)

Austin playing with his barn. I love how he pulls it up on his legs along with his blanket:-)
Logan shooting down a transformer...his Dad would be so proud!
I caught Logan walking around with his Ironman like this. Too cute!

By the way I need some ideas for dinner recipes BAD! These boys are being so picky lately and I gotta eat healthy with this pregnancy! Please do share your recipes and websites!

Thank you also for all the loving and sweet comments about Mike being gone. Like I said, I couldn't do this without all of you. Day 3 is almost done! HA! Just kidding, going smoothly so far:-)


Casey Martinez said...

I am going to have so many barbies and dolls around our house in no time! Maybe someday we'll have some spiderman toys too! I miss you guys already:)!

Sarah Halstead said...

So sweet! Love these pictures. If you find some good dinner recipes let me know. Dustyn is so picky he won't eat hardly anything!

Molly said...

THANKS E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!