Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Epitome of what is known as "Family Time"

Mike had a crazy idea tonight to bike down to the beach, play at the park and ride back. I know it probably doesn't sound that crazy to you, but we don't have sidewalks on at least 3/4th of the 2 miles down there. On the way down we bounced down a railroad track and on the way back we were inches away from several cars and trucks on a dirt path along the blvd. Despite that stress of feeling like the bike trailer was going to be hit, I seriously had the best time in the world at the beach. It was a hot and muggy night, but just perfect at the beach with the wind and sun setting. They have a park in the sand so the boys played for a while, getting sand down their pants, on their faces and in their hair. Gotta love little boys when they actually lay down and roll around in the sand. Austin did a face plant in the sand, got up, smiled at me and all I could see was sand up his nose!
We decided to go down to the water just to test it out because the boys haven't been too fond of the ocean before. Logan ran right down to the water and started to splash and run all around in it. It was so fun to see a little boy enjoying the ocean beach, skipping and splashing around. Austin also took one look at the water and ran right into it. Just like a little boy, if we didn't stop him, he would run all the way in! You can see in this video (despite the crappy pixels from my phone) that Mike was holding Austin back most of the time! At one point Mike let go and Austin was running and falling down in the water just loving it! Even laid on his back! If I could have captured those moments in a pretend window, one that I could look out and feel the wind from the ocean, hear the waves crashing, have my heart flutter when my boys laugh and giggle, and reach out to my wonderful husband and father of my sons and grab his strong hand while we smile at each other and then gaze admiringly at the blessings we have; I would never shut that window!!
Anyways...needless to say, it was a great and memorable night.

ps...we have been so busy here! Sorry for the lack of posts! We got back from MN on Monday and had to clear out a massive branch from our now broken deck and fence on Tuesday, today we organized and tagged all our garage sale stuff for this weekend, and in the meant time been unpacking, doing laundry and playing with the boys. Ooofta! I have a bunch to update you all on, so stay tuned!!!

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