Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Me Friday! (is back!)

Interested in what everyone else lives like?
Curious to see where others live, but don’t feel comfortable asking?
Want to take a peek into your friend’s home….who lives across the country?

Then join along in our weekly blog hop! Go on over to Jen's Blog to join in and link up!

This week's flash....your dishes!

It has been a while since I have done a FMF, but we are back!

My dishes are probably not that cool, and are quite hefty at times. We have gone through several cheap kinds which we have remnants of now, but my dear husband got me this set a few Christmas's ago!

Here are is the cabinet with the other pieces and sweet wine glasses that I use for about any liquid. Gotta have those to-go coffee mugs:-)

Here is the cupboard for our boys' dishes. We were running out of room fast (we have horrible cabinet space) so we put their dishes somewhere else, but in reach for them. They love getting their own dishes and Logan can help me put his away when I am unloading the dishwasher!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love this idea! I just visited Jen's blog and I think I have some pictures on my computer. Have a great day!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh sorry...I like your dishes too!

Kaylee said...

Fun dishes!!! And super fun blog design, I like it a LOT!!!!! Your previous one was sweet too, but this just makes me smile with all the bright colors!!

Darcy said...

I like the blog design! And your dishes ARE cool :) I like the vibrant colors.

Groettum Family said...

Great idea with putting the kids dishes down low!