Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bokeh Fun!

In this weeks scavenger hunt we were asked to do a Bokeh photo. Like I said, I had NO idea what that meant and after researching it on the internet, found some pretty explanatory tutorials. However, reading it compared to actually creating the picture was quite hard. The lenses I have for my camera have a higher F number or Aperture than needed therefore it was harder to get good lighting.

My husband and I made some DIY filters with shapes such as a diamond and cross. After we got the hang of it I had a ton of fun taking LOTS of pictures. I just had to share some of the fun ones! Plus, I notice Bokeh's a lot more in photos. I will attempt to explain it first. It is when the background of your picture is out of focus and the light reflects in shapes or mostly circles. This happens mostly when you have a low F number and are focusing in on something close by.

This was the first one I got. I thought that you have to shoot into the light, but you just have to at least have it nearby. (I think??)

Finally got it with Logan! See the long diamonds?
Love Austin's face in this one. HA!

See it on the edges...this was so cool!

Mike wanted me to try it with a cross sure worked!

Fun to actually figure it out!

I know that Logan is super blurry, but I was having fun in Town Center with the lights behind him, and Logan was having fun making faces at the camera! Love my subjects!


Kaylee said...

Holy cow, this is so cool! I have seen some bokeh photos before, but never quite understood what it was/meant! You did a great job, Elissa! Way to make your own filters! Seriously, SO neat!

Joey&Casey said...

I love that when you learn something new you really take the time to figure it out and get a handle on it. That is something I don't have the patience for very often...but, that is what will make you a better photographer! Love the angel pic especially!

Danielle said...

I love it! Now you make me want to see how to do it.