Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silver Lining

As we were driving to get some ice cream on Mike's last night, the sun dipped down below the clouds and showed us a silver lining. I thought, "how appropriate seeing the silver lining in the situation that was upon us." These fast few days have gone by fast and slow. I have tried to get into my cleaning routine, stock up on household items, play with the boys more, get some exercise, and get past this morning/evening sickness. It has been hard, and last night I watched Toy Story with the boys instead of cleaning toilets, but life is getting done. So what is the silver lining in all this?
I am learning so much more about my boys and how to be a parent to them since it is only me disciplining and training. I needed this so I can be a better mommy instead of just relying on my hubby.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder is definitely true. Being apart from my best friend, lover and partner makes me so much more grateful for what we have. I already start thinking how I can be a better wife when he comes home AND while he is gone.

I am getting off my butt and getting exercise with this pregnancy. I already feel like I look 4 months pregnant...where did this belly bulge come from? (all the food I know:-) Moving around and doing this definitely keeps my mind off food and the nausea.

Whenever Mike is gone I always draw closer to the Lord. It is sad that it takes a separation to cause that, but it is a true statement in how God uses all situations to grow us. Starting new bible studies soon and reaching out is a goal of mine during these next several months.

Anyways, that is what the silver lining in all this so far. I am sure there will be more things to come. Something cute that happened tonight. I was helping clean up the boys' room and Austin in his diaper, came over to me pushed my shoulders back to get my attention and stood up on my legs, wrapped his arms around me, and laid his head on my shoulders. He gave me the sweetest and longest hug ever. Just out of no where. Definitely gave me the boost I needed for the rest of the night. Oh how I love LOVE my boys:-)

Austin giving Daddy a kiss. These Daddy Dolls were priceless!


Geek Squad said...

I love how the kids just know when you need a hug. Elle and Gabe have both had their moments where the do this out of the blue. It almost makes me cry it means so much. It's like Jesus whispered in their ear, "Go give Mommy a hug." And kids just LOVE to listen to Jesus. :)

Molly said...

Those daddy dolls are the best invention ever! So precious E.

Big Fat Mama said...

I have never seen those daddy dolls. What a great idea!

There's so much we want to do and so much of who we want to be, huh? I can relate!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Daddy Dolls. Too cute! Thanks for writing this post. Makes me appreciate what I have. Hope you have a good weekend and stay safe from Earl.

Casey Martinez said...

I'm so glad you had that tender moment with Austin and it sounds like God might have even guided him to linger a moment to make that a more special hug because God knows how much you need it! I love you friend!