Saturday, August 21, 2010

Becoming Real

So, we have somewhere around a week left until the hubby goes on deployment. It didn't quite hit me until yesterday during the deployment briefing (which is usually when it starts to become real). There was a family day at his command that included lunch, a big jumpy thing, the dive tank, and big trucks (as the boys put it). It was incredibly hot, somewhere in the 90's. That, along with the sadness that was hanging over most of us wives, made it difficult to enjoy. Logan was a big boy and jumped to his heart's delight, and Austin was in awe of the HMMWV (humvee). During the brief I got some great ideas on how to help children deal with deployment. When we were deploying without kids, I didn't even think about the ways a Dad being gone would affect kids. This being our second one with kids, and the boys being that much older, I worry more about how they will deal with it than I.

You see, I know I can handle the lonely nights, the missed phone calls, and seeing other wives and husbands enjoying life together. But will my boys understand that their Daddy still loves them? Do they know that their Daddy can't wait to wrestle and talk with them? Do they know the sacrifice that their Daddy is making AND the sacrifice they themselves are making? I pray daily that they won't cave in and regress due to Mike being gone, and I know that God will fill in and be Daddy for them. As I prepare these "extras" for the boys I will share the neat ideas about how to keep the family together. Thank God for people out there who care about military families and devote their jobs to making life easier for us!

The boys hanging out in the JERRV- the truck that Mike works out of doing demo and other great things:-)

Austin having a blast!


Joey&Casey said...

Oh sweet Elissa dear you are one of the strongest mamas I know, honest, but regardless of your amazing strength I'm so sorry that you and your kiddos have to go through this again. I will be praying for God to supernaturally fill the void in Mike's absence and the more we can get Joe around to help and be a guy for the boys...well, just let us know how we can help and pleas ask as often as you need. Sooooo glad we get to see you tomorrow. xoxo

Laura Bora said...

I agree with Casey wholeheartedly and so wish we could visit with you all! I got teary eyed reading this post and will really be praying HARD for the boys during this time, as of course for you and Mike. You guys are SUCH a blessing to us and SO strong and amazing and we pray God just fills you all up each and every day with His love, and peace, and joy!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Hi I found your blog through MBC and you have a beautiful family. I will be prayin for you and your littles as well as your husband in the coming weeks.

libbyslp said...

Love to you and your boys and of course your DH! <3

(BTW, I'm Libby and I work with your mom at school and hear about your beautiful boys all of the time! :-) )

I have been praying for you and Mike knowing that he is deployed now... I have never been in your shoes, and will never pretend to know the thoughts and fears you have each day. I can only pray for each of you.

One of my dearest friends has been in your shoes twice... she has 2 boys also, who have watched their daddy be deployed and return home only to leave again. The oldest boy (8 y.o. now) has certainly been changed by the deployments. BUT I hope and truly pray that he will take these experiences and emotions and use them for the betterment of his character. He is an independent young man; he is the 'protector'. He acts like a hawk, looking out for his mom and his new little 1 year old sister.

May you find peace each day, and may you find the words to talk openly to your boys and reassure them of Mike's love and devotion. Take time for yourself along this journey.